Mama’s Clear Communication Style

My Disciples,

Mama’s been inside a few days now, and so far so good. I think her talk with Thomas really helped her realize that she’s going to be safe from now on. She’s relaxed and playing with toys (even a catnip banana!), and she uses a litter litter box like a champ. We all suspected she would, because while she was in Limbo she was using the loose dirt in the Guardians’ garden like a champ. Ummm… yuck.

Yesterday when the bigger Guardian returned home, he went in to see Mama and put drops in her eye. Unfortunately, her eye had become crusted completely shut, making administering the drops difficult.

Mama Cat eye closeup

Mama Cat’s eyelid had crusted shut.

Now, this Guardian, who definitely knows better, must have lost his head for a moment. He tried to dab Mama’s eye with a warm, damp washcloth without paying close enough attention to the signals she was giving him. She communicated with him, in no uncertain terms, that her eye was painful and that touching it was neither welcomed nor appreciated.

Mama Cat handiwork

Mama Cat clearly let the Guardian know what she thought about him touching her eye.

After cleaning his scratches, the Guardian regrouped, gently restrained Mama and gently dabbed her eyelids. The lid separated a bit and the eyedrops were successfully administered. Afterward, he gave Mama much praise and many pets. She purred, sat on his lap for a while and then climbed up onto a soft bed on a bookshelf to rest.

Mama Cat on shelf

Mama Cat climbed up on the bookshelf to rest after being medicated and soothed.

The good news is, the Guardians only need to do this whole process once every six hours or so! Poor Mama. Still, I have never heard purr so loud or so often as I have in the past three days. That sound is music to all of our ears here at Cult of Otis.

So Sayeth Otis

PS- Thank you all so much for the contributions toward Mama’s care! We are all blown away by your caring and generosity, and humbled by your trust and support.  Again, thank you, from the bottom of our feline and human hearts.


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33 responses to “Mama’s Clear Communication Style

  1. 2 cats

    Maybe she was also indicating that she would like a scratch post in her safe room!

  2. Yup, recognize those red marks from ones just like them on Mom and Dad from foster brofur Leo…he can be very unpredictable, and fast,,as he continues to get more frustrated not being able to have full run of MY home.SIGH

  3. It makes me sick thinking that if you never took Mama in then how bad that eye would have got xx Amazing fur balls and guardians

  4. Normally I would be terribly concerned with such loud purring – after all, it’s both a contentedness signal and a major stress-coping mechanism, and sometimes kitties that are very much so in pain will purr the loudest of all. But as I speak very little Catonese and Otis clearly does (not to mention that comfy pic of Mama on the shelf!), I feel safe in assuming that her purring is the good type of purring…the type kitties have when they have a clean house, friendly flatmates, reliable food, and no Evil Dachshunds (or worse). :3

  5. Nancy

    Mama is a very lucky girl to have found such a loving family in the Cult and the Guardians. She will no doubt return the love many many times over.

    • Thanks Nancy. She really is a sweet girl. I haven’t been able to see her inside yet, but the Guardians were saying that she has become much more loving and happy since she was brought in. 🙂

  6. Thank you for giving Mama a safe haven, this brings tears to my eyes.

  7. Cindy Davis

    I’ve never had an orange cat…we just didn’t seem to bond, but Mama has really grabbed me.  Thank you, Guardians, for taking her in. 


  8. Thanks to you Cult of Otis and the Guardians for taking Mama Cat in. Sorry to the male Guardian for getting injured, but thank you for doing what you do to help Mama Cat get the care she needs. Sending well wishes to Mama Cat. Though, if I may ask a question or maybe Sir Thomas can explain how she got her name? And if she is kept by the Guardians would she be the first female cat in house?

    • Thanks, Peacelovenwhiskers. Mama Cat was named by her (former) guardians. Apparently they got her from a friend and didn’t know she was pregnant they brought her home. After she had kittens, they named her Mama Cat. She has long since been spayed, but the name stuck. She is indeed the first lady cat to enter My Indoor Domain.

  9. ena

    Hi otis and followers. you are a blessing and an inspiration, your selfless devotion to all cats is marvelous. I have nominated you for the combined award. \you can check it out at this link\;

  10. I think even the perpetually gentle Priestess Jen did a fair amount of claw communication a few months back when she had her eye infection. Mama cat is such a sweetie overall, just scared I’m sure.

    • Exactly right, Pezcita. She is just a little scared because her eye hurts. If the Guardian had been more careful and observant, he would not have gotten scratched. 🙂

  11. Even the best of kitties can get upset. We have thick elbow length glove…but those drops are difficult to use with those. Olde Tiger required swaddling in a thick towel one time with an eye infection – he appreciated the help in between dosings, but he felt bad and couldn’t help resisting instinct when it was drop time.
    Purr to calm, Mama – getting better each day. A little while longer!

  12. Uh oh! You know Mama Cat didn’t mean to hurt the Guardian. She was just reacting by instinct. We purr that her eye feels better soon. And we give you lots of headbutts for taking such good care of her.

  13. Ouchie, for both Momma Cat and the Guardian! I hope the drops go easier to administer as she heals! I’m so glad she’s purring so much, she must be VERY happy to be indoors and with people who will pet her and care for her!

    • It sounds like the Guardians are already having an easier time with the treatments, Andrea. This seems to be mostly because the smaller Guardian is better at giving the eye drops than the bigger guardian, and she’s taken over the treatments. 🙂

      It’s definitely great to hear Mama’s purrs coming from the other side of the door.

  14. Ouch oh dear I know that feeling..poor Mama cat and poor guardian hand! yes they give clear signs,i made the mistake at the shelter once of trying to pick up a boy who was stressed by another cat..he clearly indicated he was not happy but I didn’t read him properly as I wanted to get him before he and the other cat had a rumble..he ripped me to shreds,my gloves ripped off my to the drs for tetanus shot and my arm is scarred to this day..all my fault ..I know the signs and I ignored humans can be funny at times…Sending hugs to Mama cat and poor guardians hand 🙂
    Fozziemum x

  15. I bet it is lovely to hear her purr!

  16. emilykarn

    We are happy to hear that Mama Cat is adjusting well to indoor life. Guardians do need to pay attention to our signals if they don’t want to be scratched! Bless your Guardian for understanding. We are sending purrs to Mama Cat and Leader Otis. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

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