No News On The Leader, But Good News On Mama

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. First of all, let me tell you what is going on with Leader Otis. The Guardians took Him to the specialty Bad Place yesterday, and He was not with them when they returned. I heard them talking, and it sounds like The Leader is going to be gone overnight for a whole bunch of tests. Some of them require him to be anesthetized even. I’m very worried about him, and I know the Guardians are too. Please continue to keep Him in your thoughts and purrs, as I know He can use the support right now.

Otis on couch, 070713

The Leader is at The Bad Place for a bunch of tests. Please keep Him in your thoughts and purrs.

After the Guardians got home from dropping off Leader Otis at the specialty Bad Place, they looked at Mama’s eye together. They must have decided that her eye still looked bad, because they loaded her up in a portable kitty jail and took her to the regular Bad Place. They were gone for about an hour, and not too long after they returned I got a full report from Mama through the door.

Mama said that they had once again poked prodded and examined her at The Bad Place, and they again focused in on her eye. She said it was scary, but the good people at The Bad Place were very kind, just like last time she was there.

Mama Cat Vet recheck

Mama Cat said that this visit to The Bad Place was a lot like last week’s visit.

Mama said that there was one thing very different about this Bad Place Visit though. I guess the good people that were looking at her said they could see something in her eye. They didn’t see it last time she was there because her eye was so swollen, but the swelling had gone down and now this thing was clearly visible. They used a big pair of tweezers to reach into the corner of Mama’s eye and extract the thing they saw. It was a grass seed! That’s why Mama’s eye had been hurting! She had a seed in it!

Mama Cat's Grass Eye

Here is what they pulled out of Mama’s eye, and what they used to pull it out.

Mama said that she felt much better now that the seed was no longer in her eye. She also said that the Guardians seemed to really feel better too, and that they had given her a big bowl of food and a brushing as soon as she was home from The Bad Place.

Mama Cat, eating 071513-3

Mama Cat said that the Guardians brushed her and fed her as soon as she got home from The Bad Place.

So I think Mama Cat is finally on the true road to recovery now that she no longer has a plant trying to grow on her eyeball. Now we all anxiously await Leader Otis’s tests, and the news they may bring. I know we will probably not have anything new to report by tomorrow though, so I have decided to push up the release date of the second photo in my Whiskered Gallantry series. Hopefully a massive dose of feline handsomeness will make the wait for news about The Leader’s health a little more bearable.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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63 responses to “No News On The Leader, But Good News On Mama

  1. Wonderful update. I cannot even believe that plant was growing in Mama Cat’s eye–how terribly painful! Thank goodness the Guardians had the good sense to take her back when things weren’t improving. Sending so many purrs and good thoughts to the Leader. I hope he gets to come home today. Having a kitty away from home is always so stressful for everyone. Thinking of you all…

  2. Hmmmm…I wonder if that seed would have bloomed?? ….shakes head…sorry…that was a terrible thing to think about. So purrleased MC now has a clear road to recovery for her eye. But rubbing worried paws for Leader O. Smoochie kiss for Leader O, paw hugs, Savannah

  3. 2 cats

    purrs and (gentel) head bumps for Otis.

    Must admit the picture of that seed turned my stomach – its huge!!!
    Glad mama is feeling better now

    • 2 cats

      Sorry gentle not gentel!

      • If you think seeing the photo turned your stomach, 2 Cats, you should have been there when it was pulled out! I overheard the Guardians talking about it and it sounded pretty dramatic. Thanks for both the gentel and gentle head bumps for The Leader. πŸ™‚ – Brother Oliver

  4. Hurrah for Momma cat!!! A grass seed…there seems to be alot of 4 leggeds ending up at Vet’s with this issue this year?? I am so relieved that the culprit was found & NOW Momma can really recover!!! I love her food dishes; only the best for a dear old Queen!!!
    Now as for Leader Otis….I send many many prayers to him!!!! I know that feeling when the Vet says MAJOR tests & anesthetic is involved…..please try not worry Brothers & Guardians….we must hope for the best….(I tell myself that ALOT with Nylablue). We are in this boat together!!!
    {{{HUGS}}} from Sherri-Ellen & purrs from Nylablue who says EEooww to her manly Sir Thomas. (She is not down for the count yet, lol!!!)

    • Yes, Mama Cat demands nothing less than the best in food dishes. Actually, she doesn’t really demand it, but the Guardians think she (and the rest of us) deserve the best they are able to offer. We’re not about to argue!

