The Full Report

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I’m sorry we had so little information to share yesterday, but we were all so excited to finally spend time with The Leader again, that none of us wanted to leave Him alone. Many thanks to Brother Henry for doing the quick update that we did manage to post. Today, I’d like to give you as much information as possible about The Leader’s return from The Bad Place, and what we found out about His visit there. So, here’s how it went when He got home:

First, the Guardians placed the portable kitty jail that contained Leader Otis in the living room and opened the door. I asked The Leader to exit so I could inspect the interior. I was doing this as a personal favor to Thomas, who had asked if I would make sure that no wiener dogs had stowed away in Leader Otis’s kitty jail while he was at The Bad Place. He seemed to think they might try to take advantage of The Leader’s situation and attempt an infiltration. I found no signs of wiener activity in the jail.

01- Otis and Oliver after return from vet, 071713-2

First I asked The Leader to exit the portable jail so I could check for wiener dogs, per Thomas.

While I inspected the kitty jail, Brother Henry inspected Leader Otis. He said he detected many strange and frightening scents, but that The Leader seemed mostly unharmed. He did note two shaved patches on The Leader’s back, one of which had a wound that was sealed with stitches. He also noticed that both of The Leader’s forelegs had shaved patches and some bruises.

02- Otis and Henry after return from vet, 071713-2

Brother Henry inspected Leader Otis thoroughly and found Him to be mostly intact.

After both Brother Henry and I sounded the all clear, Leader Otis got up and headed directly to our food bowl. Once there, He ate heartily.

03- Otis return from vet, 071713-5

Leader Otis ate after the inspection.

After eating, The Leader hopped in a nearby litter box and relieved Himself. He’s been through a lot, so I decided it would be nicer if I didn’t post a photo of that. When He was done with the box, He headed for His Outdoor Domain. When I went out there a few minutes later, I was shocked to find The Leader having a conversation with Theo. Leader Otis was telling Theo that everything would be all right if he could just learn to trust The Guardians. Theo remained skeptical. I couldn’t believe The Leader was already back on the job so soon after His ordeal. He really is an amazing kitty!

04- Otis and Theo after return from vet, 071713-3-Edit

Less than a half hour after his return from The Bad Place, The Leader was already comforting a kitty in need.

After Theo left, one of the Guardians appeared with the soft, white blanket that you saw in yesterday’s blog post. The Leader climbed on top and the Guardian went back inside. Brother Henry came out to check on The Leader as I stood guard nearby.

05- Otis, Henry and Oliver after return from vet, 071713-2

The Guardian brought a blanket for The Leader.

The Guardian reappeared and placed a small, thick towel over The Leader’s back end to help keep his shaved parts warm. The Leader clearly appreciated this and settled in for a nap. Brother Henry took up position to guard The Leader as He slept, and I headed inside to find any paperwork that the Guardians might have brought home with them from The Bad Place. I wanted to see if I could sort out what The Leader had been through, and what, if anything, had been discovered about His muscle weakness.

06- Otis and Henry after return from vet, 071713-4

Brother Henry guarded The Leader while I went to look for paperwork from The Bad Place.

I found some papers on the kitchen table, and I knocked them down to the floor for a better look. Yes. They looked like they had come from The Bad Place.

07- Oliver reading documents, 071813-6

I found the paperwork from The Bad Place and knocked it onto the floor where I could see it better.

There were a ton of things on the paper that I didn’t fully understand. Leader Otis had undergone a “Cardiology Consultation” including an “Echocardiogram”. They had performed an “MRI” study on his brain, done an “EMG”, “Nerve Conduction Velocity” test and taken a “Paraspinal Muscle Biopsy”. Even though I am The Brains of The Cult of Otis, what was written on the papers kind of made my head spin. I settled in for a closer read to see if I could pull out anything important.

08- Oliver reading documents, 071813-10

I settled in for a closer read to see if I could discern any important details.

Then I noticed there were summaries after each test that was listed, and these were written in plain language that the average layfurson like me could understand. I learned that the cardiology part of the examination found some evidence of thickening in part of The Leader’s heart, but that it did not seem to be of concern at this time, and was probably not related to his difficulties walking. Under the “MRI” section, it said that there were no structural abnormalities in The Leader’s brain that would explain his symptoms. The “EMG” test showed something called “increased insertional activity with persistent positive sharp waves and fibrilation potentials in The Leader’s lumbar region…” which I think means spastic back muscles or something. His “Nerve Conduction Velocity” was normal, and the “Paraspinal Muscle Biopsy” results will not be known for about two weeks. The sheet then had a section marked “Diagnosis” which said “Suspected Myopathy”, and then listed a bunch of possible types of myopathy but basically said they’ll know more when the biopsy results come in. It sounded to me like they knew more about what isn’t wrong with The Leader, but still weren’t exactly sure what is.

