Smooches Sunday

My Disciples,

I was laying on the couch this morning snuggling with one of the Guardians. It was both comforting, and comfortable, and I began to fall asleep.

Otis getting snuggles

I was snuggling with one of the Guardians this morning, and it felt so good I started to fall asleep.

Just as I was drifting off, the Guardian leaned down and gave Me a big ‘ol smooch on the top of my head. She then said, “Love you buddy…” and squeezed Me a little tighter. Before I even knew I was doing it, I began to purr.

Otis getting smooches

The Guardian smooched Me on the head and told Me she loved Me. I couldn’t help but purr.

In fact, the whole situation made Me feel so good, I am declaring today “Smooches Sunday”! So give your kitty a smooch on top of the head… but only if he or she likes being smooched! If he or she doesn’t, just try giving them the Kitty Kissy Eyes instead. It will make them feel just as loved.

So Sayeth Otis



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18 responses to “Smooches Sunday

  1. awwww, Now I want to rush home and smooch my crew, too! Stupid work.
    ~The Mommy

  2. emilykarn

    Drat you Otis! You put the thought in My Person”s head and She acted on it! She smooched me, now I have people germs in my fur! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  3. Oh Otis, you look so warm, secure, and loved (and so does your Guardian). My cat gets multiple smooches daily, not just on top of her head but on her back as well. I hope she finds it comforting and not just confusing.

  4. Archie just got a big sloppy kiss of mum after reading this 🙂

  5. Ana

    Our kitties all love getting smoochies while we snuggle…time to go snuggle and smooch!

  6. Can I have kisses too? I will be an honorary cat!

  7. All kissed and accounted for. Here’s a virtual kiss for you, the Brothers, Sir Thomas and Mama Cat too.

  8. Yow Leader Otis…just tween ya n me dere really iz nuffin quite as lubly as bein smooched by a Guardian/Hu”man who lubz us!! Me started lettin Mum smooch me on da head just over a year ago altho no cuddlin iz alloud…just da smoochez n dey makez me feel so so guud!!!
    Ya llok pawsitivellee cattented wif yer Hu’Mum n dat iz so bery nice to see….
    Me must go see what Mum iz doin n getz a smoochier frum her…..
    Bye fer now, Nylablue xo

  9. Otis, this just makes us all feel so warm all over. We’re purring now too. And we’re gonna make sure we get some smooches.

  10. Heather

    Now that’s a direct order I’m happy to follow, leader O. Why, oh why, can’t our other world leaders get it right.

    *I kissed Sable’s forehead and he is making biskits. I love Smoochie Sunday*

  11. Smooches from the 4 furry children to your family leader Otis.

  12. Awwwwww Smoochies Sunday is a great idea! I kissed Leo on the head, and I’m going to try to round up Star and give her one too!
    Cuddling with your guardian is awesome, warm and snuggly for Otis!

    By the way, we’re just catching up and I want to say that Flight of the Knight was a great picture of Thomas! All four paws off the ground, whoo hoo!

  13. Nijinsky Cat

    Glad you are happy and purring Leader! Smooches make me purr too >^..^<

  14. Nylablue has nominated you for my share it sunday guest blog. You don’t have to do anything just email me at mollyDOTthewallyATbtinternetDOTcom with the post you would like me to host. I will post it on Sunday. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Thanks! I will send you an email with a link to a post. 🙂

      • Yow me wuud like Sir Thomas to do da guest bloggie if pawssible…
        As he iz da Knight of da Cult it wuud bee pawsum if he cuud do da blog!
        Yer furendz Nylablue n Sherriellenxo

      • Just saw your latest comment. Sorry Nylablue and Sherriellen. I sent one of Brother Henry’s old posts (Guardian Outpost) as a suggestion for the guest post. Brother Henry had to go to The Bad Place, so I thought it might cheer him up to be the star of the guest post.

      • Dat’z all right ’cause we nose Brother Henry went to da Vet’z n me nose he had a bit of surgeree so he deserved to bee feetured fer shure!!!
        Purrleeze give Brother Henry a snuggle frum me!!
        Nylablue xo

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