Something Is Up Down There

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. I woke up from a nap in Kitty Valhalla, and when I looked out the window I noticed some activity down below in The Leader’s Outdoor Domain. Leader Otis was down there sitting in His napping box, and He was in between Mama Cat and Brother Henry. It looked like they were all talking, and Leader Otis was being some kind of mediator between the two of them!

Otis, Henry and Mama Cat intervention 1

Leader Otis was sitting between Mama Cat and Brother Henry. It looked like He was acting as a mediator between them.

I tried as hard as I could to hear what was going on, but the window was closed. I could read the body language alright though, and there was clearly some tension between Mama and Brother Henry. As I watched, Brother Oliver appeared from the doorway. He walked over and laid down next to Brother Henry. It looked like he asked Brother Henry a question.

Otis, Henry, Oliver and Mama Cat intervention 2

Brother Oliver appeared from the doorway. He laid down near Brother Henry.

I could not hear the answer to Brother Oliver’s question, but he apparently didn’t like it. He got up and went back inside.

Otis, Henry, Oliver and Mama Cat intervention 3

Brother Oliver left after his question received an answer. At least that’s what it looked like from my perspective.

Mama, Brother Henry and Leader Otis were out there for a while longer, and I think that maybe the air was a little bit less tense by the time they were done. I have no way of knowing for sure though. I mean, without being able to hear what they were saying, I was pretty much just making up a story based on what I thought I was seeing. I have no idea how accurate my story was, but I decided that it would end with me climbing back into my safey-safe cubby hole for another nap. And that part of the story was definitely accurate.

Thomas Out

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15 responses to “Something Is Up Down There

  1. It does look like there was a meeting of the minds in those pictures. I wonder what it was about? I wonder if they are planning on taking over the world? I wonder if they are planning a party for YOU? Could be – you never know my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Well, we think that any time Mama Cat and Brother Henry are in close proximity without hissing, spitting or clawing, progress is being made. Perhaps Brother Oliver was inquiring about a security matter he was attending to while Brother Henry was in conference? We hope Leader Otis has negotiated a new age of detente within the Cult of Otis.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. Sir Thomas, you may be right. It looks good.

  4. Mamma Cat sure looks like she’s settling in. I’m glad the Guardian’s rescued her.

  5. Sounds like Brother Henry is finally learning to give Mama Cat her space, at least when Otis is watching.

  6. It looks like the Leader is the Great Mediator.

  7. Oh boy, I hope there’s a breakthrough in the Momma Cat/Henry relationship soon!
    Still, I think a second nap was probably a good choice, Thomas!

  8. That angle really shows how much smaller Mama is than the Brothers, no wonder she feels the need to make sure they know her boundaries.

  9. Serious summit conference there. Hope some truce is the result

  10. Sir Thomas ya did guud stayin out of da meowin at diz point!! Poor Momma Kat haz bin thru so much n sumfing must bee upsettin her about Brother Henry. Me not shure what it cuud bee az he n Brother Oliver n Leader Otis looks like Brotherz…..n she iz not upset wif ya….she shure iz a missteree…
    Yer admirerer Nylablue xo

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