Pushing Mama’s Boundaries Part I: Instigation

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I’ve been doing my best to avoid getting Mama Cat all worked up, and I’m getting pretty good at defusing her when she does. But you know what? I think it is in her longterm best interest if she starts facing her inner demons and figuring out how to defuse herself. It’s going to be a long road since her life in Limbo conditioned her to believe that every cat is a potential attacker, but I know she can learn to leave the past in the past.

To help Mama Cat along the road to recovery, I’ve been purposely pushing her boundaries… just a little. I start with a little instigation. Let me show you what I men.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 1

This morning, Mama Cat was sitting on the bench under the front window. I decided to get up on the nearby cat tree even though I knew she wouldn’t necessarily like it. I cautiously approached.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 2

I waited until Mama Cat looked away, and then I jumped up onto the tree.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 3

Once I was up on the tree, I said, “Hi Mama Cat!” Startled, she turned to see who was speaking to her.

Mama Cat and Oliver interaction 5

Mama Cat went into full reaction mode and yelled, “DON’T ATTACK ME!” To a human’s ear, her shout would have sounded like a very loud hiss. I tried not to react, but I was somewhat taken aback by the ferocity of her communication.

So I had instigated and Mama had responded. There we were face to face. The next move was mine, and I intended to make it count.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Tomorrow- Pushing Mama’s Boundaries Part II: De Escalation

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22 responses to “Pushing Mama’s Boundaries Part I: Instigation

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Dear Brother Oliver, Please be careful pushing Mama Cat’s boundaries. We wouldn’t want Mama Cat’s psychological wounds to leave you with any painful scars of your own.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  2. And we have to wait until tomorrow to learn how this turned out? Oh the suspense!

  3. Oh brother oliver I’m worried you would do that to mama cat.

  4. we hope you are taking it slow, but we are glad to see you are trying to help her adjust

    • I am taking it slow, Random Felines. Brother Henry was taking it way too fast for awhile, but he’s been too busy to bother Mama Cat since his visit to The Bad Place. He spends most of his time trying to avoid the Guardians since he hates the medications he has to take twice a day.

      – Brother Oliver

  5. Oh boy, fingers crossed that this goes well!

  6. MJ

    Nice action shot of Mama – you can see all of those muscles ripping and tail brushing!

  7. That’s what Brother Oliver gets for sneaking up on Mama!

  8. Yow Brother Oliver…bee carefull…Momma Kat lookz like she is reedy to fly into a fury n ree-arranger yer fur!!! We will check in fer Part 2 tomorrow….
    paws crossed ya are not at da Bad Place getting stitchez or sumfing!!!
    Lub frum Nylablue n Sehrriellen (who are both wurried fer ya…)

  9. Mama Cat looks pretty worked up there. We can’t wait to see what you did, Brother Oliver.

  10. Ms. Phoebe

    Tread with mewz paws carefully Brother Oliver, when ladycats like Mama Cat who suffer from PTSD have flashbacks anything can happen. My angel sister ฤŒerny was abused by a psychopath human when she was a little baby panther and although rescued and choosing to adopt our family at a little over a year old, she suffered from PTSD for years. Panic attacks, fear, mistrust plagued her for the first 5 years she was in our family and she only would go near my aunt. Our guardians tried Feliway diffusers, massage, medicine, which helped some, but what helped her to open up and trust humans was time and patience. My Mom would let her approach first and everyday add a little more contact. There were nips, scratches, hisses at first but over time she realized nothing bad was going to happen and she grew confident and showed true trust for humans! Unfortunately and unexpectedly cancer took her from us a year ago, our nine years together way too short, but we were comforted and felt joy knowing the last nine years of her life were good ones. She knew she was safe, loved, cared for and was like a reborn kitten the last few years especially, after she overcame her psychological obstacles. That terrible first year was long gone and buried.
    I have a wish that Mama Cat will find the confidence and peace ฤŒerny did, and go on to enjoy many years of it that sadly was not to be for my sister. Mama Cat’s demons and circumstance may be different than that of my sister, but the fear and anxiety are the same. There is hope for Mama Cat and I believe she will welcome mewz presence one day, just be patient and careful with mewz instigations- we don’t want mew to become her whap of the paw bag to take her aggression out on!

    • Thanks Ms. Phoebe. Mama has already come a long way, and I know she will continue to let go of her past.

      Also, I’m very sorry for your loss. It is always hard, but especially when you lose someone due to illness or injury rather than old age. We are facing that with Leader Otis right now. We thought we would have another 10 years together at least, and it is so hard to accept that this is not the case. He still finds joy in His days though, and we will continue to cherish everyone that we have with Him.

      – Brother Oliver

  11. Goodness me what a mexican stand off!! take care friend hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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