Brother Henry’s Feelings Were Hurt

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Brother Henry has been moping around ever since he failed to convince Mama Cat that she should really be his friend. I found him sitting outside in The Leader’s Outdoor Domain today, and he looked like a very sad kitty. I laid down next to him and tried to console him. I told him that I was having difficulty making friends with Mama too, but that she had only just started mingling with us and it might take time. He seemed too caught up in his self-pity to allow me to console him.

Henry and Oliver in enclosure chatting

Brother Henry was moping about his rejection by Mama Cat. I tried to console him.

Then I thought of something. I said, “Brother Henry! Remember how Thomas used to always hiss at us whenever we got too close? It took him several months to agree to be our friend, and now the two of you keep everyone up half the night chasing each other all around the house! You two are practically best buds!” Brother Henry looked at me as if I had just dropped a big piece of freeze-dried chicken in front of him. he said, “You’re right, Brother Oliver! Thomas and I are such good friends now that I had totally forgotten about that! I’m going to go try again!” He then got up and ran back inside. I shouted after him saying, “No, Brother Henry, maybe you should just give her a little space…” but I don’t think he heard Me.

I moved over closer to the door to see if I could hear what was going on inside, and Sir Thomas came strolling out and sat down where Brother Henry and I had just been laying. He said, “Hey Brother Oliver. Anything happening out here?”

Oliver and Thomas in enclosure chatting

Brother Henry ran back inside to see Mama Cat, and Thomas joined me in The Outdoor Domain.

I told Thomas about the conversation I had just had with Brother Henry, and about Brother Henry running inside to continue to try to convince Mama Cat to be his friend. Thomas said, “Oh boy… do you think he needs backup?” I replied, “Yes, Sir Thomas, I do think he needs backup, but between you, me and Leader Otis, there isn’t enough backup in the house to withstand the will of Mama Cat.” Thomas chuckled at that and said, “Yes. M’Lady has proven to be quite a force to be reckoned with now that she is with us in The Promised Land.” He then paused for a moment before saying, ” Ummmm… do you think she is going to hurt Brother Henry?” I chuckled myself and replied, “Only his ego, Sir Thomas… only his ego.” We then glanced at each other, before we both burst out laughing together.

So Sayeth Oliver

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21 responses to “Brother Henry’s Feelings Were Hurt

  1. We look forward to the first relaxed photo of Mama Cat and Brother Henry πŸ™‚

  2. Poor Brother Henry…..tell him girls are just tough nuts to crack πŸ™‚

  3. Squishy

    Perhaps Mama Cat will cozy up to Thomas…they would make a lovely picture. πŸ™‚

  4. Waiting with bated breath to find out how Brother Henry’s second diplomatic mission of friendship to Mama Cat turns out. Good luck, Brother Henry!

  5. Chris, Buggy, Bunk, Monster and Sausage

    Poor Brother Henry. Monster Kitty has the same problem with Calico around here. He has a huge crush on her but she wants nothing to do with him and makes her wishes clear with hisses, slaps and bear-like grizzly charges.

  6. Give her time Brother Henry. It was a long while before Priestess Jen and Miss P. would even lay on the same bed together. Mama Cat has at least let you come within a foot or two of her without growling, which is a big step!

  7. mistletoeandhitch

    Poor Brother Henry. I hope Mama Cat is easier to befriend than Mistletoe has been. I showed up here Dec. of 2008 and Missy made sure I knew she didn’t appreciate me ” hitch hiking ” my way home. We can be in the same room now and even play with the same fake bird… long as I don’t touch or startle her. She has a very fast hiss and an even faster paw….but still, I’d say we’re part of the same happy, forever family. You just learn how different members of your family like to be treated…..and who’s in charge. My advice? Look to the ladycat and don’t turn your back.
    Walk softly my friends, walk softly.

    Oh, for meow’s sake! Don’t listen to him, Brother Oliver. If you all treat Mama Cat with the respect she deserves she’ll treat you with the same. It’s far from her fault that you silly boycats fail to command the same respect as a regal Queen. Also, no stealing her food, or trapping her in the litter box, or sneaking up on her while she sleeps and jumping on her then running away. Mama Cat, like me, has lived in the world without walls and given birth in that cruel, unforgiving world. She will never be dumb enough to completely trust a mancat again. Just be patient and she start to see you as large unruly kittens and treat you the same. There may be no snuggling but she won’t hurt you….much. Oh, and that dramatic advice to ” walk softly”? Well, it couldn’t hurt.

  8. I think we should listen to both of you, Mistletoe. You both seem to have valid perspectives on the situation. πŸ™‚ -Brother Oliver

  9. Sometimes the harder you try, the less progress is made. Patience is usually rewarded.

  10. We feel for Brother Henry. We’ve got a crazy girlcat living with us too. She’s been here 5 years and we still don’t get her sometimes.

    Wally & Ernie

  11. Mistletoe said it bestest!! Sing it ‘Sisfur’!!!!!
    ya all gotta tread softlee n let Momma Kat come to y’all!!!!
    Nylablue xo
    PeeEss: Purrleeze give me purrz to Sir Thomas *swoonz*
    (even iz back iz furalishuss…..)

  12. Paw Brother Henry, he has such a good heart!

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