When Negative Is Positive

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Henry here. I was sitting on the couch when one of the Guardians took the phone call. I could tell right away that it was The Bad Place calling to report Mama Cat’s test results. I sat very still and listened, putting on my game face and preparing myself for whatever news might come.

Henry game face

I put on my game face as I listened. It helped me brace myself for any kind of news.

Then I heard the Guardian say in a cheerful voice, “So everything’s negative?”, and I exhaled in relief, realizing only in doing so that I had been holding my breath. The Guardian thanked the good people at The Bad Place and then headed off to share the news with the other Guardian. When the Guardian exited the room, Thomas popped out from under the couch and jumped up on the far end. He looked at me with a shocked expression and said, “Negative? Oh no… no, no, no… I can’t believe it, Brother Henry. How will we ever tell Mama Cat that her test results were bad?”

It took me a second to realize that Thomas didn’t understand that “negative” was actually a positive thing when it came to test results. I said, “Sir Thomas, you’re a little confused. You see, ‘negative’ means Mama doesn’t have any of the diseases they tested her for. It means, other than her eye, Mama is healthy!” Thomas’s shocked expression first changed to one of relief, and then pure joy. He stood up on the end of the couch and did a very animated happy dance while singing a song that he made up on the spot. The words were, “NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! M’Lady is NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE!”

Thomas happy dance

When Thomas heard that negative was actually positive, he did a happy dance on the couch.

While Thomas celebrated, I ran over to the door and said, “Mama! Can you hear me!? You’re negative!” Mama’s voice came back from the other side of the door. She said, “Thanks Brother Henry, but Sir Thomas already reached me loud and clear with that message! I’m in here doing a little celebration of my own. Did you know there was an amazingly potent catnip toy hiding under the bookshelf in here!” I thought for a moment and then remembered that several months ago I had stashed one of the catnip toys sent to us by Disciple Claudine under the bookshelf. I had forgotten where I put it, but I was glad Mama Cat had found it for her celebration.

Mama With Catnip Toy

Mama Cat celebrated the news with a catnip toy that she found under the bookshelf. I wondered where that had gone!

I left Mama to partake of her nip, and Thomas to continue his happy dance on the couch, and I headed off to give Brother Oliver and Leader Otis the good news. To tell you the truth, I started singing Thomas’s song myself as I left. The tune was very catchy!

So Says Brother Henry

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37 responses to “When Negative Is Positive

  1. Sir Thomas’ song sounds like it is a rap tune…pawsome! Happy dance here too!!

  2. Nijinsky Cat


    Oh my gosh, it IS catchy!
    Thomas looks ADORABLE standing up on that couch!
    Yay again for Momma Cat!

  4. JackieP

    Yea for Mama Cat!!

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Hooray for Mama Cat! NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! Mama cat is NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE!” This is an extremely catchy tune. And Sir Thomas is both an extremely talented dancer and a songwriter extraordinaire. We think we shall join Mama Cat in a little celebratory cat nip ourselves!
    Happy purrs,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Chris

    Yay, our purrs have been answered!

  7. CindyD

    I’m do happy for you all! I’m fairly new to your conversation, so I’d like to ask if you think Mama Cat will be able to stay with Brother Otis and the group. Will her former guardians (lower case “c” because they didn’t do a very good job) let her stay? I do hope so.

    • Considering that Mama has been inside with us for 5 days now, and her guardian has been nowhere to be seen… I think her future is now up to the Guardians of Otis. I know her test results were one factor in her future living arrangement. I think the Guardians are now concentrating on getting her eye back in good shape and then they will move into future planning mode 🙂 – Brother Henry

  8. emilykarn

    Happy to hear that Mama Cat is okay except for her eye. Thomas’s happy dance is so cute! Bandit, selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  9. Negative Mama Cat gives Sir Thomas positive energy. It’s all good.

  10. We’re dancing here too — great news about Mama Cat.

  11. cgw&kitties

    What great news! I know I am preaching to the CatChoir, but cats and kittens should never be “completely outside cats”. Your Guardians are faithful, kind and generous. Lucky you, Brother Henry, for finding and inspiring such outstanding humans! So glad I discovered The Blog and The Cult of (dearest) Otis. Be good kitties to Mama Cat, she may need lots of patience.

    • Yes CGW & Kitties! The Seventh Commandment of Otis reads, “Thou shalt not let your cats roam free and unsupervised outdoors. Thou shalt provide a secure enclosure, harness and leash, or other appropriate, safe means for your cat to get fresh air and sunshine”. The Leader’s teachings are very clear on the subject. The Guardians know better than to challenge His authority! – Brother Henry

  12. Hurrah fer Momma Kat!!! WE iz doin a *happy dance* here to fer her n all of ya!!! Sir thomas ya iz lookin mightee fine doin yer dance on da couch…dem pawz; dat form…n ya can sing a song too!!! Mouseiez dere iz no end to yer tallent n hansumness…rock on Sir T n all da Cult Kittiez….
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  13. Thanks Nylablue! Uh-oh… you made Thomas blush again! 🙂 – Brother Henry

    • Yow Brother Henry me haz a sirius crush on Sir Thomas…..it iz like ‘Puppy Lub’ only we iz kittehz!! Doez toesiez make me squeal wif deelight….n he iz so furry n snugglee lookin!! Ya all are bery handsum manly Kittehz n me n Mum iz glad we nose ya!!!
      Lub Nylablue

  14. That is wonderful news Brother Henry! and really suprising considering her life style! she is one lucky Mama cat! have a great day hugs from Fozziemum x

  15. Oh how wonderful! Congrats mama cat. I love sir Thomas’ dancing picture and his song. Thanks for sharing the news.

  16. News worth a celebratory dance.

  17. I am so happy for Mama Cat! She is indeed a fortunate kitty to live in limbo for so long and not be sick. The love the Guardians gave her must have strengthened her immune system. Priestess Jen did a happy dance because of Mama’s negative results too – and because of the new toys we gave her for her birthday. Happy sixth Jenny!

  18. Catchy tune and a lovely cha cha cha dance

  19. I am so pleased I may join in with a little dance all of my own!

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