      Thanks so much for the prayers and support as The Leader goes through these challenges, Sherri-Ellen. Many purrs right back to you from all of us as Nylablue wrestles with her own health challenges. Oh, and Thomas wanted to say “Eeowww” back to Nylablue, but he is too busy blushing. Silly boy. – Brother Oliver

      • Like your Guardians I have seperate matching bowls, saucer plates & water cups for Nylablue. Only the best FOR the BEST, right????
        I am hoping Leader Otis is feeling better….Nylablue is here but not doing great….it seems we are both in this mess together!!!! Prayers to all of you from us.
        Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  5. So glad for Mama cat’s true road to recovery. Sending The Leader the best of thoughts and positive vibes!

  6. ouch – our eyeballs hurt just looking at that thing. We will be purring for Leader Otis that the v-e-t can find something out and that it isn’t serious.

  7. Wow a grass seed that really has blown us away. Mama will be recovered in no time now thanks to the bad place and Guardians :-). Huge hugs and love for the Leader we await further news xxx

  8. catsinwindows

    Awww, poor Leader Otis. We’re purring continually for both him and Mama Cat. A grass seed???!! That’s amazing.

  9. purrs to Leader Otis – and all of you for not having him home with you.

    That grass seed was impressive. Very glad they got that out of there!

  10. Purrrs to Otis all day! And we are so grateful to Mama Cat for telling us about the grass seed and letting us know that the Bad Place can be good! We are so glad she feels better now!

  11. Please forgive my ignorance, but just so I understand, Mama Cat is mother to Oliver, Otis and Thomas? πŸ™‚
    And I am so happy to hear that her eye is free of the irritant! That grass thing was HUGE! She will perk up in no time!
    Purrs for Otis. Snickers the Cat Not the Candy says Hel-purr-lo and wants to put a smile on your face

    • Mama Cat is actually a cat that used to belong to the people next door. Here’s a post about her and the kitties she used to live with:
      She came under the Guardians’ protection when the neighbor stopped caring for her and failed to notice her eye injury and seek treatment for it. Mama has a long history with The Cult of Otis that you can discover by entering “Mama Cat” in the “search the archives” in the right hand column above.
      Thanks for the purrs, and Snickers did put a smile on my face! πŸ™‚

      – Brother Oliver

  12. emilykarn

    Glad to hear they found the source of Mama Cat’s problem. A grass seed?! Sending purrs for leader Otis. Hope he will be okay. Bandit, Selleck, and Their person, Emily.

  13. We are keeping everyone, but especially Leader Otis, in our thoughts. We are hopeful he will be diagnosed and feeling better soon. Very happy that Mama Cat is now going to be feeling better. Thanks for taking such good care of your kitties!! We appreciate the updates. Love, Becca, Steve, Juliet and Romeo

  14. Wow! I hate having things stuck in my eye, poor Mama! But I’m glad that it’s out now and she can fully heal!

    Hopefully the “specialty bad place” can help the Leader so that he’ll recover soon!

    P.S. Can’t wait to see the next in your series Brother O!



  15. Thank you for the update, Brother Oliver, and thanks to the Guardians for taking responsibility for Mama Cat. Where would she be now if they hadn’t taken her to the Bad Place? In terrible pain and half-blind with a seed stuck in her eye — more evidence that kitties need to be safely contained by attentive guardians. And now I’m off to do some power purring for Leader Otis of the sweet face and svelte form. Lots of us are doing that today. Our purrs are mighty and I trust they shall prevail.

  16. Linda Koch

    Poor Mama Cat! No wonder she was in pain. You have such wonderful Guardians boys!! And our purrs continue for our Leader. Hope you can pinpoint what’s going on so he can get on the road to recovery. Much love and purrs to the Brothers, Mama Cat, and of course, your Guardians!

  17. Mama Cat is lucky that it wasn’t something much worse. She looks so cute and contented in the last picture that I can almost hear her purring. Poor Otis though. I hope he gets the same results on his tests that Mama got on hers: Negative! Negative! Negative!

