The Mighty Stanley Endures

My Disciples,

This morning Brother Oliver was sitting on the cat tree in the front window when he spotted someone we haven’t seen in quite a while. He shouted down to Me, “Leader Otis! The Mighty Stanley is outside! He’s still around!” I was excited, and quite relieved to hear this. I had been wondering about Stanley since we hadn’t seen him for many weeks. I always hope such absences mean Stan’s guardians have decided to take him out of Limbo and keep him safely in The Promised Land, but I also know such sudden changes of heart are rare. Brother Oliver’s excited meows caught the attention of one of the Guardians. She opened the front door to find Stanley looking at her.

Stanley's visit 1

The Guardian opened to door to find Stanley looking at her.

The Guardian popped back inside and retrieved the small ziplock baggie that was sent to us by Katnip Lounge a few weeks ago. I was immediately excited, remembering My own experience with that wondrous, crazy, dried valerian stuff. I was also a little concerned about the idea of a cat as mighty as Stanley getting all hopped up on the stuff. I asked Brother Oliver to give Me a play by play description of what was going on from his good vantage point on the cat tree. He said, “The Guardian just put some of the valerian root down, and Stanley ate some of it. He’s just sitting there though. I don’t know if he ate enough to affect him.”

Stanley's visit 2

Brother Oliver said that Stanley ate some of the root but he didn’t know if it was affecting him.

A moment passed, and then Brother Oliver said, “Hmmmmm… yeah, maybe he’s just so big that he needs a lot of that stuff to get any kind of effect. I mean, he certainly outweighs any of us by about eight pounds or so. He probably needs like two bags of that st…” Brother Oliver cut off his own sentence with a new one saying, “NOPE! There he goes…”

Stanley's visit 3

Brother Oliver thought Stanley would need more valerian root. He thought wrong.

Brother Oliver described the scene outside to Me and we both started laughing. I said, “Well, as long as he is immobilized out there on the front step, we can be sure that Stanley isn’t wandering into traffic, being chased by wild animals, or getting into any other kind of trouble.” Brother  Oliver agreed adding, “Yep. I bet the Guardian was thinking that when she gave him that crazy plant.”

Stanley stayed out there for quite some time. At least, that’s what I heard. I don’t know for sure because after the Guardian came back inside, she gave some of the valerian root to Me. The rest of the morning is kind of a blur.

So Sayeth Otis

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21 responses to “The Mighty Stanley Endures

  1. Stanley, take care – you’re such an elegant cat. Atleast you have tags.
    Thanks for keeping a watchful eye out, Otis

  2. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    Let’s hope The Mighty Stanley doesn’t get picked up for public intoxication!

  3. mistletoeandhitch

    We like to think that Mighty Stanley hasn’t been around because his people are at least attempting to keep him safely indoors. Now we’re going to have the HuMom search the Internet for Valerian Root. It seems like something we’d all like to try.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. At least Stanley’s Guardians registered him and gave him a collar with tags. So many limbo kitties don’t have anything to identify them in case of an emergency.

  5. Peter Wilson (Savannah's Dad)

    Don’t you just want to scoop up all the poor kitties living in Limbo and find caring homes for them? At least Mama Cat is inside (Must be interesting for the HuMom to have another woman in the house). And yes, at least Stanley’s Guardians have tagged him. Someone will know where to deliver the body if he gets whacked by a car.

  6. Aw, Stanley is a cutie, I’m glad he’s ok, even if he is outside. Fingers crossed that he goes in again soon and stays there. I guess it’s worth getting all hopped up on that ‘herbal remedy’ after all!

  7. Oh no. Another cat has succumbed to the evil valerian. We hope Stanley doesn’t have a headache now.

  8. Oh dear poor Mighty Stanley..fell for it..literally hehehhe what a beautiful boy! the only Stanley I ever met was a bloodhound! Have a great day Brother Otis and sweet hugs to you Fozziemum xxx

  9. CindyD

    I, too, have a regal Stanley cat! I found him at my Stanley family reunion 13 years ago and so there was no other name considered. He’s my best friend; sleeps under the covers with his head on my shoulder. Stanley is content to be inside with Henry, Lucy, Thumper and Ollie…and of course, me! Love my Stanley cats!!

  10. Squishy

    What is this valerian root you speak of? Does it taste good? I am unimpressed with the properties of “nip,” despite my guardians’ insistence on sprinkling it on the floor or odd bits of soft fabric. I would like to investigate….

    • Ms. Phoebe

      Valerian root is a plant like cat nip that many humans use as a tea to help them sleep or relax. Cats often react to it like they do nip. There are a few other plants that kitties enjoy like nip and mew can buy kitty toys with them in it: silvervine and honeysuckle. Mew can instruct mewz human to go to and type in ‘valerian root cat toys’ or ‘silvervine cat toys’ or ‘honeysuckle cat toys’ and it will list some shops where mew can order some. Mew can also type in ‘cat nip seeds’ or ‘valerian root seeds’ to purchase so mewz staff can grow mew mewz own plants!
      Another great site is run by my dear friend Baby Patches, who has a blog too, where she sells many dog and cat toys, accessories, treats. She sells silvervine and honeysuckle kitty toys at reasonable prices:
      I have purchased from both places and enjoy my toys very much. I don’t respond to the silvervine as strongly as my brother Kaspars, but I enjoy valerian root and honeysuckle. My brother becomes like a wild tiger when he gets near the silvervine! I hope mew find some mew enjoy!

  11. EEowww nice to meet ya Mighty Stanley….me n Mum never read of him befur as we did not nose ya!!! he shure iz a handsum kitteh n lub hiz eyez…me n Mum saw a pale orange boy here last nite wif da same eyez az yer Mighty Stanley…me wunderz if diz boy will hang around….
    Dat Valerian Root sounz too powerfull fer me….so give me porshun to Sir Thomas purrleeze!!
    Nylablue xo

  12. Ms. Phoebe

    Awwww Mighty Stanley is a handsome fellow. He is lucky to have mew and mewz Guardians looking out for him, I wish I could visit mew all Leader Otis, it would be an honor to meet mew. I would humbly be happy to give of myself in service as one of mewz guards. We ladycats can be tough and fierce, especially if mew have been a mama cat. I am a natural protector of those I love, and am not afraid to face any uprising- even one of weiner dogs. MOL!

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