Sassy Pants Sunday

My Disciples,

As Mama Cat was sitting in My Outdoor Domain this morning, I was laying in the sun in the doorway. Although Mama loves living in The Promised Land, I know she’s still having some challenges adjusting to cohabiting with four man cats, so I was just trying to be a supportive presence without pushing her or being overbearing. After we passed several minutes in silence, I heard Brother Oliver’s voice from behind Me saying, “Oh, hey Mama Cat… there you are.”, then he strolled past Me and approached Mama in the Outdoor Domain.

Otis, Oliver, Mama Cat, enclosure 1

Brother Oliver entered My Outdoor Domain and approached Mama Cat.

As Brother Oliver arrived in front of Mama Cat, he said, “Mama, I just wanted to apologize for the way Brother Henry keeps pestering you about being friends. I know you’ll be our friend when you’re good and ready, so you won’t have to worry about me pestering you or…” Brother Oliver stopped in the middle of his sentence as Mama Cat turned toward him and he saw the expression on her face.

Otis, Oliver, Mama Cat, enclosure 2

Brother Oliver stopped mid-sentence as Mama turned to look at him.

Brother Oliver started to speak again. He was speaking quickly, and there was tension in his voice as he said, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute there Mama Cat! I’m not trying to start anything here! I just wanted to explain the situa…” Mama Cat cut him off with an impressively intimidating hiss. Brother Oliver’s tail went straight up.

Otis, Oliver, Mama Cat, enclosure 3

Mama hissed at Brother Oliver as he tried to explain the situation.

Seeing that he was getting nowhere fast, Brother Oliver decided to cut his losses and get the heck out of there. As he turned to head back inside, I heard him muttering under his breath. He said, “The shouldn’t call her ‘Mama Cat’. They should call her ‘Sassy Pants’.” He disappeared around the corner, heading off in the direction of the food bowls.

Otis, Oliver, Mama Cat, enclosure 4

Brother Oliver muttered that he thought Mama Cat should be called Sassy Pants.

The thought of calling Mama “Sassy Pants” really made Me laugh, so I am officially declaring today “Sassy Pants Sunday”. I’m not telling Mama Cat though. I don’t want to get hissed at.

So Sayeth Otis

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32 responses to “Sassy Pants Sunday

  1. Ooh! I like that- Sassy Pants. Perhaps a secret nick-name for Mama?

  2. SHe’s simply a girlcat. All girlcats are like that. There’s no reasoning with them. Try to be nice and they whap you. Make any sort of comment, their ears go flat and they hiss. Then they may start making noises and the humans come along and the poor innocent mancats get the blame. Girlcats are simply not to be reasoned with. I have no idea why they are so complex.

  3. Whoopsie, that last comment was from Punapippuri! Logged in as Γ„iti!

  4. emilykarn

    What a wonderful nick-name for Mama Cat! You are smart to leave her alone Otis. Bandit, selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  5. Lovely to hear from You again, Otis, and to hear You making executive … I mean, Leadership decisions. Mama Cat certainly does look sassy, and in his quick retreat Brother Oliver demonstrated once more why he’s the brains of Your cult.

  6. Well, at least she didn’t smack Henry, right? I think you’re doing it right, Otis, keeping a respectful distance while letting her know you’re there too.

  7. Good thing Brother Oliver high-tailed it out of there before Sassy Pants did something else besides hiss!

  8. unnhhuuh…Mama Cat is not a lady to be messed with…just sayin…and peeEss…I get so worried…I see Leader Otis is just lying in the door, not moving…in all the photos he is always lying down, his gaze looking so, well, ummm…well, ‘vacant’…is he in pain? Can he walk at all? I am so worried about him so thought I would ask, purrrrrs, Savvy

    • Savannah, I assure you I am not in pain. I am very weak though, and I do spend most of My time laying down. I can walk, with difficulty, to and from My food bowl and litter box. The Guardians help Me if they can figure out My destination. I still enjoy our snuggle times, My treats, and the Guardian’s general attention and affection. I also still snuggle with Brother Oliver a lot and purr when I do so. I will not get better though. The Guardians are making Me as happy and comfortable as I can be for whatever time we have left together. I wish it was not so. They wish it was not so. Right now all of us are just doing our best to cope with this reality. Purrs and soft paw pats to you from all of us.

      • Purrayin fer ya Leader Otis…me n Mum LUB ya wif all our heartz n wish you da best in da time ya have left!!! ~~~head rubz~~~ frum me n strokez n kissez frum me Mum xoxoxo

  9. Poor Mama Cat – living in a house of testosterone can be tough (believe me, I know!)

  10. mistletoeandhitch

    It looks like Mama Cat has no problem telling you gentlecats when she thinks you’re getting to close. We are sure she appreciates that you all listen. Next time, Brother Oliver might try a bit more personal space for Mama Cat.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  11. Yow Momma Kat ya shure put da Brother Oliver in his place!!! MOL!!! Ya Brotherz ya gotta give her sum space!!! She might haz an isshue wif boy katz fer sum reeson ya nose nuffin ’bout!!!
    Leader Otis showz da way….lyin quiet n givin Momma her space….
    Me nose how happy ya all are she iz now wif ya but she iz gonna need time to come around; bemember let her fink it iz HER idea!!!
    So sayeth Nylablue (MOL)

  12. Brother Otis that is most apt ! Sassy pants indeed ..she was really wanting her space heheeh πŸ™‚ have a great day sweet one hugs Fozziemum xx

  13. I think Mama Cat might’a felt a little cornered

  14. She is getting more daring around the domain, so not too long boys πŸ™‚

  15. MJ

    Yeah, that was not a Mama Cat face that said “I’m joking.” She’s for real (for now)!

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