The Leader Inspects the Package

Disciples of Otis,

Soooo, I got tired of waiting for Brother Henry to open his wonderfully smelly package from Katnip Lounge. I decided to take the package to The Leader because I thought He would be so excited about the smell that He would open it Himself. Brother Henry would certainly punish me for opening a package addressed to him, but he would let it slide if Leader Otis did it. The Leader was resting up in Kitty Valhalla, and sure enough, as soon as I laid the package in front of Him, He was overcome with curiosity. He grabbed the box and started rubbing and biting it.

Otis with mystery package 1

The Leader was as intrigued as I was about the contents of the box.

As The Leader worked at the box He said, “Brother Oliver! What is in here!? I just… I just want to squish this whole thing right into My face!” Then, with the corner of the box in his mouth He mumbled, “I musht haf wah-effurs muking thet groaree-us shmull!”

Otis with mystery box 2

The Leader was overcome with a desire to get at whatever was creating that glorious smell.

After Leader Otis chewed on the box for a few minutes, he had created a small hole. Unfortunately, He had also run out of steam. He looked up at Me and said, “Brother Oliver, I’m spent. Could you please open the box?” I replied, “Ummm… I probably shouldn’t, Leader Otis… the box is actually addressed to Brother Henry.” The Leader got a little annoyed at this point and said, “Then why were you trying to get Me to open it, Brother Oliver!? Go give it to Brother Henry. I’m sure he will share whatever glorious treat this box contains with all of us!”

Otis with mystery package 3

Leader Otis got annoyed with me for trying to get Him to open Brother Henry’s package.

I apologized profusely to Leader Otis and then grabbed the box to take it back downstairs. As I turned to leave Kitty Valhalla though, I decided to accidentally on purpose drop the box in front of Thomas, who was sitting in his safey-safe cubby hole. I thought that once Thomas smelled the wondrous box vapors he would lose his stuff and tear the box open. Instead he just stared at me.

Thomas with mystery package

Thomas didn’t tear the package open like I hoped he would.

I said, “Thomas, don’t you smell that? Don’t you want to know what’s in the box?” Thomas replied, “Smell what? This is my safey-safe, Brother Oliver. Do you see all of this fur surrounding me in here? That’s all my fur. All I smell in here is me. That’s why it’s my safey-safe. Now would you kindly remove this box before I lose my stuff and run downstairs?” I apologized profusely to Thomas, retrieved the box and then took it back down to the living room. It was now clear to me that there was only one cat that would be able to open this box, and that cat was me.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver


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22 responses to “The Leader Inspects the Package

  1. Oh Oliver.. you sure are looking hard for trouble!

  2. Surely all will see you only did this out of concern for the welfare of all! Can’t be too careful – and you had sniff-input from the others

  3. Wow. The Leader really has some FANGS! Just lookit the size of that hole…

  4. Batya Harlow

    Anticipation! Curiosity is seriously all-consuming.

  5. I smell a brotherly hissy-fit coming on when Brother Henry finds out you opened his package!

  6. I think you are going to be in trouble. Unless when Brother Henry get the box he just rips into it and doesn’t notice the condition it is in. Or you could blame the mailman.

  7. Oh do it Brother Oliver…the anticipation is killing me!! just tell Brother Henry you were doing a ‘customs’ check for his safety 😉
    Hugs Fozziemum xx

  8. You gotta open that box, Brother Oliver! We can’t wait any longer to see what’s in there!

  9. mistletoeandhitch

    Well, Brother Oliver, if Brother Henry isn’t available, it is your duty to open this box to insure it is not a ‘ Trojan Horse”…..or worse! It could be a trap perpetrated by the LFDU! While it is normally Brother Henry who would perform such duties, you have been unable to locate him. You have kept this parcel in your sight while searching for Brother Henry but time could be running out! You must investigate this package even more closely and insure there is no threat to the Leader! The entire Cult of Otis is depending on you to ensure that their safety isn’t invaded by some unknown threat in this tiny little box addressed to Brother Henry. Where is Brother Henry anyway? Have they already gotten to him?!? Open the Box, Brother Oliver! Open It Now! ……ahem, we mean, maybe it’s a good idea for you to open the box, Brother Oliver.
    Watching with interest
    Mistletoe & Hitch

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  11. I should have taken this advice, M and H! – Brother Oliver

  12. and the plot thickens!

  13. UUUMMM Brother Oliver ya shuud take dat box to Brother Henry!!! Bemember him?? Da ‘other Brother’!!! Ya cuud get into way more truuble den ya need if ya open dat package yerself!!!!
    Apawz Apawz to Sir Thomas who showed da grrreat reestraint not openin da package n fer lookin so pawsumely gorgeeuss in da photo….
    Me feelz a *swoon* comin on…Mum sayz she iz gonna have to buy me a ‘faintin couch’, MOL!!!
    Hope da package getz opened propurrlee n dere iz sharin all round 😉
    Lub Nylablue ❤

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