Suave Sunday

My Disciples,

This morning, I looked out into My Outdoor Domain and I saw this:

Suave Henry

This is what I saw in My Outdoor Domain

For some reason, all I could think was, “That is one suave kitty…” So, of course, I had to declare today Suave Sunday in honor of Brother Henry’s suaveness. Now, if only Mama Cat would see it. So far though, his charm is still lost on her.

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “Suave Sunday

  1. Very suave! I don’t think Momma Cat will be able to hold out much longer!
    Hey, isn’t that one of those magical transport thingies from way back that he’s laying in? Is he awaiting transport or is it broken maybe? hee hee

  2. That is suave. I might add that there is always a fight for boxes at the Hotel Thompson. It doesn’t matter about what is inside of said because – who cares except the humans. We just want the boxes. The purr things get their time in the box and then it’s mine. OOOHH all mine! XOXO – Bacon

  3. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    That is the epitome of suaveness! It’s a suave explosion. Of nuclear strength. It’s nuclear suaveness!

  4. Oh yeah…Brother Henry is suave to the max.

  5. Yes, and all his bits fit purrfectly in the box.

  6. Suave and also svelte. Love the elegantly draped paw.

  7. Brother Henry is all the suave that box can handle! Maybe he needs a bigger one?

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