Sentinel Sunday

My Disciples,

After hearing some suspicious chatter in his intelligence network, Brother Henry became suspicious that agents associated with The Long-feared Dog Uprising were up to something. He declared today “Sentinel Sunday” and said that he would sit sentinel duty in the front window until he was sure the danger had passed.

Henry front window sentinel 01

Brother Henry heard some chatter in his intelligence network. He decided today should be Sentinel Sunday.

Now, to be completely honest, the “chatter” that Brother Henry heard came from Thomas. You see, I sort of mentioned to Thomas that I thought I heard a pack of crazed wiener dogs barking on the street in front of the house. I didn’t want to freak Thomas out or anything, but I knew if I told him this he would report directly to Brother Henry to tell him that the dogs were up to something. I knew that Brother Henry would then go into security mode and forget about trying to get Mama Cat to like him for a while. Clearly, it worked. Brother H has been in that window for three solid hours now.

Henry front window sentinel 1

Brother Henry has been a sentinel in the front window for the past three hours now.

So yeah, I feel a little bit bad that Sir Thomas is now going from window to window in the house, looking out and shouting, “Don’t even think about it you crazy wieners! If you get through the sentinel, you shall have a knight with whom you must contend!” But you know what? Mama Cat has been sleeping peacefully on the Tabby Tower all morning, and a little more vigilance might actually be good for Sir Thomas. After all, he must be ready to lead the charge in case of an invasion by the Mongrel Horde. It’s kind of heartening to see the courage he is displaying now, when faced with a pack of crazed wiener dogs… even if they are imaginary.

So Sayeth Otis

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24 responses to “Sentinel Sunday

  1. ROFWL Leader Otis…you & Sir Thomas sure have Brother Henry ‘otherwise occupied’!!! Well done!!! Brother Henry DOES look noble sitting there…sentry duty becomes him!!!
    Nylablue iz meow-laffin a bit too…thinking of Sir Thomas warning the imaginary weiner dogs on the street…whatever it takes to distract Brother Henry we agree with…that mancat has got to relax!!!!!
    You are the 1st blog of the day & I have a huge πŸ™‚ on my face!!!
    Have a quiet Sentinal Sunday!!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (who let me reply for once!)

  2. For some reason Mommy is cackling over the phrase “imaginary weiners”!

  3. emilykarn

    Bravo! Leader Otis you have earned your title this day! I’m sorry for Sir Thomas but the exta vigilance won’t hurt him. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  4. Your cat is a way better writer than mine! Mine just types wxxxxxxxrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…need to trade my cat in for one like yours!

  5. I hear the imaginary dogs are the worst!

  6. CindyD

    Dear Caretakers/Blog writers: Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading the blog. You are very creative and obviously “know” (and love) the inner thoughts of cats. That’s amazing, because cats are good at keeping these thoughts to themselves. This morning I discovered that I can read the mind of my 20 lb cat, Henry: He peed on rug in front of my chair and when I checked all the litter boxes (many, because I have 5 cats) were kinda’ dirty! I’m sure Henry was saying things that I hesitate to repeat to readers, but if they have cats, they’ve figured it out, “Clean the g*(d^*% litter boxes, Mom!” .Keep up the wonderful work you do and thanks.

  7. mistletoeandhitch

    And thus, we all see why you are called ” Leader ” , Leader Otis! While no wiener dog in his right mind would tangle with either Brother Henry or Sir Thomas, if they were to get past them, they would face a site that frightens fully-grown mancats! Mama Cat didn’t survive limbo only to have the LFDU invade the promised land. We suggest that rumor of your newest resident will discourage any canines, wiener or otherwise, from breaching the walls of the Cult of Otis.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  8. Brother Henry is so handsome! He looks as if he were born to sit posing on that post. As for your plan, Leader Otis — well, I knew you were clever, but I didn’t know you could be downright devious — in a good cause, of course.

  9. Henry looks so impressive on guard duty there! And yay for Thomas not hiding in his safey safe at the thought of the wieners! And again, yay for Momma Cat getting some peaceful napping in!

  10. That’s why you’re the Leader, Otis. You’re so smart. πŸ™‚

  11. But maybe it is not imaginary! I can see a giant ghostly dog face reflected in the window in that first photo… Scary!!!

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  13. Our humans always imagine us meowing when we are not LOL πŸ™‚

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