Another Lost And Found

My Disciples,

Another walk by the Guardians has produced two more kitty related posters. The first announced that a cat named Sammie has gone missing and her family is looking for her.

Lost Cat Poster- Sammie

Sammie is missing. I purr that she is somewhere safe.

The second poster was for a cat that was found. I am always happier to see these than the lost cat posters, but I always remember that a cat must first be lost in order for him or her to be found. One of My main goals is to convince people to reduce the chances of their kitty ever being lost in the first place. Obviously, there is still much work to do.

Found Cat Poster, tuxedo

This handsome tuxedo kitty was found. I hope he is never lost again.

I purr that Sammie is found safe and sound, and that both she and the tuxedo kitty in the found poster are kept safely confined in the future. I also hope these posters will provide you with some motivation to continue to do all that you can to make sure kitties are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “Another Lost And Found

  1. So sad when people don’t microchip their pets šŸ˜¦

  2. Always so sad. I want to rescue all of them. But the posters that you show here do inspire me to look out for lost kitties and to spread the word about safe and happy confinement. Carry on with the good work, and thank you, Leader Otis.

  3. We so hopez da Sammie getz back to her home (or findz a new furever home) n we hope da Tuxie boy getz reunited wif his furramily also!!! We speekz out ’bout diz too. Sum lissen; many do not…we must keep sharin da message Leader Otis….
    Yerz frum Canada Nylablue xo

  4. We purr that both kitties find their way back to their homes.

  5. Jacob and his Guardian

    Ai do not laik the confined! Ai don’t laik it! The confined isn’t fun, ai can’t hunt burds! There are burds outside my Guardian’s window and ai want to ketch them and eet them and ai can’t! Sometaims they make fun of me, so ai run and JUMP at the windoh and they fly away. Then ai laff!

    Once ai jumped at the windoh and pushed the skreen out and ai could almost hunt burds, but then ai saw the ground was far away outside and aii was nervous. Later there was cage wyre between me and the skreen. Now the burds laff at me!

    Ai used to liv on the streets. Mai brothers and ai had a Guardian, but she didn’t think too much anymore and she forgot she had us. Ai got really skinny and itchy, but ai could hunt burds all the time. Then my old Guardian’s frend took me and my brothers to the Temple of Many Cats. It is whare we get to pick out a humane to be our Guardian, so it is called the humane society. My new Guardian thinks mai paws are big and byewtiful and she seys mai claws are Ginsu naivz. She seys ai am a grate hunter! So wai won’t she let me go outside the confined to hunt burds?

    Pleez tell mai Guardian to let me eet burds, Leader Otis! She wud lissun to you! Yoar paws are not as big az mine wth Ginsu-naif claws, but she still thinks you are awsum.

    Love, Your Follower, Jacob

    • Jacob and his Guardian

      Leader Otis, please pardon me for Jacob’s spelling errors. As you can tell, he is a born hunter with magnificent paws and huge beautiful claws–not so much of a literary cat. He insisted on writing his own letter to you, and who am I to object?
      Sincerely, Jacob’s Guardian

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