The Knight’s Watch

My Disciples,

Sir Thomas continues to amaze us all on a daily basis. I believed in him from the beginning, of course, but it’s still amazing to see how far he has come. Brother Henry has been so impressed with his progress that he is relying on him more and more to provide My day to day security! He’s doing a great job.

Knight's Watch 1

Sir Thomas is doing a fine job filling in for Brother Henry on security duty.

Sir Thomas is supremely vigilant, constantly scanning the surroundings for any signs of danger. Even the ever present paparazzi does not escape his steely gaze.

Knight's Watch 2

Thomas keeps even the paparazzi on notice. Nothing gets past him.

Brother Henry says that putting Thomas in charge of my security from time to time will help him to build confidence in case he ever has to lead the charge against the invading Mongrel Horde. He may be right. I can see Thomas becoming more confident on an almost daily basis.

Knight's Watch 3

Thomas is gaining confidence on a daily basis.

So I feel very safe under this knight’s watch. I have no doubt that, if D-day (that’s Dog Day) should at last come to pass, Sir Thomas will prove a formidable foe to the canine armies of The Long-feared Dog Uprising. For now though, I’m just happy that he is finally comfortable enough to snuggle with Me!

Knight's Watch 4

Thomas will be a formidable foe to agents of The Long-feared Dog Uprising. Right now though, he is a formidable snuggle buddy.

Who knows, maybe one day Sir Thomas will even let one of the Guardians pick him up without totally losing his stuff! Now that is an act of bravery that I truly long to see.

So Sayeth Otis

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22 responses to “The Knight’s Watch

  1. 2 cats

    It is so nice to see Sir Thomas looking that confident.

  2. You are both very handsome boys. It breaks my heart to see the Leader looking so worn out. I hope answers will come soon so he can be back to his spunky self.

  3. What a pleasant scene. Sir Thomas does look quite vigilant. Actually he looks sort of like an owl swiveling around observing everything with confidence.
    Nice to have dependable backup in the community

  4. Hmmm, I (Hitch) have been inside for 5 years and while I will allow my human family to pick me up, I don’t like it and they know to make it quick. On the other hand, I like to be close enough to touch when resting. I enjoy standing on and kneading my humans. I am also quite forward when tapping them on the arm or leg to get their attention when a jar or can needs opening. I guess as long as I’m in control of the touching I’m good with it. As that was to ask, is Thomas comfortable touching the Guardians? I think getting comfortable with touching them is the place to start. If he can take a treat, or better yet, pat a Guardian on the arm to ask for one, then he is in charge and that might make him less likely to lose his stuff. Mistletoe agrees with Thomas about never going outside again. The only time she’s ever drawn blood from the HuMom was when HuMom went to open the door while Mistletoe was in her arms. Poor Missy really lots her stuff then and the HuMom lost a bit of blood and skin! Now she’s trained HuMom to put her in the cat tree before answering the door. HuMom’s really are very trainable. It is wonderful to see both you and Thomas looking well, Leader Otis. We send daily purrs for your health.
    Hope you can feel them,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Thomas meows at the bigger Guardian to demand his daily and nightly grooming/petting time up in Kitty Valhalla. He leans up against the Guardian’s leg during these sessions. He really is progressing a tiny bit more almost every day too. We’re excited to see exactly how much more he will blossom. πŸ™‚

  5. emilykarn

    Bravo Sir Thomas! Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  6. A very brave vigilant knight! That steely gaze should keep any malevolent foe from even thinking about approaching! I’m so glad he’s turning out to be a snuggler too! One day he may snuggle with the guardians and then we will all rejoice greatly! Because that would make his transition from scared half feral abandoned kitty into loved, loving indoor part of the family in his own heart.
    Thank you, Otis, and the brothers, for all you’ve done for the sweet boy.

    • He’s getting closer every day, Andrea. He sits up against one of the Guardian’s legs during grooming/petting sessions. He’s still only comfortable being touched up in Kitty Valhalla and halfway down the steps from there, but he gets a little braver every single day. πŸ™‚

  7. It´s furry nice to see Sir Thomas looking that confident ❀

  8. How wonderful to see Sir Thomas looking so at ease! it does take time to become confident..Dinnermintz is very cuddly with us and will get on my lap but the longest we can hold her is about 40 seconds..being so sick as my foster kitten and having to hold her to get her medicines in to her as left her thinking all pick ups are for medicine! I accept this ..I just think well..there are humans who don’t like being physically too close to others haha..she is still a snuggler and as we say..she does cuddles on her terms πŸ™‚
    Hugs to Brother Otis who does look tired and hopes he is getting close to being well
    Hugs to you all Fozziemum x

  9. Thomas has finally found his place in the Pride. Maybe he’s ready to help make that giant 50-odd pound tabby you were talking about a few months back?

  10. Sir Thomas sure has come a long way!!

  11. Nylablue: *swoons away again*
    Sherri-Ellen: takes her place again…..Sir Thomas you are a handsome & watchful Knight & protector of Leader Otis. Leader looks comfortable & relaxed knowing you are by his side!!!!
    Nylablue revives & is about to meow…..& *swoons* again…..
    I am sorry Sir Thomas…your beauty & presence send Nylablue into raptures….she has never *swooned* over a mancat before….it must be love, lol…..
    Please give Leader Otis our regards…
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (still dazed & dreamy eyed…..)

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