Pushing Mama’s Boundaries Part II: De Escalation

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. When we left off yesterday, I had just instigated an encounter between Mama Cat and me. I am trying to teach her that, now that she is in The Promised Land, she is no longer in constant danger of attack from other desperate Limbo or Shadow kitties. I know that if I push her a little, she will see, after repeated, non-violent encounters that she really is safe. So, after I jumped up on the cat tree to elicit a reaction from Mama, I showed her that I was not going to react as she expected me to.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 6

After Mama yelled at me, telling me not to attack her, I immediately looked out the window. I said, “No one is going to attack you Mama. I just want to look out the window.” Mama Cat slowly turned and began to walk away.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 7

As Mama Cat walked away, I heard her talking under her breath. She said, “I don’t know what this mancat is up to, but I’m sure he’s going to attack. They always do…” Mama Cat kept her ears cocked back in my direction as she walked. She was staying alert for any signs of movement on my part.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 9

Mama Cat reached the far end of the bench and then sat down so she was facing me. She was in a defensive position with her back to the wall.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 8

I sat down and continued to look out the window. I said, “I’m being honest when I say I’m not going to attack you Mama Cat. You are in The Promised Land now. We all have all the food, water, safety, and love that we need. We have no reason to fight with one another. I pose no more threat to you than that cup of Guardian fuel you are sitting next to.”

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 10

Mama Cat looked at the cup next to her and said, “Guardian fuel… I wondered why they drink this stuff all the time…” Then she said, “I really want to believe you, Brother Oliver, but it’s hard. I was constantly attacked by Zephyr, Stanley, and other random mancats out there in Limbo. I have trouble trusting any of you…”

I completely understood Mama Cat’s hesitation to trust us. Still, I know she trusted Leader Otis, Brother Henry, Sir Thomas and me when we had the walls of our Outdoor Domain separating us from her. I am confident that we can earn her trust again now that she is with us in The Promised Land. And with my next action, I tried to show her that I was worthy of trust.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Tomorrow- Pushing Mama’s Boundaries Part III: Resolution

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29 responses to “Pushing Mama’s Boundaries Part II: De Escalation

  1. Brother O, it is no wonder Mama Cat feels nervous. You are quite the large and imposing mancat. That first photo makes you look especially big and intimidating. I know Mama Cat will eventually relax–it has only been a short time and she has made progress in other ways.

  2. From now on, every time I have an iced latte or a mocha, I’ll think of it as “Guardian fuel.” In fact I can say the same of the home-made cocoa I’m drinking right now. Thanks for that insight, Brother Oliver, and for devising a way to help Mama Cat learn that she’s safe. Paws crossed that it works.

    • Thanks Rhiannon. I’ll keep doing my best to show Mama that we mancats aren’t so bad. As for the Guardian fuel… I don’t know why you Guardians like it. It smells really bad! – Brother Oliver

  3. Brother Oliver, you being such a sensitive guy and all, we’re sure you can gain Mama Cat’s trust. But she needs to learn to trust Brother Henry, too.

    MOL…Guardian fuel! Our peeps drink that stuff, too. Have you ever smelled it? It’s pretty gross. 😛

  4. Mama Cat looks like she’s becoming wary of that cup of “Guardian Fuel” in the last photo.

  5. you are doing good work Brother Oliver……we know you will get her to trust you 🙂

  6. MJ

    Oh boy, the suspense is killing me! Do they all end up in a pile, grooming each other! Ear licks for everyone???? I sure hope so (someday if not today).

  7. Sandy

    Brother Oliver – you are so wise. I can’t wait to see the resolution tomorrow…

  8. Mama has come a long way :-). Not long till she opens up x

  9. mistletoeandhitch

    You have already made some progress, Brother Oliver. Mama Cat didn’t run, she simply assumed a guarded position. We think the Cult of Otis is doing a wonderful job helping Mama Cat adjust to the Promise Land.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  10. Your sweet efforts are starting to take effect. We look forward to some very good results.

  11. Mousiez Brother Oliver ya iz such a bundeefull mankat to talk with Momma n ree-asshure her dat she will never bee hert on assaulted again. Me can reelate to her…bein used to breed to mankatz all da time me iz angree n scared still when me seez other Katz outside n me will not let any kat in me home! Mum haz talked to me alot butt me still hissez n spitz if any kat comez near me…it will take time fer Momma to beelieve….don’t give up on her Brother Oliver….there iz alwayz hope!! Oh n Mum asked me to ask yer Guardianz do you have FELI-AWAY productz dere?? Mum used a moist towlette inside me carrier b4 me went to da Vet a few weekz ago n me did not lose me midn when Rex da clinick mankat hopped up on da bench to see me!!! In fact he sat ON TOP of da carrier n me did not mind….Mum sayz dere iz spray n plug-in Infuser n towelettez to choose frum…just an idea to help calm Mooma Kat’z nervez!!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen too

    • Thanks Nylablue and Sherriellen. Yes, the Guardians have these plug-in thingies that say feliway on them, and also a spray bottle. They used them when The Leader was swept up in the capture, when we moved to a new house, when Thomas was swept up, and now with Mama Cat. 🙂

      – Brother Oliver

      • 😉 WE shuud have known ya wuud be on top of diz wif da Feliway!! Yer Guardianz are so clever!! Me did not calm down wid da Infuser but da towelette seemed to werk a treet fer me!! Butt we do not have da towelettez fer sale here yet…we hopez dey get to Canada soon ’cause Mum wuud use dem in me Condo n me carrier…
        We iz lucky to have such carin Hu’manz!!
        Nylablue xo

  12. Ok, she moved, but she didn’t go that far! That’s good, no? I think it might be working!

  13. Hehe Guardian Fuel. I never thought if it like that. Brother Oliver I am glad you are trying to teach her that the promised land is that, no worries, no fears, nothing to be afraid of all the love, food and water a cat can handle. I wish you well on your encounters with Mama Cat, just be patient. I’m going to get myself some guardian fuel.

  14. Maybe a professional bath for Mama? She still looks as though she has centuries of city grime to get rid of… might solve the problem with her fur too.

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