Brother Oliver Makes The Right Choice

My Disciples,

This morning I was taking a nap in My Outdoor Domain when I became thirsty. Fortunately, the Guardians have water cups sitting all over the house so I never have to go far for a drink. I’m a bit slower getting around these days though, so it took me a bit of time to go from My napping box to the water glasses just inside the door. After drinking My fill, I turned around to discover that Brother Oliver had taken over My napping box!

Otis and Oliver, enclosure 01

Brother Oliver stole My napping box while I was going for a drink of water.

In the old days, I would have just walked right up and nipped Brother Oliver on the butt to get him to move. Or, I would have tried to squeeze into the box with him which would also cause him to move. I simply don’t have the energy for that these days, so instead I just laid in doorway and let out a long, loud sigh.

Otis and Oliver, enclosure 02

I didn’t have the energy to push Brother Oliver out of the box, so I just laid down and sighed.

After I sighed, Brother Oliver said, “Ummmm… Leader O? You weren’t using this box were you?” I replied, “Actually, I was. I just got up to take a drink.” And then Brother Oliver did something that he never used to do when I was strong and fully mobile.

Otis with Oliver gone from box

Brother Oliver willingly vacated the box for Me.

Brother Oliver exited the box voluntarily saying, “Sorry Leader Otis. It’s all yours…”

Otis outside in box

I didn’t waste any time getting back in My napping box.

I thought it was very nice of Brother Oliver to let Me have the box back so willingly, especially considering all the nips on the butt he has received from Me in the past. I mean, now that I’m in no condition to push him out of a box, he could have just stayed in there to prove a point. Well… he could have stayed in there until I called My Muscle, Brother Henry to come and move him for Me, anyway. Once again, Brother Oliver lived up to his title of The Brains of The Cult of Otis.

So Sayeth Otis

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28 responses to “Brother Oliver Makes The Right Choice

  1. Oh sweetie. You do look cute on the floor but I’m glad you got your box back. Boxes hold magical potions. XOXO – Bacon

    • Thanks Bacon! I hope you’re right about the magical potions. πŸ™‚

      • They are magical my friend. Even I enjoy some box time. When you’re in the box, you feel great power. Don’t you feel it? For that time, nothing else matters. You become the box and you’re surrounded by the power. Am I right? Check it out next time and see how you feel my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Brother Otis that is a respect born from love and friendship very touching sweet Otis ..hugs to you and much love Fozziemum xxx

  3. Awe! He was so sweet to let you have your box back.

  4. Wow, so impressive, such loyalty.

  5. Brother Oliver knows his place – and it’s not in that box!

  6. DJFuzzyK

    Did Brother O. blow out the side of the box stuffing his jumbo-tabby shape into such a small box?

  7. Brother Oliver is a very smart boy….and kind hearted too.

  8. I bet you he was just keeping it warm for you..

  9. Thank you brother oliver. Leader Otis, I wish I could tell you how sorry I am that you no longer have the strength to do the things you used to.

    • Thanks PLEW. It’s definitely hard dealing with this condition, but I’m still finding much happiness in My days. The hardest part is yet to come, especially for the Guardians, but we are enjoying every minute until then…

  10. That was really nice…and smart…of Brother Oliver to let you have your box back. Leader Otis.

  11. Sandy

    Leader Otis – your body may not be as strong as it used to be, but the strength of your will and intention are. Thanks to Brother Oliver for exiting the box.

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  13. Repect. That’s what you have Otis. And animal friends do become sensitive as one ages…cats are so wise.

  14. Leader Otis we iz bery glad dat Brother Oliver did the Katly fing n let ya go back into yer nappin box!!! Ya deserve all da respect n more!!!
    *paw patz* n snugglez frum Nylablue

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