A GIFt From Sir Thomas

My Disciples,

Sir Thomas told Me that he wanted to do something nice for everyone that is working hard to make the world a better, safer place for kitties. I told him that there is nothing more rewarding to someone who truly understands cats than receiving a cat’s approval, and the best way we cats have to show our approval is by giving Kitty Kissy Eyes. Thomas got all excited, but then he said, “Wait… how can I give Kitty Kissy Eyes to people through the computer?” I have to admit, I was a little stumped, but I told him to go talk with Brother Oliver, The Brains of The Cult of Otis. I thought maybe he would have an idea. As it turns out, he did. Here’s what Brother O came up with:


Brother Oliver did it!

So, My Disciples, please accept this token of Thomas’s appreciation. I hope that you will continue to do all that you can to spread The Good Word about keeping cats happy, healthy and safely confined.

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “A GIFt From Sir Thomas

  1. Nijinsky Cat


  2. Ms. Phoebe

    My Mom says thank mew to Brother Thomas, Brother Oliver, and especially mew Leader Otis for helping us help kitties by starting mewz movement that inspires us. My human now loves Kitty Kiss Eyes and asks me for some daily. If she follows my wishes then she will. MOL!

  3. AWWWWwwwwwWWWWW!! We’re giving kitty kissy eyes back at you Thomas! And to all of you, Otis, Oliver, Henry and Momma Cat! Love you all!

  4. Leigh

    Thank you for this wonderful gift, Sir Thomas. We are all humbled and touched by this sign of your approval! Kisses back!

  5. Best labour day treat ever!! Thank you Sir Thomas 🙂

  6. emilykarn

    PAWSOME!!!! We love your Kitty Kissy Eyes and send them back to all of you. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  7. Batya Harlow

    Love love LOVE it!! And you, Otis, and Thomas, and Brother Henry, and Brother Oliver, and your Guardians, too! Kitty Kissy Eyes are one of my most favorite things. I love exchanging them with my own dear Boys. And when I receive them from Cats I don’t know very well I am deeply touched. KKEs right back at you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    Awww, Kitty Kissy Eyes back to Sir Thomas. We call them Blinky Blinks or Blinkies here. Bunk likes to pile up on her Popsy’s lap but has to have a Blinky Blink session first to make sure Popsy still loves her and let him know she loves him. Her Popsy speaks good Blinky Blink.

    The interesting thing was she was raised by her mother at the rescue organization until we adopted her. Our other 2 kitties had no mother kitty to raise them before we adopted them and don’t understand Blinkies. I think Buggy understands a bit as she responds somewhat, but Monster just stares at me when I Blinky him.

  9. The perfect stress-reliever: a few minutes of watching Thomas do Kitty Kissy Eyes. Thank you, Sir Thomas and clever Brother Oliver.

  10. 2cats

    Amazing kissy eyes Thomas, amazing computer skills Oliver!!

  11. That’s what kitty kisses are? Oh my goodness I get those from all 4 of my cats. How lovely. Thank you sir Thomas be very careful the ladycats may be all over you. 😉 thank you brother o for sharing.

  12. Love it. Thank you Sweet Sir Thomas

  13. Oh Sir Thomas your *kissy kitty* eyes are fabulous!!! Thank you so much~Sherri-Ellen.
    Yow Sir Thomas me iz so smitten wif ya Sir Kitten me gonna fall off me perch (couch) watchin yer *kissy* eyez!!!
    Nylablue *swoonz*
    Sorry Sir Thomas, Nylablue gets a bit carried away; excuse me while I go wave a fan over her….Sherri-Ellen.

  14. We’re giving you kissing eyes right back atcha!

  15. this is perfect! Sharing the love all over the place…

  16. Beautiful what lovely Kissy eyes you have sweet one thankyou hugs Fozziemum xx

  17. Heather

    Wow, Sir Thomas, you sure are squeeeeee worthy! Thanks so much for the kissy eyes. I’m blinking right back at ya.

  18. Oh my…theese is the best GIFt evah! We love you Sir Thomas!

  19. Sir Thomas:
    You are one handsome kitty. I don’t want to alarm you, but I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and it seems the Weiner Dogs have gained some leverage for the Halloween Holiday. The Weiner Dogs may have also created an alliance with the Penquins.
    I’ve tried to send you a picture of the inflatable, but can’t get it to attach to this message. I think there might be a real threat, thousands of these inflatable weiner dogs for the real weiner dogs to hide in. I don’t want to alarm you, but you might want to alert the Brothers to continue being vigilant.

    • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for brining this threat to our attention, Larry! Inflatable wieners! What will those dastardly dogs come up with next!? – Thomas

    • Ms. Phoebe

      MWAH!!!!!!!!!! *runs to safe, opens with combo, and retrieves her Invisibility Cat Cloak. Slipping it on, she finds a spot to nap safely all whilst keeping one ear and eye alert.*

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