    • Thanks so much, Pezcita. You can bet that Thomas will be doing another happy dance if they figure out how to make Leader Otis better. I will even join him! – Brother Oliver

  18. Ms. Phoebe

    OWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I am so happy for Mama Cat that she got that grass seed out of the corner of her eye. There’s no way it would have grown to grass in there I would think, but it definitely would have continued to irritate and infect her eye. Maybe even cause permanent damage had it not been found, she is lucky to now be under the care and protection of the Cult of Otis, whose Guardians are well trained and diligent in serving their Master and his disciples.
    I wondered has Mama Cat’s former so called Guardian even inquired as to her whereabouts? Noticed she hasn’t been around since being taken under protection? Experience and perhaps pessimism tells me no. I doubt they will ever do so. Whatever. It’s their loss and our gain as followers of the Leader Otis! πŸ˜»πŸ’œ
    I am crossing my paws and wishing with all my heart for mewz test results to be negative and mewz health gets better soon dear Leader Otis. We love mew sweet boy, I’m sending mew lots of purrs for purr therapy to help mew heal. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  19. mistletoeandhitch

    What a relief to have Mama Cat’s eye problem resolved. She must feel so much better to have that terrible seed out. It’s a wonder her mood wasn’t uncontrollably irritable with that irritating her eye. We wish that Leader Otis’s illness was as easily resolved. We will send good wishes and prayers to his doctors to help them diagnose and successfully treat the Leader. We also send the.Leader our continued love and prayers for his recovery.
    Purrs to the entire Cult of Otis
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • The Guardians were amazed that Mama Cat remained so civil with that thing in her eye too, M and H! She only really lashed out once during the whole week she was dealing with that. She is an impressive girl all around!

      Thanks so much for the good wishes and prayers. We all appreciate them and hope that we will have good news on The Leader soon.

      – Brother Oliver

  20. Yikes! No wonder Momma’s eye hurt! That makes my eye hurt just thinking about it! I wonder how on earth it got in there! Thank Cod it’s out!
    We’re revving up the purrs for Otis and hope he gets some answers from this overnight trip!

  21. We’re so happy that the seed is out of Mama Cat’s eye now. That musta hurt! She looks very comfortable inside.

    And we continue to purr for the Leader and hope the v-e-t can figure out what is going on with him and hopefully make him better.

  22. Sandy

    That seed was huge – Mama Cat is one tough kitty, but I’m glad that she doesn’t have to hurt any longer
    Sending good thoughts to Leader Otis and your family – I’m sure Leader Otis knows that he has everyone’s support and well wishes throughout his difficulties, but sending gentle pets and whispers of reassurance nevertheless.

    • Yes, we’re all even more impressed with Mama Cat than we were before, Sandy! Thanks for the good thoughts, pets and whispers of reassurance. We all greatly appreciate it! – Brother Oliver

  23. Ouch Mama! Glad to hear it’s out now. Our thoughts and purrs are with the Leader.

  24. Nijinsky Cat

    Terribly worried for Leader Otis and sending power-purrs of support and serenity for Him and his family. Such a difficult road he has walked; I wish Him peace and comfort and happiness with many catnip bananas.

    • Thanks Nijinsky Cat. We are all terribly worried too, and we appreciate the power-purrs and other support. I know The Leader would greatly appreciate the peace, comfort and happiness with catnip bananas too, as would I if He will share! – Brother Oliver

  25. Batya Harlow

    I echo everyone’s relief that Mama Cat’s eye problem has been (should be) resolved now that the owwy-looking grass seed has been removed. Yet another reason cats should not wander in limbo.
    Trout, Kismet, and I are concentrating our thoughts on Leader Otis, and hope that he will soon be feeling so much better, and moving with ease. We love everyone at the Cult of Otis!

  26. Thanks so much to you, Trout and Kismet for the positive thoughts, Batya! Much love to you from all of us. – Brother Oliver

  27. Brother Oliver we are keeping Brother Otis close in our thoughts…and poor Mama cat…thise wretched grass seeds…Doc understands only too well after a huge operation because of one!!! so Doc sends his woofs to Mama cat because he knows she will feel sooo much better with it gone..hugs to you Brother Oliver and send hugs to all the Brothers and the humans too πŸ˜‰
    Fozziemum and gang x

  28. That seed is huge! were they able to pull it out without sedating her? I think you’d have to sedate me for a procedure like that. Poor Mama Cat! She must be feeling very relieved now, though.

    • I’m pretty sure they didn’t sedate her, Laura, but Mama said they put some drops in her eyeball that made it go numb. She’s definitely relieved now that the seed is out! – Brother Oliver

  29. Poor leader Otis staying at the bad place. Sending lots of love his way. As for mama kitty I wonder if she didnt put it in herself….

    • Thanks for the support for The Leader, peacelovenwhiskers! As for Mama Cat… you know, none of us had even considered the possibility that this might have all been a ploy on her part… hmmmmmm… πŸ™‚ – Brother Oliver

  30. Wow the guardians have been very busy visiting bad places at the moment! Keeping everything crossed that you are soon all up to full strength so that they can stop!

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