Mama Cat Reenacts The Miracle of the Toys

My Disciples,

Those of you who have been with Me from The Cult’s early days will recall that I performed three miracles before becoming The Leader. They were The Miracle of the Leg, The Miracle of the Toys, and The Miracle of the Clicker. Well, imagine My surprise when I entered the living room yesterday to discover Mama Cat was reenacting My second miracle!

Mama Cat toy miracle 1

Mama Cat was reenacting The Miracle of the Toys!

Her reenactment was very accurate. She did her best to play with every toy in the house all at the same time. She really worked herself up into an excited frenzy, just like I did when I first discovered the toy stash in The Promised Land. The main difference though was that Mama Cat is over 14 years old, whereas I was just one when I performed My miracle. So Mama’s miracle reenactment only lasted a couple minutes, and then it was time to perform a slightly less miraculous act for a cat… it was time to nap.

Mama Cat toy miracle 2

Mama Cat performed a less miraculous nap after her reenactment of The Miracle of the Toys.

Despite the brevity of the reenactment, I was still touched and honored that Mama Cat would do such a thing. Now if she would only make peace with Brother Henry. That would be the biggest miracle of all.

So Sayeth Otis

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29 responses to “Mama Cat Reenacts The Miracle of the Toys

  1. Wow Mama Cat you are getting brave ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Maybe this is a sign that Mama is getting closer to accepting Brother Henry and the rest of the mancats, since those toys all smell like you guys?

  3. I thought MC was ten for some reason. To think a kitty of her years can do the Flying Squirrel Move…PAWSOME!

  4. I will do my own, two-legged, considerably more earth-bound Flying Squirrel move when Mama Cat finally makes friends with Brother Henry. Meanwhile, hurray for another miracle within the Cult!

  5. Maybe your fourth miracle is brokering a peace treaty between Mama and Brother Henry.

  6. Aww, well of course Momma Superior/High Priestess in training would do a reenactment! As for her being 14, well, my Star is 14 and she plays like a mad kitten! Sometimes longer than 2 year old Leo! The nap is necessary though, so she can wake up and try the toys again! MOL

  7. that Mama Cat is pretty amazing…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. DJFuzzyK

    Nice to see Mama relaxing enough to enjoy the toy box. My 16 year old cat still enjoys a nip banana or squirrel on a daily basis, however, long naps in between are a must!

  9. Jenn

    It’s so wonderful to see Mama Cat enjoying her geriatric years finally safe and warm with plenty of food and love. I took in an elderly cat off the streets two years ago and though I had to say goodbye to my Onyx a few months ago, I was grateful I could give him safety and joy in his final years. Bless you for taking in Mama.

  10. Wow mama cat that is wonderful.

  11. Mothers are always doing inventories and making sure available amusement toys are suitable for the family? Could it be instinct and acceptance of the household? Oh, paw crossed she will shortly accept the friendship of all!

  12. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    Mama Cat is over 14??!! Wow! How blessed she is to have Your Guardians to care for her in her retirement. And that would probably mean retirement from….ahem….boyfriends…..

  13. Mama is over 14?! She still seems very playful. It’s good to see her having so much fun, and a peaceful nap.

  14. We didn’t realize Mama Cat was a senior catizen. She’s got some spunk! And we bet the miracle with Brother Henry won’t be far off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Mama cat seems to become more relaxed by the second. Can I ask is she going to become a permanent cult sister?

  16. Ms. Phoebe

    I have been impressed by Mama Cat from the beginning and see her as an inspiration for senior ladycats like myself everywhere. I am a ladycat of 13 years and enjoy performing my own Miracle of the Toys at times and still am an active hunter of snakies in my Outdoor Domain. I do not kill them, I simply enjoy playing a fun game of ‘Snakie Toss’ with them. Mom says they do not enjoy this game and she does not enjoy me presenting them to her on the doorstep. I don’t know why humans have to be so difficult, but I am grateful to have Guardians who help protect and care for me- especially when it comes to my health needs in my senior years. This gratefullness extends to mewz Guardians for doing the same for Mama Cat in her time of need for protection and love. A cat’s senior years are precious and I know Mama Cat is grateful to mew all- even Brother Henry!
    I do hope Mama Cat can become friends with Brother Henry, if no other reason than for Brother Henry’s sake since it is obvious how much he would love it. His persistence and sweet nature melt my heart, he has such a giving soul. Even if Mama Cat does not ever become best buddies with all mewz mancats it doesn’t mean mew all cannot live together peacefully. My brother Kaspars was swept up in The Rapture as a feral kitty who showed up in our yard a few months after I adopted my Mom. He was supposed to just be a foster kitty until we found a forever home for him, but he endeared himself to Mom and she said he had found his forever home with us. Pfft!
    Kaspars and I do not get along, even after ten years of living with our family but we have worked out a peace treaty and tolerate one another. I have hope Mama Cat will learn to be friends with Henry, yet if it is not to be I have no doubt mew all can live together without any wars! Here’s wishing Mama Cat many happy years with mewz family and a future friendship with Brother Henry.

  17. Yow da Mirackle of da Toyz by Momma…meanz she iz meant to bee wif ya in yer Katdom!!!
    Maybee she waz a Leader sumwhere else befur she came to bee yer neighbur n now yer housemate…..we just never nose do we Leader Otis??
    Nylablue n Mum

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