What I Saw In Valhalla

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. When we left off yesterday, I had just rushed off to Kitty Valhalla because I realized that I was the last cat in the house that could protect Leader Otis from the LFDU. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t the LFDU I needed to worry about. When I arrived in Valhalla the Guardians had just left, and to my horror I saw that they had given some of the stinky dried plant to The Leader! He was eagerly diving in.

Otis, valerian root 1

The Guardians had given some of the crazy plant to The Leader. He was eagerly partaking.

I have no idea what the Guardians were thinking. Even though most of Leader Otis’s battles with addiction happened before I was swept up in The Capture, I am well aware of His little problem. Considering the way this strange, dried plant had affected The Brothers and Mama Cat, I was pretty sure that nothing good could come from The Leader having access to it. After Leader Otis had eaten most of what had been left for Him, He suddenly gripped the blanket on which He was laying as if He felt the earth shift beneath Him.

Otis, valerian root 2

The Leader gripped His blanket as if He was feeling the earth move.

Then the plant must have really kicked in. I watched as The Leader’s pupils fully dilated. He began to chuckle softly to Himself as Brother Henry had been doing.

Otis, valerian root 3

Leader Otis’s eyes dilated and He began to chuckle.

There was really nothing I could do at that point except for stay close by and watch over The Leader. I settled into my safey-safe cubby hole for what promised to be a long evening.

Thomas watching The Leader

All I could do was keep watch in case I was needed.

Watching and listening to Leader Otis all night, I started to feel a little crazy myself. Whatever that stuff was, it makes banana catnip seem mild by comparison. I, for one, shall not be partaking of that foul weed. A knight must always keep his wits about him in case his services are needed.

Thomas Out

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29 responses to “What I Saw In Valhalla

  1. We admire your valor Sir Thomas! A great leader needs mancats loyal and true by his side (and to watch his back). Huzzah!

  2. 2 cats

    Just say No sir Thomas, don’t let the peer pressure get to you

  3. emilykarn

    Bravo Sir Thomas! We salute your resolve.We couldn’t do it, we love catnip and stinky things too much. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  4. In case of odd stinky dried plant, insist on having one designated non-participating guard at all times. Purrfect plan Sir Thomas

  5. Chris

    Leader Otis is certainly looking a bit crazy-eyed!

  6. Thomas, we hope you can continue to resist the pull from the evil valerian root…though we know it must be so difficult.

  7. The eyes in the photo say it all 🙂 have a good weekend guys and Mama xxx

  8. I didn’t expect Thomas’ sobriety to hold out over so much peer pressure. He’d make a good designated driver!

  9. Thomas, we think you may have gotten a tiny contact buzz…just sayin’!

  10. I admire your courage, Thomas, and your strength in resisting trying the smelly intoxicating plant stuff.. Are you sure you shouldn’t give it a sniff though.. after everyone else is back to normal of course.. just to see what’s up? Well, you keep watch over Otis until he’s better, then you can think about that later, right?

  11. Well the leader IS pretty cute when he’s stoned.

  12. Mouesiez Leader Otis DID get into da ‘nippy…ya iz da best fer watchin over Leader O. al nite….
    Purrleeze get sum rest n keep us posted on da goin’s-on dere…
    Yer humble sirvent Nylablue xo

  13. Brother Thomas…I think perhaps I might need some!..the look of sheer joy on the leaders face is sublime! beautiful pictures….but yes foul weed!
    Hugs Fozziemum xx

  14. Ms. Phoebe

    Mew are a truly dedicated Knight Thomas, loyal and protective at whatever cost to the Leader Otis. He is lucky to have mew and I’m sure thinks so too. It takes a strong soldier to avoid temptation and peer pressure and stick to one’s mission. I don’t know if I could be as determined and focused as mew- mew should lounge tall and proud for in my eyes and all of the followers of the Leader, mew are his and our hero. Purrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  15. I’ve never seen a cat like Thomas, immune to catnip 🙂
    Keep an eye on Otis for us… Sir Thomas, what a great job!

  16. I’ve heard rumors that it is Genetic. Some kitties just don’t like it.

  17. It’s a good job they have you!!

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