Whiskered Gallantry 6- Fangs of the Knight

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. After Thomas heard about Brother Henry’s teeth cleaning at The Bad Place, he got all excited and said he had an idea for the next photo in my Whiskered Gallantry series. Now, as and artist, I usually like to come up with my own ideas for images, but since Thomas has been such a great photo subject I decided I would indulge him this one time. Plus, it really was an intriguing idea. So intriguing, in fact, that I ended up having a difficult time choosing which image I liked best. I finally narrowed it down to two, and I decided that I would include both in my series. Without further ado, I give you Whiskered Gallantry 6-1, Fangs of the Knight!

WG-6-1-Fangs of the Knight

Whiskered Gallantry 6-1: Fangs of the Knight

And I also give you Whiskered Gallantry 6-2, Better View of Fangs of the Knight!

WG-6-2-Better View of Fangs of the Knight

Whiskered Gallantry 6-2: Better View of Fangs of the Knight!

Whoa. I don’t know about you, but I totally got chills looking at these powerful views of Sir Thomas. By the way, if you are new Disciples of Otis, you may wonder why Sir Thomas has only three fangs, or even why he is called Sir Thomas. The explanations can be found inย earlier blog posts. Actually, explanations for a LOT of things can be found in earlier blog posts, so I encourage you to explore the more than 1,030 posts in the archives to learn all that you can about The Cult of Otis, and our crusade to ensure that all kitties are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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21 responses to “Whiskered Gallantry 6- Fangs of the Knight

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Bravo! Once again, Brother Oliver, your extraordinary talent with the camera has treated us to an amazing sight. Sir Thomas is certainly ferocious with his fangs on display. We think we can hear the knees on the short stubby legs of the Wiener Dog Platoon knocking together at this fearsome sight. Well done, Brother Oliver, very well done!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  2. What is Sir Thomas hissing at? I would hate to be the object of his fury!

  3. Fangs for those photos, Brother Oliver! (Sorry. My dad loved puns. Apparently it’s an inheritable trait.) I well remember when Thomas lost one of his Fangs of Fury, together with, well, other bits of his anatomy. And it’s a great idea to read all the earlier blog posts; I recommend starting from the beginning. You get wonderful early glimpses of Thomas and Mama Cat, and you get to see how the Cult has evolved.

  4. Good Lord! With the fur around his head in the second photo, he almost looks like a Cobra ready to strike!

  5. Tremble Wiener Dogs, Tremble!!! Selleck and His person, Emily.

  6. Ooo! Dogs of all heights and lengths are running for their frightened little lives! That is one fierce knight! Three fangs are more than enough to scare off any attempt at the LF(W)DU!!

  7. Oh, I’m scared and I’m a lot bigger than a wiener dog.

  8. Wow, those are some impressive fangs, Sir Thomas.

  9. Yow Sir Thomas…..Me iz lookin at yer new pix n….. *swoonz*….
    Sorry Sir T., Sherri-Ellen here…Nylablue is on her side again….she just goes to pieces when she sees photos of you!!! Even w/out that 4th fang you are impressive & look like you are FURY personified….or as Nylablue would say PURRSONIFIED!!! (pokes Nylablue>>>>>>)
    UUMMM what Mum, eeoww Sir Thomas iz gor….*swoonz again*
    *S-E shakes head* Sorry Sir T. she is down for the count again…..I
    think Nylablue was going to say you are gorgeous… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sherri-Ellen & swoonin’ Nylablue xo

  10. Love he has one missing ๐Ÿ™‚

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