Missing Cat Poster in the Making

My Disciples,

The Guardians took a walk yesterday and were approached by a very friendly, very young kitty a few blocks from our house. The kitty was wearing a collar, and did not appear to be lost, so she clearly belonged to the people that lived in one of the nearby houses. She wanted attention very badly, and she immediately started rubbing against one of the Guardian’s legs. The Guardian picked her up and snuggled her.

Limbo Kitten 091513-2

The Guardians met this Limbo kitten on their walk yesterday.

The Guardians wondered how this kitten’s guardians could just let her wander in the world without walls without being worried sick. She was very trusting. If the Guardians of Otis could easily pick her up, so could people who might mean her harm. She could also try to approach someone walking by with their dog and end up being injured or killed. Plus, she was right next to the road. If she tried to cross it, a passing driver might not see her until it was too late.

Limbo Kitten 091513-1

By being allowed to roam free, the little kitten was exposed to countless dangers, not the least of which were the cars on the nearby road.

Eagles fly over our neighborhood by day and coyotes roam our streets at night. Either of those species might see a cat this size as prey. As the Guardians continued on their walk, they couldn’t help but feel they had just witnessed a missing cat poster in the making. They also walked away with more motivation to continue to help Me spread The Good Word about keeping cats happy, healthy, and safely confined. I hope you will continue to help as well.

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23 responses to “Missing Cat Poster in the Making

  1. Eagles as well arghhhhh you guys certainly have higher level of danger the us UK moggies.

  2. Why don’t people ‘get it’ yhat cats do NOT have to be let out to roam??? this always upsets me too!! I have come across many cats who have collars & tage & are roaming about…how can their owners say they ‘love’ their 4 leggeds if they are willing to expose them to danger on a daily basis???
    I think I feel a poster coming on too!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  3. Hi – Isaiah here – my Mom does not let me outsiide and I am glad. I got out once and was terrified. I have not tried to get out since. I know when I have it good. I just wish other humans would understand that if you love us, you will keep us safe insiide. I have kitty television right outsiide my window with my kitty tree. They have a bird feeder there and I watch the birdies all day long.

  4. fabrye

    Maybe they should have kept the kitty with them until the missing poster would appear… At least then they could discover who are its guardians and be able to warn them.

    • A tempting idea, fabrye, but if the Guardians scooped up and kept every Limbo kitty they encountered, they would be classified as hoarders within only a day or two. The problem is depressingly widespread, which is why I hope you will join us in spreading The Good Word about keeping cats happy, healthy, and safely confined.

  5. There are so many dangers in the limbo, be safe little one.

  6. mistletoeandhitch

    When ever the HuMom comes across a similar situation she gets sick to her stomach. The level of neglect doesn’t rise to a high enough level that Animal Control,will intervene but it’s obvious that this kitty is endangered. It is so frustrating that people won’t see the danger they are putting their pet in. And all we can do is continue to educate.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Exactly, M and H. Since there are no laws against letting kitties roam freely, even very young kitties, there is little recourse in a situation like this. We will continue to do our best to spread The Good Word though, and hopefully situations like this will eventually be the exception rather than the rule.

  7. What a beautiful kitten! It surprises me that her humans don’t want to keep her in where they can hold her and pet her whenever they want.

  8. Our mom said if this happened to her, she would be a cat-napper! That baby has no business being left outside (nor does any kitty!).

    • Believe Me Clarissa, the Guardians considered it, but in this neighborhood cat-napping and re-homing could easily be a more than full time job. And sadly, the offenders would likely just get another cat and repeat the cycle…

  9. What a sweet kitty. It makes us sad and mad to know humans let their kitties wander with no supervision.

  10. how sad that she is not only outside unsupervised but has no id either….

  11. What an adorable kitten. I’m so sad she’s in danger. This reminds me of a tuxedo cat I saw in my area last year. The cat was out at dusk to after dark and really wanted attention. She (I think) approached a couple out walking, then sat on the side of the road while cars drove by. I coaxed her onto the lawn and petted her for awhile, but that only got her out of danger for a few minutes. She only had a flea collar, no ID.

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  13. I wanted to comment on this and say it’s a sad misconception that cats can fend for themselves in the wild when their guardians no longer want to or can take care of them. I really wish there were programs to educate kids starting at elementary school level and going up about animal welfare. I was lucky enough to always be interested in pets, cats in particular and was able to be a junior volunteer at the local animal shelter. We ended up getting 4-H sponsorship and even had a summer camp which I was a camp consular for two years running. We taught kids about caring for pets, mainly dogs but making sure they have food and water and we were lucky to have guest speakers and such. I just wish programs like that could reach every kid in every school. Pets are not accessories, they are sentient beings. They need love, care, protection having a dog, cat, bird, ferret, etc is just like having a kid, they have wants and needs and should be considered family. Because all they know after you bring them home is you, to abandon them is to break their trust and their hearts.

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