Non-specific Threats

My Disciples,

Brother Henry has tightened security around here after he received what he says were, “Threats of a non-specific nature…”. I asked if he could elaborate on that and he just said, “No, Leader Otis. I have no specifics to offer.” So I don’t really know what all this is about, but Brother Henry won’t let Me out of his sight. When I was napping yesterday in My Outdoor Domain, he stayed right there with Me the whole time.

Otis and Henry in enclosure, Otis napping

Brother Henry watched over Me closely as I napped in My Outdoor Enclosure.

Later, when I moved to My alternate napping box in the living room, Brother Henry took up a position on Security Outpost Tabby Tower behind Me. This would have been fine, except Brother Henry insisted on giving Me constant reports. Every few minutes he would say, “I don’t know what time it is but all’s clear!” It made it a little difficult to nap.

Otis and Henry in living room, Otis annoyed

Brother Henry made it hard for Me to nap with his constant reports.

Eventually Brother Oliver came wandering in to see what was going on. He said, “Hey Leader Otis! What’s with all the reports from Brother Henry?” I replied, “No idea, Brother O. He says he received some ‘non-specific threats’ so he is being extra vigilant. Do you know what he’s talking about?” Brother Oliver looked at Brother Henry and shook his head. He said, “Yep. but I don’t know what it has to do with You…”

Otis and Oliver in living room talking about Henry

Brother Oliver came in to see what was going on. He said he knew what Brother H was talking about.

Brother Oliver continued, “Brother Henry was following Mama Cat around again this morning, trying his hardest to convince her to like him. I overheard her telling him to back off or he wouldn’t like what happened. I’m pretty sure that was the non-specific threat he received… again though, I have no idea what that has to do with you…”

Suddenly a voice said, “It’s a distraction, Brother Oliver. Β He is obsessed with winning M’Lady’s friendship. The only way he can prevent himself from pursuing that goal is to find something else to occupy his mind.” Brother Oliver and I looked over to see Thomas sitting on top of the curtains on the low bench under the front window. Neither of us had any idea where he had come from.

Thomas in living room on curtains

Thomas appeared as if from nowhere. He told us why Brother Henry was behaving so strangely.

I said, “Really Sir Thomas? That’s what he’s doing?” Thomas replied, “Well, to be honest, that is what he told me he is doing, but I actually think he is doing something else.” When Brother Oliver asked, “What’s that?” Thomas said, “I think he is trying to impress M’Lady with his vigilance. The reports he keeps shouting out are for her ears, Leader Otis, not yours.”

Brother Oliver and I looked at each other with identical smirks on our faces. Of course! It all made sense now. I turned to thank Thomas for his insight, but he was gone. In that instant, I thought I heard a whispered voice trailing off in the direction of the kitchen. I think it said, “The Shadow sheds some light…”, but I must have just been imagining things.

So Sayeth Otis

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21 responses to “Non-specific Threats

  1. Brother Otis..this Mama cat has really turned your domain upside down..secret whispers,non- specific threats..brothers watching brothers ..brothers admiring Mama cat..what a wonderful thing this is!! It is making your world bigger with imaginings…have a great day sweet Brother Otis hugs from Fozziemum xx

  2. Henry is after top cat role x

  3. The Shadow sheds some light indeed! Sir Thomas is one smart cookie!
    Just curious, were he and Momma Cat friends when they were both outside?
    Hope Brother Henry gets on Momma’s good side soon, I’m not sure how much of his trying to make friends the rest of you can take, MOL!

    • Thomas was friends with the Limbo kitties Domino and Franklin that came from the same house as him. Thomas did participate in some of Mama’s Catlympic training sessions, but I don’t know that I would call them friends, per se.

  4. Or it could just be that Brother Henry is jealous of the comfy box you found to lie in. πŸ™‚

  5. Batya Harlow

    Wishing you sweet dreams and lots of naps, dear Otis.

  6. Poor brother o. He’s trying so hard. Glad to know sir Thomas hasn’t lost his quirkiness. Sending lots of love and purrs to you leader o.

  7. Haha! We sure hope Mama Cat gives in to Brother Henry soon…otherwise he’s gonna drive the rest of you crazy! πŸ™‚

  8. Yow Leader Otis da Brotherz are just so funny aren’t fey?? Den dere iz Sir Thomas n he iz da funniest of all…yellin reeportz out fer Momma Kat to hear…now me nose why he not interested in goin fer a nip-tini wif me 😦
    Haz a guud weekend n hope yer fellin all right Leader Otis.
    Nylablue n Mum xoxo

  9. The Knight Shadow sees all!

  10. Just want to say that I love fozziemum’s phrase, “making your world bigger with imaginings.” Like stories do, and paintings. And this blog.

  11. No prublem….it waz just an idea…Me nose Sir Thomas doez not want to leave da leader’z side…he iz a gallant Kitteh fer shure!
    Nylablue xo

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