We Have A New Whisker Record!

My Disciples,

With five of us kitties now residing in My Indoor Kingdom, you can imagine that the Guardians find quite a few shed whiskers lying about. They also find so much shed fur that they could build one new cat per week out of it, but that is another story. Anyway, yesterday one of the Guardians discovered a shed whisker that is one for the record books. Brother Oliver took a photo of it next to a pen for comparison.

Long Whisker

Here is the record breaking whisker. We must have a tiger in the house or something!

When Brother Henry saw the whisker he said, “I’m the biggest cat in the house, so that must be one of mine, right? This plastic cone I’ve been wearing must have knocked it loose…” Brother Oliver and I looked at each other and then back at Brother Henry. Brother Oliver said, “You may be the biggest kitty, Brother H, but I’m quite sure this whisker came from someone else.” When Brother Henry started to protest, Brother Oliver showed him a photo. Brother Henry looked at it and said, “Oh…. right…”

Thomas crazy whiskers

Here is the photo that Brother Oliver showed to Brother Henry.

Yep, our very own knight is the one who dropped that record breaking whisker. Hopefully Thomas knows that shedding and regrowing whiskers is normal. I didn’t know that until a couple years ago, so I kind of freaked out when the Guardians found one of My dropped whiskers. OK, so Brother Henry didn’t help matters any, but still maybe I should tell the kid it’s normal, just in case. Come to think of it, I should probably tell him sooner rather than later, Brother Henry had a mischievous look in his eye after he realized the whisker was from Thomas. I don’t know why, but he loves that FPFB joke!

So Sayeth Otis

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14 responses to “We Have A New Whisker Record!

  1. CindyD

    I have 5 kitties in my house, too (Henry, Stanley, Thumper, Ollie, and Lucy), and I could stuff many, many pillows with the fur from my (our?) bed alone!!!

  2. If the fur is long enough, it can be carded (fur from a cat brush is usually ‘carded’ enough from the brushing) and then spun into a yarn. Some people have great results with fur only while some people add a bit of wool or a bit of angora to make it hold better.

  3. I’ve often wondered if my Luna’s whiskers are as long as Thomas’s. They’re certainly extravagant for a kitty of her small size. Now, using the pen technique, I’m able to say, pretty definitively, that Thomas’s whiskers still hold the record. And I think you should warn him about Brother Henry’s FPFB joke, Leader Otis. Poor Thomas has already lost a Fang of Fury and part of his reproductive equipment. I’d hate to see him worrying about losing his whiskers as well.

    • Fortunately, Brother Henry hasn’t teased Thomas about it yet. I think he decided that the cone on his head made him an easy target for poking fun so he is refraining from doing it to others right now. 🙂

  4. Archie is the massive fur all in this house, Henry I have to brush his fur out and Oscar well not much comes off him 🙂

  5. Thomas is certainly the fluffiest of the brood, so it makes sense that whisker belongs to him.

  6. Very impressive. Our mom collects our whiskers and saves them. Weird, huh??

  7. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    Wow, those are some amazing whiskers!!

  8. Awesome display of whiskers! See, between those and the fangs of fury, no dog of any kind will bother that dear knight!

  9. Whiskers falling out are way less alarming than when I first found a shed claw – I had no idea cats did that! But it was worse when we found one of Pebble’s fangs had fallen out a few weeks ago 😦 The vet said it was something with a long fancy name and there was no real cure. The tooth itself was nice and clean, but the root was all grey and pitted.

  10. Nijinsky Cat

    It is, of course, tremendous Good Luck to find a naturally-shed Cat Whisker.

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