He’s So Close!

My Disciples,

Nobody move. Nobody even breathe. He’s so close right now that the slightest noise might wake her up, and if she wakes up… oh boy… I don’t even want to think about it.

Henry and Mama Cat on cat tree

Please don’t make a sound. If she wakes up it could be a disaster!

I don’t know what he’s thinking pushing it like this, but Brother Henry is so determined to be Mama Cat’s friend I guess he just isn’t thinking clearly. Oh man… did I just see her ear twitch!? I’m sorry, My Disciples, but I don’t think I can watch this. Good luck Brother Henry…

So Sayeth Otis

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38 responses to “He’s So Close!

  1. Oh, Brother Henry! My heart is in my mouth. I only hope your tail isn’t in Mama Cat’s mouth. Eagerly awaiting an update …

  2. OHHH, look at his ears. He is waiting for her to wake up. Maybe he thinks that if she wakes up and sees that he is just minding his own business that she will realize he isn’t so bad after all. But having grown up with lady cats and man cats I suspect it will not go as smoothly as he thinks.

  3. uh oh – i see the fur rising. Waking soon. XOXO – Bacon

  4. MJ

    I look at that photo and all I can think is “who opened the can of furry orange butt-whooping?” I hope that I am proved wrong…

  5. Susan

    He’s guarding her while she sleeps. After all he’s a gentlecat.

  6. Awaiting an update. I hope there’s a first aid kit nearby.

  7. Brother Henry has nerves of steel!!

  8. Brother Henry, we hope this works out well for you.

  9. At least he’s sitting under her, not above her.

  10. Oh Brother Henry! she has the position advantage too! I too can’t watch…I can indeed see Orange Fury being unleashed…or at least one heck of a paw whap!! Big hugs Fozziemum x

  11. Rock on with your bad self Brother H. 🙂

  12. Sandy

    Such a brave and suave-looking cat – good luck Brother Henry!

  13. mistletoeandhitch

    Our advice to Brother Henry is to feign sleep if Mama Cat starts to awaken. A sleeping mancat is the least threatening. Situations like this one might help Mama Cat build a little trust. If she wakes up and decides to sniff Brother Henry? He shouldn’t move. It’s hard not to flinch, but Mistletoe says, in the same kind of situation, she has the confidence to investigate her new family members without fear. We think Brother Henry is very brave and loving to continue his campaign to win Mama Cat over.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  14. ‘Danger’ is his middle name!

  15. That is a great picture.

  16. Maybe she’ll be so sleepy she wont mind?? Oh please someone tell us what happened when she woke up!

  17. Brother Henry ya are da bestest….tryin to win Momma Kat over….me agreez ya shuud *play possum* when Momma wakez up….bememeber ya have to let her fink it will be her idea to beecome furendz…..bee nonshallant if ya can…..pawz crossed ya don’t end up sliced n diced or at da Vet!!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo

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