It’s Still Happening. Please Continue to Spread the Word.

My Disciples,

We have been preoccupied with matters of My health and the needs of Mama Cat recently, but outside the world keeps turning. Unfortunately, kitties continue to go missing in that big, wide world. One such kitty is Jazzy, who hasn’t been seen since May 22. The photo on her poster shows her inside on a couch, so it isn’t clear whether she simply escaped, or if her people let her roam free in the world without walls. Whichever the case, we now purr for her safety and well-being.

Lost Cat Poster- Jazzy-1

Jazzy is lost. We purr that she is someplace safe.

Please join us in purring for Jazzy, and the millions of other cats that are currently at risk, wandering free in the world without walls. And please do what you can to help spread The Good Word, and bring these cats in where they can live the happy, healthy, and safe lives they deserve.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “It’s Still Happening. Please Continue to Spread the Word.

  1. Poor Jazzy! She looks like such a contented and well-loved cat in the picture.

  2. I feel very sad for Jazzy. I also feel very sad that I haven’t been getting emailed updates anymore. I had to come directly to the website to fine the last three posts. I was worried when it looked like there hadn’t been any updates for several days.

  3. catsinwindows

    Poor Jazzy. Hopefully someone has adopted her and keeps her safe inside. We’re purring for Jazzy.

  4. We are after a loose thin Husky hanging out behind McDonald’s. Fur babies seek those who will help you. Kindness is out there. Purrs for Jazzy, too

  5. Batya Harlow

    Purrs for Jazzy! Leader Otis, speaking of spreading The Good Word, I think the Guardians should publish your blog as a book. People love to read about animals, and cat books seem especially popular> there’s Dewey, the library cat, Homer, the blind cat . . . and Otis, the Leader who champions keeping cats safely inside. Current non-disciples could learn so much. Just a thought. Hope you are feeling much better! ♥

    • Thanks Batya! Book ideas are frequent topics of discussion here at Cult of Otis. Perhaps one will emerge in time. The Guardians say that they could definitely put together some books if they could find a way to add more hours to the day! 🙂

  6. Purrs for Jazzy.. I would lose my mind if my babies went missing! sadly it is worldwide and not just kitties either…we have doggies being stolen here for fighting and it makes my stomach turn…what is the world coming too when we lose care for the helpless we become hopeless..
    Take care sweet friends and renewed wishes for good health
    Hugs Fozziemum x

  7. We purr that Jazzy will make a safe return.

  8. Yow Leader n Mum hopez jazzy kitteh iz found soon!! Mum waz tellin me down in Durham (a 20 minute car ride frum here) a Siamese kitteh waz at da Vet’s n da exam room door waz open….da Meezer ran out of da exam room n out da front door of da Vet’z place n iz runnin wild!! he haz bin spotted but won’t come to anyone…poor Meezer…Mum sayz live trapz shuud be set wif food n den maybee kittehz wuud get safely caught n returned home 😉
    Glad ya are feeling bettur Leader Otis…me iz feelin much bettur too!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo

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