Moo Might Have Found A New Family

My Disciples,

Yesterday one of the Guardians found yet another lost cat poster while he was out walking in our neighborhood. This one was for a black and white kitty named Moo.

Lost Cat Poster- Moo-1

Moo is missing. I purr he is someplace safe.

The text on Moo’s missing poster was very telling. Here is what it said:

My name is Moo (my family thinks I resemble a cow, as IF!) I am a 7 yr old male and weigh in at a Whopping 10 lbs! Please do not let my small stature fool you, I could take Sylvester the cat out if I wanted to! When I curled up, I have two spots that create a heart on my right side. I have a mean glare but really I am just a softy at heart. I love to cuddle (on my terms) but watch out when I do… I tend to drool all over your face and in your ear! 

I have been known to con people into feeding me but I have a very loving home and family who misses me so much. Sometimes I will be gone at least for a day traveling around my neighborhood or hanging out with my ‘furry friends’ but this is the longest time I have ever been gone. I feel that my ‘homeless’ cat shenanigans may have backfired and you took me home. I am grateful that you took me in, loved me and fed me but it now time that I return to my family and the dang dog. Please contact my family to come pick me up…

Now, you and I both know that Moo didn’t write the text for his own lost poster. Nope, that was written by the people that did not keep Moo safely confined. I am not without sympathy for their feeling of loss, but I am disappointed that they apparently did not do all that they could to prevent it. And honestly, I hope they are right that Moo has found a new home. Of all the possible reasons for his disappearance, that is by far the best of the bunch.

So Moo, if you’re still with us my feline brother, I hope you are enjoying your new home. May your new Guardians forever keep you safely confined.

So Sayeth Otis

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28 responses to “Moo Might Have Found A New Family

  1. I’m always so sad when I see one of those posters and now I’m even more because of what has happened to me this summer.
    I’ve lost and then (hopefuly) found my deaf kitty, we try to keep our fur family safe (this is a wonderful story) and give each one all the attention they need but there’s always a but!
    One day the curious kitty jumped to the roof (we live in an apt) and entered into our neighboors’ house (they live there just during holidays and didn’t know about our new cat-entry)!! One of them was so scared by the kitty (the kitty was super scared too) to let him go alone on the landing.. he jumped to the closest window he found and fell down. We’ve done the possible to find him (posters, long walk, asking everyone etc..) and he is here again.
    The main point of the story is that even if you care and pay attention, it can happen and it’s terrible, firstly for the kitty, but also for the guardians and the other furry friends. I don’t know if Moo’s family was serious enough but I’m sad. I hope Moo is safe and someone will help him (and maybe bring him to his home) 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone (human and feline)

    • Yes, it can definitely happen even when a kitty is not allowed to roam free, Valens87. Sometimes even the best safe confinement plan has holes that a kitty can discover. If a kitty is allowed to roam free in the world without walls though, the chances of this kind of situation happening increase greatly. 😦

  2. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    A member of our furry family was adopted last year in a similar situation. In fact, I think we were the second family to “adopt” her due to her original family allowing her to roam. And she was declawed! She had a chip that ID’d her original family, who never responded to our calls. We were admittedly somewhat hostile sounding in our calls to them based on their neglectful care. She now has a forever indoor home with us where she’s always safe. Well, except for the Monster’s crush on her but that’s another story.

  3. Moo might have made a good choice, yes? I too find it difficult to be sympathetic when people put their pets in a situation where it’s highly likely and they know it.

  4. mistletoeandhitch

    We hope Moo is safe and cared for, for his sake. As for his non-guardians? We hope they consider the danger free-roaming cats can encounter and make an effort to safely contain any other felines they are responsible for.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  5. Sadly, there are many things far worse than finding a better home that could have happened to Moo. I hope he has a better home, and that he stays there.

  6. We purr that Moo has found a new home too.

  7. Otis, I think you need to convince the majority of your human followers and their silly society to learn how to take care of the Earth… not for the sake of humans, not for the sake of dogs, or any other animal, but for all of catkind… too many times a day do I pass by homeless feline’s and I feel oh so badly… They are skin and bones… They come out at night to find droppings from fast food restruants…. Some of humanity may see them as ugly and make excuses to not bring them home, but they are beautiful and deserve a loving home just as much as you do… I beg of oh great and powerful, Otis, please… Please help guide humanity to a peaceful, loving, utopia of a planet…

    Thank you…

  8. Yow Leader Otis diz iz a sad story n we hope Moo Kat iz in a new home bein lubbed n doted on!!! Ya nose how guud Mum iz about me bein in me Condo fer goin out?? Well me haz dun da ‘Houdini’ act on her twice diz Summer n she had three fitz each time. Now me waz only by da bush right beeside our patio door but me can tell ya Mum CAN move FAST when reequired!!! She snatched me up befur me cuud say ‘catnippy’ n brought me in da apartment ndid me get a leckshure bout not bein naughtee!!! Mum made me purromise me not escape again….mind you Mum iz keepin a B-I-G eye on me too!!! me tried to tell Mum me jsut wanted to nom da grass but she wuud have none of it! So da moral of da story iz bee carefull wif yer kittehz n don’t just let dem out!!! Mum LUBZ yer Outdoor Domain n if we cuud have one here we wuud!!! All Kat peeple shuud have dem, right?
    Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

    • Yes, it would be great if every kitty could have his or her own outdoor domain, Nylablue. Even if that’s not possible though, kitties can be perfectly content with a fully indoor life as long as they are given proper care and enrichment. 🙂

      • Yow me agreez wif ya. Me waz happy bein indoorz fer da ferst year or so; den me showed an interest in bein outside n Mum bought da Condo n den expanded it so me cuud lounge all day n have me litter n food n toyz.
        We wanted a Domain like yerz butt we iz not alloud so da Condo werkz just as guud. We wishez all Kittehz had as bunderfulll a life as we have!!!
        Lub Nylablue xo

  9. Hopefully this will persuade whoever has found (or will find) Moo to take him to the nearest vet or shelter to be scanned. Mature, tame cats are not often totally unclaimed after all.

  10. This story about Moo has me in tears because just minutes ago, I heard the worst sound I’ve ever heard in my life: the sound of a cat in severe distress in the distance. The screeching cries dwindled into the saddest howling and I have no idea where the sound even came from. I can’t understand why anyone would let their cats outside unsupervised. I’m just so sad for limbo/shadow kitties everywhere.

  11. I hope Moo is safe,loved and secure…I really do…:(

  12. My local newspaper wrote a story about the lack of car for cats – both on a guardian level and government level. Thought you might be interested in the story:

  13. Such a sad story and we know it happens everyday. Sister Daisy wasn’t exactly a stray, She was living in a garden where she was being fed, but she didn’t belong to the caretakers. When my friend found her and brought her to me, we found out that she was about a year old and she had been spayed. She also had a horrible abscess on her hip that ruptured about a week after she moved in with us. Daisy is a love bug and we are glad she is with us. We are all indoor cats. Daisy has been known to bolt out the front door, but mom always makes her come back inside.

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