Suspenseful Sunday

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. Last night Brother Oliver kept saying things like, “I can’t wait until Monday!”, and “Monday is going to be the big day!” He had this funny look on his face, and it was clear he wanted me to ask what he was talking about, but I resisted.

Oliver looking sly

Oliver kept saying he was excited about Monday. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Eventually, I decided to take the bait and I asked, “Brother Oliver? Monday The Leader is going back to the specialty Bad Place. Is that what you’re excited about?” To which he replied, “No, Brother Henry, I’m worried about The Leader! I would never get excited about something like that! I’m excited because Monday will be the big unveiling of the first image in my new photo series! I bet you’d really like to know what the new series is about, wouldn’t you!” I looked at Brother Oliver and tried to show with my expression exactly how interested I was in knowing what the new photo series is about.

Henry looking serious

I tried to communicate my interest level to Brother Oliver with my expression.

Seemingly oblivious to the look on my face, Brother Oliver said, “Well, I’m sorry Brother Henry, but my lips are sealed until Monday. I hate to leave you in suspense all day Sunday, but that’s just how it’s going to be.” I don’t even think Brother Oliver detected the sarcasm in my voice when I said, “Oh gee… I guess we’ll just have to call it ‘Suspenseful Sunday’ then…” He laughed a little before saying, “Yes we will!”, and then he got up and walked away.

So here I sit on Suspenseful Sunday, and you know what the weird thing is? I’m actually kind of wondering what Brother Oliver’s new photo series will be about. Darn it! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

So Says Brother Henry


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7 responses to “Suspenseful Sunday

  1. Good luck to leader Otis on his specialty trip to the bad place. I am curious to see what brother oliver has in store.

  2. Hee hee, he sure got you, didn’t he? But you’re in good company, because he got us too!

  3. Now I am in suspense about the photos…and the Leaders visit tomorrow.

  4. Bro Henry, quite a soulful look there!

  5. Brother Henry I too am now in suspenders!! here is hoping the speciality bad place has some good help for Brother Otis also…meanwhile maintain that air of indifference it is quite becoming 😉
    Hugs Fozziemum x

  6. Well, we can’t wait either!

  7. But i hate having to wait for anything!!

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