The New View Of Mama Cat

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. We’ve all been very excited since the Guardians swept Mama Cat up in The Capture and brought her into The Promised Land. For most of her convalescence, Mama was sequestered in our office and adjacent bathroom, but now that she’s feeling better, she gets to come out as long as the Guardians are around to monitor her interactions with us. A month ago, when I went to visit The Leader’s Outdoor Domain, I would often see Mama Cat out there, and she would look like this:

Mama Cat outside

Here’ the old view of Mama Cat.

Today, when I got to the doorway and saw Mama Cat sitting out there, she looked like this:

Mama Cat inside

The new view of Mama Cat.

I gotta say, I really like the new view! Mama Cat seems to like it too, although she is still not sure about being in such close proximity to four, younger mancats. She’s thrown a hissy-fit or two when we get too close, but the Guardians have been good about calming her down and convincing her that everything is OK. She has already fully embraced her new life in The Promised Land. Hopefully, with a little time, she will embrace we four boy kitties as well.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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49 responses to “The New View Of Mama Cat

  1. Location, location, location!

  2. emilykarn

    Mama Cat looks a lot better! we are sure that in time she will become more relaxed around you boys. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

    • I hope so! She’s a little growly and hissy now, but we’re all being totally cool about it. Hopefully she’ll see that we’re not out to get her. 🙂 – Brother Oliver

  3. gail

    She is precious

  4. CindyD

    Is there room to bring “her” chair into the outdoor domain?

    • Actually, the bed from that chair has been moved inside and now she spends most of her time sitting on it on top of a bookshelf. She seems much more content there than she did on the chair. 🙂 – Brother Oliver

  5. Mama Cat looks so much better on this side of the Leader’s Outdoor Domain. I, Mistletoe, live with 3 boy cats and it took awhile to get used to them but we manage quite well now. Once the HuMom understood that I have important points to make and not all of them are to her, things settled down. I might give a small hiss and a growl when they annoy me but as long as I don’t fluff up everyone just gives me the space I need. Since my boy cats aren’t too smart it falls to me to keep things running here. Thank heavens they can take orders. Good luck to Mama Cat….hopefully she can get you boys trained to her satisfaction sooner rather than later.

    Mistletoe……and Hitch

    • We’ve all been giving her a pretty wide berth M and H. Hopefully she’ll see that we aren’t going to attack her like the other Limbo kitties used to. – Brother Oliver

  6. MC is gonna be so gorgeous when her furs are all cleaned up…I know she must have not groomed for a bit, but just like my FB Leo, once she is feeling right as rain she will have beautiful fur again….Leo’s fur is like silk now…he goes to his new furrever castle tomorrow. We are happy and teary all at once, paw pats, Savannah

  7. Chris

    We’ve been wondering if the Guardians were going to rehome Mama Cat or bring her into the fold. Since we think she’s adorable….but what kitty isn’t??…..we’re so happy she’s joined the cult!

    • I think the Guardians are still wondering that too, Chris. I guess it all depends on Mama Cat’s needs. If she can be happy with all of us, and we can all be happy with her, then she will stay with us. 🙂 – Brother Oliver

  8. It’s good to see Mama Cat! She looks 100% better, so she must feel a lot safer, even if she has to share space with the boys.

  9. Aww, yay for Momma Cat! That just about brings a tear to my eyes, she’s safe and looking out rather than looking in sadly! I’m so happy for her!

  10. The four young man-cats need a mother figure around.

  11. This is such a beautiful story – I look forward more! Momma Cat is doing so well.

  12. MamaCat is looking happier for sure! Maybe you mancats will have to give her space and not get too close. Then maybe someday she will not hiss at you and just ignore you instead.

  13. Oh that is wonderful! I am sure she will learn to adjust to the manly man cats! she looks better indeed..and must be wondering what new events are happening in her life and why…have a great day Brother Oliver and send hugs to Brother Otis who is in our thoughts
    Hugs Fozziemum

  14. MJ

    Wow – Mama Cat “before” looks checked out and hopeless, and Mama Cat “after” looks connected and happier. So glad she was swept up into The Capture! I wish all of the Limbo Kitties could be…

    And she is going to be SO beautiful and sweet smelling someday when she gets a proper bath. My kitty boy was filthy when we got him and tolerated two baths, now as an indoor kitty he remains clean and sweet and fluffy.

    • I wish they all could be too, MJ. Mama has certainly been happy since she was swept up. She’s still a little uncertain about we four boy kitties, but she can’t get enough of the pets, brushing and attention the Guardians are showering upon her. – Brother Oliver

  15. We love that last view of Mama Cat too! Now you boys be nice to her, okay?? 😉

  16. We’re so happy things are looking up for you Mama Cat.
    Healing purrs and reiki to Leader Otis…
    Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

  17. Yow Momma Cat you haz landed on yer pawz wif da Cult of Otis!!! try not to bee afeerd of dem manly boy katz…dey are da sweetest boyz ever!!
    Speshelly Sir Thomas wif da ice cream pawz…..he iz sumfing else!! *soft rumbly purrz*
    Maybee you will bee alloud to meow here soon too….
    Lub frum far away in da other Promised Land,
    Nylablue n her Guardian SherriEllen

    • Thanks Nylablue! I hope she hears you and starts being less hissy toward us. 🙂 – Brother Oliver

      • Yow Momma iz purrobablee a bit overwhelmed frum bein swept up in da Kapture n adjustin to bein cared for. Plus to have 4 HANDSUM manlee boykatz around must also bee a bit WOWZERZ fer her too 😉
        Me wuud bee overwhelmed just bein round Sir Thomas n to bee wif ALL of ya wuud make me swoon n hiss n bee all silly fer shure!!!
        Purrleeze just give Momma sum time to adjust….
        Lub yer faithfull sirvent Nylablue ❤

  18. Batya Harlow

    Wonderful to see Mama Cat on the inside! I hope she learns to ignore all you mancats so she can stay in the best possible home ever. ♥♥♥

  19. It’s so good to see Mama Cat looking better. It may take awhile for her to get used to her new life! Just try to be patient, she’ll be fine.

  20. Joe

    I’m sure the boys don’t realize it, but Momma Cat will probably end up in charge. But in a nice way 🙂

  21. Nijinsky Cat

    Best news of the day. Purrs

  22. She looks much better on the inside of the fence.

  23. Mama cat is looking fab! The Guardians deserve all the love and snuggles they can get. 🙂

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