Mama Cat and Brother Henry- The Mediation

My Disciples,

I noticed that Thomas gave you a glimpse of what was going on in My Outdoor Domain yesterday. I guess I should have told My only knight what was happening. The poor guy had a nearly fatal attack of curiosity trying to figure it out. His interpretation was not that far off though. As you could see, I called Brother Henry and Mama Cat to My Outdoor Domain so I could act as a mediator between them.

Otis, Henry and Mama Cat intervention 4

I decided to mediate a conversation between Brother Henry and Mama Cat.

Brother Henry started off by saying, “Mama Cat, I don’t understand why you always hiss when I get close. I just want to play and/or possibly snuggle with you. I don’t mean any harm…” I thanked Brother Henry for his courage in sharing how he was feeling, and then I asked Mama Cat how she felt about what he had said. She looked directly at Brother Henry, and I could tell right away that things were about to get intense.

Otis, Henry and Mama Cat intervention 5

As Mama Cat looked over and prepared to respond, I could tell things were going to get intense.

Mama said, “Brother Henry, for the first fourteen years of my life, I lived in Limbo. It was a dangerous place filled with dogs, wild animals, cars, and a million other dangers. I had to be on high alert at all times or risk being injured or killed by a threat I didn’t see coming. And among these threats were other kitties that were in the same desperate situation I was in! Do you see my ears? Notice how little pieces are missing? Those pieces were lost to the claws and teeth of other cats. That’s what happened to me when I lowered my guard out there. So I apologize if I am a little, shall we say, stand-offish, but It’s really hard to turn it off after all these years!”

At that moment, Brother Oliver entered My Outdoor Domain. He had no clue what was going on. Mama Cat visibly tensed, and then turned her head away as if she was trying her hardest not to lose her stuff.

Otis, Henry and Mama Cat intervention 6

Brother Oliver came outside just as things were getting intense. He was clueless.

Brother Oliver sat down next to Brother Henry and said, “Hey Big H, what’s going on?” Brother Henry said, “Well… the Leader is trying to help me and Mama Cat work out our differences. You seem to have a little less difficulty interacting with her than I do. Would you like to join us?” Brother Oliver looked over at Mama Cat as he pondered Brother Henry’s question.

Otis, Henry and Mama Cat intervention 7

Brother Henry told Brother Oliver what was happening and asked if he’d like to join us. Brother Oliver considered it.

After a brief pause, Brother Oliver said, “Brother Henry. I prefer to lead by example. I’ll show you how I am able to get along a little bit better with Mama Cat.” Then, once again demonstrating that he is The Brains of The Cult of Otis, Brother Oliver got up and left.

After Brother Oliver left, Mama Cat looked over and said, “He is wise, that one…” This seemed to embarrass Brother Henry a little bit. He looked away as if he felt ashamed.

Otis, Henry and Mama Cat intervention 8

Brother Oliver left and Mama Cat said he was wise. Brother Henry was embarrassed.

I decided to wrap things up by saying, “OK Brother Henry. Did you hear what Mama said? She has a lot of baggage from her time in Limbo, so she has trouble controlling her response when she sees you, a 17-pound man cat, approaching her. Can you just back off and give her some space?” Brother Henry said, “I’ll try my hardest Leader Otis… I really will…”

Next I said, “Mama Cat, Brother Henry just wants to be your friend. I know it will take time for you to get used to the idea that you are now safe. Believe Me, I understand. I still have nightmares about My time in the wilderness. But do you think you could at least try to remember that no one here intends to harm you? Can you work on controlling your reactions a little bit?”

Mama Cat said, “I’ll try, Leader Otis, I promise. But sometimes, especially when I feel cornered by Brother Henry, I am overcome with this fear that quickly becomes anger, and then I lash out. I know it’s not rational, but it just seems to happen.” I said, “Hmmmm… I understand, Mama Cat, perhaps we can find some way to help you address that anger, or at least release it in a positive way. I’l think on this and get back to you.”

I adjourned our meeting and Mama Cat headed inside and climbed up to her favorite sleeping spot on Security Outpost Tabby Tower. Brother Henry headed up to Kitty Valhalla for a nap. Of course, he didn’t really get to nap because a certain knight was waiting for him up there. Brother Henry spent most of the afternoon answering a million questions about his meeting with Me and “M’Lady”…

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “Mama Cat and Brother Henry- The Mediation

  1. Older ladies are sometimes set in there ways for whatever reason. I know because my mama is an older lady. We just have to be patient. Eventually they figure things out and behave the way we want them to.

  2. Torn ears and pride are difficult to overcome.
    Sleeping on a problem is a time honored way to find a solution.
    One little paw step at a time

  3. Yep, it’s gonna take time for Mama Cat to overcome the baggage she carries from living in Limbo. Leader Otis, you did great with your mediation. Now let’s hope Brother Henry understands…and gives Mama Cat the space she needs right now.

  4. Me n Mum fink ya iz da BEST Leader Otis!! Ya got sum meowin goin on which iz bunderfull. Now Momma Kat nose a bit more about Brother Henry n Brother Henry nose more about Momma. Maybee dey will meet in da middle sum day soon!! Brother Oliver iz smart to give Momma space…me iz just like her…me needz space!!!
    Purrleeze tell Sir Thomas me sendz a *head rub* to him frum me!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen too…..

  5. Oh boy do I hope the mediation helps! It’s never fun when kitties don’t get along. My two still can’t seem to do that, but I’d be happy if they just left each other alone! Hopefully Henry gives Momma some space and Momma learns that Henry isn’t a threat!

  6. There is also chemical help. Natural chemicals in the form of Rescue Remedy or more tailored Bach’s Flower Essences if you want to look into those, or Jackson Galaxy’s Spirit Essences..

    or more man made chemicals from your vet to help break Momma kitty from that fear response.. She is right, in that it is learned, something comes towards them and they lash out. They don’t even have to know why they do it, after a while it is what they do. My Eli was like that. He was so fearful of being medicated after spending the first six months of his life sick that he ran from me for the next six years.. he had long forgotten about being medicated, he just knew that people coming at him were bad. I used RR with him and soon he stopped running when he saw me standing, then when I was moving in the same room, then when I was moving in his general direction and finally i was able to walk up to him and pat him. There were no Spirit Essences back then, but I have used them to help foster kittens several times since I found it and I do like them.

    • Thanks Connie! Right now a Feliway diffuser and lots of positive praise from the Guardians seems to be helping. If things start to look like they aren’t going to resolve, the Guardians will definitely look into some of the other options you mention.

  7. Dear Otis, once again you’ve demonstrated why you’re the Leader. Your mediation was a model that humans would be wise to follow.

  8. Leader Otis, you are so wise. Thank you for mediating between the two of them. Mama cat I know you are trying, please know we understand its hard coming from limbo to the promised land. Brother henry, you are one handsome mancat. Please give mama cat some time. Sir Thomas, I love you call mama cat m’lady. It makes me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ brother Oliver, thank you for being the brains and showing how brother henry can get along with mama cat.

  9. Time is a great help…older females do tend to be very strict and especially when she has fought hard just to survive..curiosity will of corse get the better of a brash young man as it does with humans too…feliway diffusers are great we also have here collars with pheromones that are based on similar ideas..resue remedy by bach are great and we used a dry mix sprinkled on the meals for the kitties at the shelter I was a volunteer lessened stress which also lessened the rates of cat flu etc from stress will all work out I have a very good feeling..Mama is not violently attacking straight off the bat which is actually really impressive..keep up the great mediation sweet Otis ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs Fozziemum xx

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