Brother Henry Tries To Make Friends

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. The Guardians have started letting Mama Cat roam around the house and intermingle with the rest of us in recent days, but only when they are home to supervise. There have been a couple hissy fits, and a spraying incident or two early on, but there’s nothing too discouraging to report. Brother Henry has decided that he will get Mama Cat to like him at all costs. He visited her at her favorite napping shelf yesterday and he was pouring on all the charm he could muster. I could hear him in there saying, “C’mon, Mama! I’m a nice kitty! I know we can be friends!”

Henry trying to make friends with Mama Cat, 080613-13

Brother Henry was trying his hardest to make friends with Mama Cat.

I didn’t hear Mama say anything, but Brother Henry continued, “I know we’ve had our spats in the past, like that time you swatted me through the enclosure and I swatted you back… but we’re both in The Promised Land now! What do you say we just put the past behind us and have a good snuggle together.”

Henry trying to make friends with Mama Cat, 080613-3

Brother Henry tried to acknowledge past differences and start over with Mama Cat.

Mama Cat still did not reply, so Brother Henry pressed forward saying, “OK, so I know it’s probably a bit overwhelming being in here with four impressive mancats, but we all respect you greatly! As you know we are enormous fans of your Catlympic performances, and we can’t wait for you to be able to teach us what you know without having wire walls separating us! I can tell you are very happy and comfortable here, and we only want to make you more so!”

Henry trying to make friends with Mama Cat, 080613-11

Brother Henry was really pouring it on thick.

Brother Henry added, “We are all so excited that you are here, Mama Cat, and I just know we are all going to have so much fun together. Won’t you just give us a chance?” There was a brief silence, then I heard Mama Cat say a single word. It was, “Maybe.”

Henry trying to make friends with Mama Cat, 080613-8

Mama Cat finally answered, but she just said, “Maybe.”

That one word answer seemed to knock the wind out of Brother Henry’s sails. He jumped down and headed out the door that leads to the living room, passing me as he did so. As he walked by, I heard him muttering something under his breath. I couldn’t make it out very clearly, but it sounded like he said, “I don’t understand catwomen”.Β 

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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31 responses to “Brother Henry Tries To Make Friends

  1. Catwomen. Don’t despair, Bro. Henry. Even Batman shared your confusion about them

  2. Yup, those airplane ears tell it all Bro’ H….

  3. You shall see she will be furriend wiff you soon !

  4. Susan Mullen

    Brother Henry — it looks like you’re doing just fine. Best wishes for a warm friendship with Mama Cat.

  5. I think you did well on your first diplomatic mission of friendship, Brother Henry. You shifted Mama Cat from “no” to “maybe.” That’s as far as I’ve got in almost 3 years of trying to get my kitty, Luna, to drink from a bowl that I’m not holding for her. Persevere!

  6. emilykarn

    Bandit here Brother Henry, as a female I can tell you that we are slow to warm up to strange males. Give it time. It was six months after Selleck moved in with My Person and myself before we became friends. It was even longer before the Human became Our Person. I don’t share quickly. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  7. I saw this before, but Mama Cat looks a lot like Dewey the library cat. Maybe she’s more of a “people cat” than a “cat cat”?

  8. Mama is immune to the charm. She’s probably a “been there, dealt with that” kind of cat. Just give her time Henry.

    • I know a lot of the boy Limbo cats in the neighborhood used to get into fights with Mama. I think she might be very suspicious of us because of that. She doesn’t know yet that she no longer has to fight. – Brother Oliver

  9. Poor Brother Henry. Give Mama Cat some time. Plus, I haven’t formally commented on Leader Otis’ condition as I’ve been sick myself. The poor guardians and poor leader Otis. I know everyone has been sending love and well wishes for you to get better Leader Otis and I’m sorry there’s nothing that can be done to help you get better. But know that your followers will continue to spread the good word and remember you as the leader always. This is not the end, but a new beginning for the followers of leader otis, more than ever we need to help spread the good word and get cats captured and take to the promised land. The fight continues.

  10. Thanks peacelovenwhiskers. The Leader appreciates the support, as do we all.

    – Brother Oliver

  11. Brother Oliver what a really positive interaction though! it will take time and once Mama cat starts to have the scent of her new group on her it will be easier…did you know Brother Oliver that cats have a family even tells other cats that the scent they smell belongs to a cat with a family! such clever felines work on group scents and all will be well πŸ™‚ Hugs Fozziemum xx

    • You’re right, Fozziemum. I think I am a little more patient with Mama than Brother Henry is. He just wants to be her friend so badly! I was hissy with both Leader Otis and Thomas when they were first swept up, so I think I can kind of see Mama’s perspective more than Brother H who loves everyone immediately. πŸ™‚ – Brother Oliver

  12. Trying is worth it, even if the lady in question didn’t respond. I’m sure it’ll just take a little time. After all, look how far Thomas has come!

  13. Yow Brother Henry…dere iz a seecret to catwomen n even Hu’Man feemalez!!! Ya gotta let dem fink fingz is DERE idea!! So keepz up chattin to Momma Cat but let her come to you…in fact doin sum creative purrtendin to not notice her she might just get REAL currious n come ’round befur ya nose it!!! πŸ˜‰
    Yer humble sirvent Nylablue xo

  14. MOL! We think Mama Cat is gonna have all you boys wrapped around her paw in no time. πŸ˜‰

  15. Mama Cat is just making you guys work for it … prove yourselfs worthy of her Catylympic secrets!

  16. That is the dopest shelf I have ever seen… I would get one but then the girls would be discouraged…

  17. Dear sensitive Brother Henry, the “maybe” is halfway to yes! Do not get discouraged.

  18. I’m sure you will be great friends in no time!

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