Sipping Sunday

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. We have had a pretty hot summer around here, so I have been very aware of how nice it is to always have cool, clean water readily available. During my first year of life, when I was out there in Limbo, water was sometimes hard to come by. Even if my former guardians remembered to fill my water bowl, it was often spilled by raccoons or defended by other desperate, free roaming Limbo and abandoned kitties. Now, in The Promised Land, I have all the water a kitty could want. My favorite place for a drink is at The Sacred Fountain of Eternal Hydration. I visit it often.

Thomas by fountain 1

This is The Sacred Fountain of Eternal Hydration. It is my favorite watering hole.

I guess both Leader Otis and Brother Henry have had trouble with urinary infections in the past, and making sure they drink enough water helps to prevent that problem. So the Guardians have placed drinking glasses and bowls in almost every room of the house for us kitties so that we can easily stay hydrated. Still, the trickling sounds coming from The Sacred Fountain call to me, so I Β usually forego the glasses and bowls and head for the soothing burble of the fountain. Before I drink though, I am always careful to look around to ensure that it is safe. I have heard that 9 out of 10 wiener dog attacks happen while a kitty is eating or drinking. OK, maybe I did not really hear that, but I believe it, so I am not taking any chances!

Thomas by fountain 2

I always do a quick wiener dog check before drinking. Better safe than assaulted by a wiener!

Once I am sure the coast is clear, I partake of the moist goodness provided by The Sacred Fountain. The water tastes so good when it hits my lips!

Thomas by fountain 3

It tastes so good when it hits my lips!

Once I have drank my fill, I feel energized. It’s amazing how important good hydration is for a kitty, and how great it makes me feel! With a belly full of water I feel like I can take on the world! Or, at the very least, take on an artificial bird.

Thomas Playing with feather

With a belly full of water I have tons of energy for activities!

To stress the importance of an ample water supply for all the kitties out there, I am declaring today Sipping Sunday! Guardians, make sure water bowls are clean, numerous and easily accessible for your kitties. And if you have a kitty that is reluctant to drink, consider providing them with their own Sacred Fountain of Eternal Hydration. Your kitties, and their bladders will thank you for it!

Thomas Out

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28 responses to “Sipping Sunday

  1. Sir Thomas, I bought a black ceramic Sacred Fountain for my cat, Luna, and filled it with spring water. She ignored it. For many months, she wouldn’t drink water at all unless I held the bowl for her (and yes, she got a couple of painful and expensive UTIs). Now she’ll drink out of her bowl by herself … most of the time. What she really wants, though, is to drink from a running faucet. I don’t want to encourage this because when I’m away from home, there’s no one to turn on the faucet for her. Perhaps you or Brother Oliver (the Brains of the Cult) might have some suggestions?

  2. Thomas!! You look awesome and fierce attacking that bird!! Why, if any wiener dogs saw that, they’d run in fear of their lives as fast as their squatty little legs would carry them!
    That fountain looks cool! Our kitties go through a lot of water, so they have several bowls too. I might have to look into a fountain. I love how you have your paw on it possessively while you’re making sure the coast is clear!

  3. Thomas, We have a couple of fountains, but we didn’t realize they were sacred!!! Mommy has been informed to leave fresh rodent sacrifices at all times next to our fountains to appease the Fountain Gods.

    And, of course, us.

  4. Yow Sir thomas ya are a mighty warrior goin after day birdie!! Wif dat fearsum xpresshun da weiner doggiez will run fer dere livez me iz shure!!!
    As fer water…me haz a cup n saucer of water on da coffee table (wif me kibble) n da water bowl in da tichen wif me wet food n me still likez to drink outta Mum’c cup of water….me finkz it tastez bettur…Mum sayz me iz a bit silly…den again me haz seen Mum take a sip frum my cup!!! So we iz equall, MOL!!!
    Sippin Sunday rockz.
    Nylablue xo

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Sir Thomas, you are smart to ensure that your drink will be uninterrupted. When Hitch sneaks up on me while I’m enjoying a sip, the water goes up my nose and makes me sneeze. If cats could fall on the floor laughing, that’s what Hitch would do as I sneeze over and over with water dripping off my whiskers. My favorite water source is the glass bowl the HuMom used to keep on the low table in front of the cushy sofa. It was always fresh and I enjoyed the slightly fishy taste. Perhaps anyone needing to have their kitty drink more could try providing them with a large glass bowl of water with a few marbles and a beta fish. We’ve had two betas over the last 10 years and both have lived more than 3 years. Our HuMom enjoys a bit of lemon or lime in her water, but we felines like it a little fishy. The marbles don’t effect the taste ….but they make a racket if some cat (Hitch) tries to remove Beta Bob for a bit of playtime. It is important that the bowl be large enough for Mr. Beta to avoid any questing paws. A too small bowl makes it hard for Beta Bob to reach old age. The HuMom was always amazed at how much water we drank from the large glass bowl. She added at least 8 ounces of water daily. While we all drink out of our fountains now, I think it’s time to push for a new fishy friend. Drink up! Sir Thomas!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Sir Thomas, we also have a Sacred Fountain of Eternal Hydration just like yours. We love the fountainy noise it makes. The mom also adds water to our canned food to keep us well hydrated.

  7. The only container Jen will drink from is clear. For some reason, she ignores ceramic and plastic bowls. However, she does enjoy drinking from the bathtub faucet, so she might like a fountain.

  8. Thomas we have water everywhere too as Dinnermintz has had serious urinary problems in the past..water everywhere is the way to go and it does bring out your inner feather fighter πŸ™‚ Hugs Fozziemum xx

  9. Nijinsky Cat

    I am most definitely a faucet drinker, specifically the bathroom faucet. Then, every morning I also partake of one of my humans showers by sitting on the ledge slightly behind the curtain. My human knows that by sitting here and waving my paws into the stall this means I want her to give up her watery hand so I may lick the water from it. Strange? I think not. We Siberians are all born to be utterly fascinated with running water…its simply in our nature.

  10. emilykarn

    Dear Thomas, I love to drink from a dripping faucet. I have been able to train My Person to leave it on during the day, but she shuts it off at night. She provides a large dish of fresh water daily, on very hot summer days she changes it twice! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  11. Ah, we’ve been looking at fountains for RC and appreciate any suggestions. We shall look for a Sacred Fountain such as this one (Brand?). Water here is very corrosive. Molly prefers chilled water or the hose. As hot as it is, both dog and cat need to drink lots of water

  12. We had the fountain and have bowls around house, but still prefer bird bath in garden πŸ™‚

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