As I let all of that information sink in, my eyes wandered to the sheet of paper on my right. It didn’t have paragraphs like the first sheet did. It just had two columns, one with words and one with numbers. I concentrated to try to decipher meaning of it all.

09- Oliver reading documents, 071813-11

The second sheet of paper had a column of words and a column of numbers. I tried to figure out what it meant.

As I scanned down the page, I noticed that the lines in the word column contained the names of the tests I had just read about on the other page. Β Across from each test was a corresponding number in the other column. I also noticed that all of the numbers had a familiar symbol next to them. It was, “$”. Some of the numbers were very large, and at the bottom of the page was a number so large I didn’t even know it existed. Suddenly, I realized what the page was.

10- Oliver reading documents, 071813-14

I finally realized what I was looking at, and I knew immediately what it meant.

As soon as I knew what the page was, I also knew what it meant.Β I raised my head and in a loud, clear voice I said, “Brother Henry! Thomas! And even you Mama Cat! May I have your attention please! I regret to inform you that, starting tomorrow, we will all need to get jobs!”

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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34 responses to “The Full Report

  1. I think you could all be hired immediately as professional cat models. You could be in commercials and on cat food bags. I think you are worlds more handsome than the generic cats they use now. So glad the Leader is home and well protected in his time of need. You are very good high priests.

  2. yikes – so those people from the bad place STILL don’t know what is going on, but you guys are gonna have to rent yourselves out to pay for the tests…..hmmmmm

    • Apparently, The Leader’s case is a rare/odd one, Random Felines. We’re still hoping to find something out from the test results that are pending. It’s pretty frustrating. 😦 – Brother Oliver

  3. I was wondering if you happen to try acupuncture for Otis..

  4. Wow Brother Oliver what a concise & tocuhing blog!! I am all teary eyed…happy That Leader Otis is home & sad that the Vet people still unsure of what is wrong with our dear Leader!!! The fact he wanted to eat & then pottied & decided to hang out in the Outdoor Domain are all ‘pawsitive’ signs!!! To think Leader was ‘meowing’ with Theo…he TRULY is a Leader. And tyou lovely Brothers are amazing. Thos ephotos show such a bond between all of you that does my heart good. Nylablue has never known felien love such as all of you have….
    Oh I have a question: is Theo Momma’s son?? They look so alike…..
    I hope leader Otis is doing better today & continues to improve daily!!
    As for getting jobs you all could be movie stars of models to bring in the biscuits!!!! I don’t think it will come to that…your Guardians are amazing people! By the way |I got my Condo idea from an Outdoor Domain just like yours I saw in Cat Fancy magazine….I am not allowed to put one up as I am in Public Housing….but I am plotting/thinking of ways to expand Nylablue’s condo…. πŸ˜‰
    Have a sunny & restful weekend…gentle pats to the Leader.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.
    P.S.: Nylablue asked me to ask Sir Thomas if he could post his ‘bestest pic’ on your blog when he has a chance…she would like a photo on the PC she can look at while she recovers…. Thank you….

    • Nope, Theo is not Mama’s son. According to Mama’s former guardian, she was spayed over a decade ago, and we think Theo is only about 2 years old. We’re not sure where he came from.

      Thanks for the supportive words about The Leader and our modeling prospects. πŸ™‚

      We’re all still purring our hardest for Nylablue, and Sir Thomas says that he will see what he can do about a “bestest pic” to help her feel better. πŸ™‚

      – Brother Oliver

  5. Brother Oliver, thank you for the report! We are beginning to understand here, and we’ve had a few kitties who had frightening mystery conditions as well and know how hard it is to be patient…and the idea that we all must get jobs to contribute to the health and welfare of our fur brother or sister who is ill. Otis is taking food in and putting it out and is alert and communicative, and for now we are very happy for that.

    • Thanks Bernadette. We too are happy that, at the very least, The Leader’s plumbing seems to be fine. Now if only we can get his muscles working normally again! – Brother Oliver

  6. We hope you can get some definitive answer of what’s going on with the Leader. Like Connie mentioned above, we wonder if acupuncture and/or laser therapy would help the Leader. I’ve been diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease and the mom took me to a v-e-t that does only rehabilitation therapy to have acupuncture and laser therapy. It helped my back feel better. And we wonder whether it could help the Leader too.

    Now we can’t wait to see what types of jobs you all will get!


