The Leader’s Health

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. As you know, Mama Cat and I recently had a visit to The Bad Place. Let me just say that I was completely calm, cool and collected throughout the ordeal. Yep. I really was. NO! You can’t ask Mama to verify that! She’s recovering from an eye injury and needs her rest!

Oliver totally calm

Yep. I was totally calm, cool and collected at The Bad Place. Don’t ask Mama though.

So, moving on… The talk about Mama’s and my health prompted a few Disciples of Otis to inquire about The Leader’s ongoing health challenge. It made me realize that we hadn’t talked about that much in recent weeks. Well, I wish I could say He is all back to normal, but that wouldn’t be the truth. The medication He is on kind of seemed to help at first, but then He seemed to lose a little ground again. He’s still in good spirits, even though He has difficulty getting around. He even still bathes himself, although He’s not quite as thorough at it as He used to be.

Otis on scratch lounger bathing

Leader Otis still tries to take care of His grooming needs, but it’s hard for Him. The Guardians help when needed.

He still remains in good spirits most of the time. He even gets excited and scratches on the posing bench.

Otis on scratch lounger

Leader Otis still gets excited and scratches like crazy. He’s just a bit weak when he does it.

Still, I know he is frustrated that He can’t run, jump and play like He used to. Sometimes, when He is trying to sit up and His legs are getting shaky, you can really see that frustration in His eyes.

Otis on scratch lounger sitting up

Leader Otis gets frustrated with His condition sometimes.

I heard the Guardians talking on the phone, and it sounded like they made another appointment at the specialty Bad Place for Leader Otis. I think it is on Monday. I’ll be sure to report back to you if I hear anything after that appointment, but in the meantime, please don’t tell Leader Otis that the appointment is scheduled. After all, not all kitties can stay as calm as I do when faced with a visit to The Bad Place. I guess I’m just special that way.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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31 responses to “The Leader’s Health

  1. Thanks for the update, Brother O. I wish there was better news, but I’m so glad the Leader is still in good spirits. This trial has been hard on all of you, Guardians included, so I’m hoping things take a turn for the better here soon.

    • Thanks Christine. It’s definitely been tough seeing Him struggle for so long. I’m really glad He still seems petty happy though. There’s nothing wrong with the muscles that allow Him to purr! 🙂 – Brother Oliver

  2. Fingers cross the corner turns sooner rather than later Leader Otis xxx

  3. Chris

    You ARE very special, Brother Oliver. All of you are! We here are all purring that Leader Otis recovers soon. He’s a very fortunate Leader to have such a wonderful and caring family surrounding him, especially during his time of need.

    • Thanks Chris! We’re trying to support The Leader as much as we can right now. I’m even refraining from playing practical jokes! Well… mostly. 🙂
      – Brother Oliver

  4. mistletoeandhitch

    We hope that The Specialty Bad Place is able to give Leader Otis the help he needs. It is so very hard to deal with your body letting you down. But as always Leader Otis shows us how to deal with adversity with grace. We are happy to hear that your own trip to the bad place went well.
    We were also so happy to hear that Mama Cat is adjusting well to being indoors full-time. We were sharing yesterday’s post with our HuMom when she ask how Mama Cat is dealing with the death of her human. While there has been much sympathy offered to Mama Cat’s remaining human, we were shocked that we had forgotten that Mama Cat has suffered a terrible lose also. The human she relied upon to be her guardian is now gone and without the Cult of Otis she would be, for all intents and purposes, alone. We are sure she misses her former human and the affection and safety she might have felt with her. Our HuMom apologizes for forgetting how deeply the furred feel the same emotions that effect humans so profoundly. Please offer Mama Cat our late but sincere condolences along with a quiet cuddle. We are sure her departed person loves her very much and is relieved that Mama Cat is under the Cult of Otis’s protective care.
    Mistletoe and Hitch

    • Thanks M and H. Mama definitely went through a dark time when her person was ill and then passed away. The Guardians paid close attention to her needs during that time, and started monitoring her even more closely to make sure her needs were being met. It was during that time that they built the Mama Snuggle Shed 3000. While that setup helped a little, it still didn’t afford her the constant protection that a kitty deserves. Here eye injury is proof of that. The Guardians do still have sympathy for what Mama’s remaining (former) guardian is going through, but it was clear that it was time to bring Mama in from Limbo.

      I will pass along your condolences to Mama. I know she will appreciate the support.

      – Brother Oliver

      • mistletoeandhitch

        The Guardians and the rest of the Cult of Otis have done a wonderful job in caring for Mama Cat. You have all gone above and beyond in caring for her and in being understanding of the one who should have cared for her. It was our HuMom who was chagrined to realize that she hadn’t offered Mama Cat the same sympathy she had offered the remaining human. We appreciate the Guardians “walking the walk” and setting a loving example without shaming those still striving to live up to their own expectations.

  5. Brother Oliver, I just wanted to say, you have very stunning eyes..

    Purrs for Leader Otis

  6. thanks for the update Brother Oliver. we are sure you were cool… and we won’t tell the Leader – but we hope they can figure things out for him.

  7. Thank,you so much Brother Oliver for the Leader O update…even tho’ it makes my eyes all leaky…Leader O is a young cat and I so want him to be up and running and playing again…paw hugs, Savvy

  8. Of course you were calm at the bad place, we wouldn’t expect any less of you.. of course, if you did lose your stuff, it would certainly be understandable.. And it would give you something to share with someone else who loses their stuff on occasion.. Might make him feel a little better about it even!
    Thank you for the update on Otis, we’re praying and purring for him and hope they’re able to help him more at the special bad place.

    • Yep, totally calm. I mean, I might have been vocalizing just a little bit… you know… to support Mama Cat who was clearly upset. Yeah, I just had to yowl really loudly because I wasn’t sure if Mama would hear me otherwise. And then, I kind of got tired from all of that supportive yowling, and I started to pant. Also, my paws got kind of sweaty. It was all worth it though… to help Mama Cat… yeah.

      Thanks for the supportive prayers and purrs for The Leader! I know he really appreciates them. – Brother Oliver

  9. Sending Mama, Leader Otis and the brothers best wishes for a quiet and restful weekend.

  10. So many visits to the Bad Place must be taxing on everyone. Sending purrs for Mama and Otis’ health!

    • Thanks Pezcita! It’s definitely been taxing. Except I was totally fine with my Bad Place visit, of course. But seeing how taxing it was on everyone else was taxing on me.

      – Brother Oliver

  11. Good luck to the leader on his visit.

  12. Nijinsky Cat

    I think about Good Leader Otis everyday…thank you for the update Brother.

  13. Now that Mama Cat is safe and on the mend we are focusing all our healing purrs and cloud soft long distant snuggles on Leader Otis.

  14. Thanks for the update on the Leader, Oliver. We hope all goes well for him on Monday.

  15. Yow Brother Oliver…it seemz Leader Otis iz tryin hiz best to attend to hiz needz..he iz lucky to have ya Brotherz to watch over him n care fer him…n da Guardianz too!!! Me wunderz just how ‘cool n calm’ ya REALLY were at da Vet’z??? Me sayz me is guud but me iz usually a bery knotty gurl when me goez to da Vet’z…even if me not feel well….gotta make Unckle Dave earn da paper moneey da Hu’Manz need!!!
    Me n Mum hopez Momma iz doin better today!
    Yerz Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  16. Purrs that the people at the Bad Place can find something that helps Otis.

  17. You all need to hurry up and get better! Sending you all a healing hug!

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