Whiskered Gallantry #2: Toes of the Knight

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Today I bring you the second image in my new Whiskered Gallantry photo series. As you are now aware, this series seeks to capture the essence of gallantry by featuring our very own, resident gallant Knight, Sir Thomas. In the first image in the series, we examined the strong and handsome Face of the Knight. Indeed our knight has a stunning visage, but he also has other powerfully captivating features. Today’s image focuses on his, often overlooked, mighty toes! I give you, “Toes of the Knight”!

WG-2-Toes of the Knight

Whiskered Gallantry #2: Toes of the Knight

You see! Such power! Such magnificence! Such… ummmm… fuzziness! There’s a reason this knight is sometimes referred to as “Tommy Two-toes”. Actually, come to think of it I’m not sure why the Guardians call him Tommy Two-toes. He has way more than two toes. Oh well. I’m sure the Guardians have their reasons. Anyway, Toes of the Knight! Enjoy!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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13 responses to “Whiskered Gallantry #2: Toes of the Knight

  1. I have noticed those adorable toes before but this picture really brings them out! Very squeeee-worthy! I mean.. Mighty and powerful knightly toes.. that I want to squee over! 🙂

  2. Your toesies sure are very powerful and knightly !!

  3. As sick as Nylablue is right now she stared at Sir Thomas’ pic for quite a while….she meowed to me quietly, “He haz sum deelishuss toesiez Mum..”
    Sir Thomas is such a handsome mancat I can see why Nylablue swoons over him!
    Any word about Leader Otis?
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Thomas asked me to tell you he is sending soft paw pats to Nylablue the help her feel better, Sherrie-Ellen.

      Leader Otis has still not come home. I think I heard the Guardians say they might get to pick Him up later today. I keep forgetting He’s not here, and I have been wandering around the house meowing for Him. I can’t wait to see Him.

      -Brother Oliver

      • Hello Brother Oliver. I am so sorry Leader Otis is not home yet. It must be so difficult for all of you without him there!!! I have said prayers for his return.
        I will give Nylablue gentle paw pats from Sir Thomas after I finish replies!! She will be so happy to know her Knightly man is thinking about her. Please tell Sir T. that Nylablue has to go back to Vet tomorrow. Things still not looking good for her… thank you for your support!!! You are all so wonderful!
        Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  4. I can see here that, like Priestess Jen, Thomas is very proud of his white paws and neck. Does he like to have them petted? Priestess Jen actually enjoys having her paws touched, unless you have clippers in your other hand!

    • Thomas will tolerate toe touches if he is up in his safey-safe in Kitty Valhalla, Pezcita, but nowhere else in the house. The Guardians haven’t gone anywhere near him with the clippers though. That would definitely make him lose his stuff! – Brother Oliver

  5. Sir Thomas definitely has some mancatly toesies.

  6. Mum says he is paw some 🙂

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