    • I’m not sure if it would help since we’re not sure what’s wrong with The Leader, Ernie. According to the paperwork from The Bad Place, it looks like the problem is weakness rather than pain, so it’s hard to say if acupuncture would help. Hopefully we’ll have more to go on when all the test results are in! – Brother Oliver

  7. Yow Leader Otis…Nylablue here…tell yer Guardianz Accupunkture DOEZ help wif many fingz…me had it fer 1 1/2 yreaz n me did not mind at all!! It cleared da Cysitits (even tho me got sumfing worse now). Da point iz it can werk n make ya feel bettur!! Ok me must go rest now….
    Lub Nylablue ❀

    • Thanks Nylablue. I’m glad it made you feel better, but sorry you are dealing with an even bigger challenge at the moment. 😦 I think the Guardians will definitely look into acupuncture if they find out The Leader’s condition might be helped by it. Purrs. – Brother Henry

  8. I agree with efurryone else…you and your blog and videos are like rock stars! Clicker training is a rage now…your Gypuardians can sell their vids as training….maybe even get Jackosn dudes helps/interest. Miss Ingrid Kinf, Conscious Cat blog, is o his BOD I think for his Spirit of Essences products, maybe she can help make a contact for you?? Just suggestions…paw hugs, Savvy

    • Thanks Savannah! Right now we just really hope that The Leader can regain His strength so He can have fun doing His clicker training sessions again. 😦 – Brother Henry

  9. I’m not sure if this would address the Leader’s issues, but have you considered the Assisi Loop? Lil’ Bub has had a lot of success using it (here’s her testimonial:, so maybe it could also help Leader Otis?
    Sending much love and purrs…

    • Thanks Holland. Another reader also suggested this. I’m sure the Guardians will look into it if it turns out that The Leader’s issue is pain and/or inflammation. – Brother Oliver

  10. Karen

    Being in the field of kitty care, you may have already heard about the Assisi Loop which is used to treat inflammation and manage pain. I don’t know if it would help with the Leader, but it’s something that can be done at home rather than a vet’s office. Lil Bub’s dude gives an interview on their website.

    • I don’t think the Guardians have heard of that, Karen. Leader Otis’s issue doesn’t appear to be pain or inflammation though. It seems to be some kind of myopathy. If we find out more information from the test results that indicate inflammation though I’m sure the Guardians will look into this option. It would be much better to treat Leader Otis at home instead of making him travel to an office for treatments. – Brother Oliver

  11. All that worrisome wording – pages and pages. All paws purring for comfort for Otis!

  12. Always more questions than answers, isn’t there? Well, here’s hoping for more information from the biopsy. I’m so glad you take such good care of Leader Otis! You’re all wonderful!

  13. Nijinsky Cat

    I am very happy that Leader Otis is safely home, but of course I worry about his condition overall. I have noticed that in many of his photos posted, he is only depicted in a furry laying-down “comma-shaped” position. Is Leader Otis now unable to sit upright or walk? And also, may I recommend another crowd-funding activity like “Operation Hipster” to help all of you out?

    • He sits upright and walks with difficulty, Nijinsky Cat. His shoulders hunch, as can be seen in the photo above where He is eating, and He has trouble holding His head up. He walks like He has a 100 pound weight on His back, and He plops down on His side frequently to rest. The Guardians always pick Him up and carry Him if they can figure out where He is trying to go. He still purrs, enjoys brushing and treats, and is eating, drinking and using the litter box. He also doesn’t seem to be in any pain. He is just weak and frustrated. We are all worried and just want to do whatever it takes to make Him whole again, if that is possible.

      I know the Guardians are looking for creative ways to pay for all of The Leader’s care. I’m not sure whether or not they have decided what to do yet though.

      – Brother Oliver

  14. Yes, sadly it takes a lot of money to keep a furry companion – or any companion for that matter.

  15. Brother Oliver we are very impressed with your scrutinizing of the paperworks…yes the numbers can get very big!! we did a bloggie about that the other day…we have also heard that acupuncture can be very very helpful,of course until a full diagnosis I wouldn’t start to be sure of what needs targeting first..poor Brother appetite is indeed very good and going to the unmentionables tray also very good..we hope you get some answers soon..we had a problem with Forrest that arose two weeks before we moved house..stressful indeed..thats when we found Dr Rayya..thank goodness..but his problems took a longtime to sort..when we found out we at least knew the steps to take..take heart we are all thinking of you and hope ‘All’ your family are soon in a happier place…btw..modelling or perhaps some book reviews for a part time seem to read beautifully!
    Hugs Fozziemum xx

    • Thanks for all the supportive words and encouragement, Fozziemum. Hmmmm… do you think publishers would pay good money to have their new releases reviewed by a cat? I would gladly give them an unbiased feline opinion on their literary works. πŸ™‚ – Brother Oliver

  16. Brother oliver thank you for the update on leader Otis. What an amazing leader he is to tell the good word to Theo despite his condition. Please let me know if there is anything I can do yo help raise funds for leader Otis’ continued care. I’ve raised funds via auctions and raffles on facebook for shelters and individuals and it would be an honor to help if I could.

  17. We would do anything for our fur balls. Archie a few years ago cost me Β£5k. All our savings wiped out, but worth every penny as he is now a healthy cat x

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