At Your Service M’Lady

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Yesterday, after the Guardians went to work, I snuck downstairs to check on Mama Cat. I sat near the office door and shouted, “M’LADY! ARE YOU THERE? CAN YOU HEAR ME, M’LADY?” Then I turned one ear toward the door and listened.

Thomas listening.

I called out to see if Mama Cat was there, then I listened for a reply.

I heard a sound that sounded like a kitty jumping down off of something, and then I heard Mama Cat’s voice say, “Sir Thomas? Is that you? I’m here! I’m right on the other side of the door!”

Mama Cat inside door

Mama Cat answered. She said she was on the other side of the door.

I said, “It’s good to hear your voice coming from INSIDE the house, M’lady! How was your visit to The Bad Place yesterday?” Mama replied, “Well, it was a little bit scary. First I was placed on a table in a bright room.”

Mama Cat at vets 070813-2

Mama Cat said that first she was placed on a table in a bright room.

Mama Cat continued, “Next, I remember being looked at from every angle. I was turned this way and that as they checked over every bit of my body.”

Mama Cat at vets 070813-1

Mama Cat said she was looked over very thoroughly.

Mama Cat went on, “They eventually focused in on my eye, which I didn’t like, but I’m pretty sure they only wanted to help.”

Mama Cat at vets 070813-3

Mama Cat said they eventually focused on her eye.

I asked Mama what else had happened at The Bad Place and she said, “Well, I remember being weighed, and they stuck some sharp metal thing in my leg for some reason, and… wait… Sir Thomas, haven’t you ever been to The Bad Place?” Feeling a little sheepish, I replied, “Ummm.. yes, I have M’lady, but I was sedated the entire time and don’t remember any of it. I kind of tend to lose my stuff when people handle me…”

Mama chuckled a little bit and said, “That’s OK, Sir Thomas. I’ve lost my stuff a time or two in my life as well.” Then she paused a moment before saying, “So… when do you think I have to go back outside?” Slightly stunned by the question I replied, “Mama, what are you talking about? There’s no going back outside. They brought me in here over a year ago, and I’ve been back out exactly zero times, I mean, except for outside in The Leader’s Outdoor Domain. It’s safe out there.”

I could hear relief in Mama’s voice as she said, “No more back outside… I didn’t think that was possible… Alright then. If you’ll excuse me, Sir Thomas, I think I’ll take another nap on this nice, soft blanket in front of the window!” I heard her jump back up to her bed and plop down.

Mama Cat in front of window

Mama Cat jumped back up on her bed to take another nap.

I headed back upstairs to Kitty Valhalla to take a nap of my own. I slept a little bit more soundly knowing that Mama Cat was now within the same walls that protect me.

Thomas Out

*Special Announcement From Leader Otis*

I have had inquiries via email and in the blog comments from Disciples who wanted to know if they could make a contribution to help pay for Mama Cat’s care. The Guardians are fully committed to caring for Mama Cat no matter what, but I know they would truly be thankful for any support. If you would like to contribute, you can do so on the Paypal website. Just put our email address in the “To” field. It is:



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39 responses to “At Your Service M’Lady

  1. Mama is making good progress 🙂 Cannot wait to see pictures of her with other cats xxx

    • And we can’t wait to see her face to face, Mythreemoggies. I guess the Guardians are still waiting for some test results though. Also, I think they kinda want to let her eye heal first because I think it makes her feel vulnerable. Mama can get kind of grumpy when she feels vulnerable.


  2. 2 cats

    Am I the only one kind of wishing Mama cat gets to stay with the guardians and the gang so we can get photos and updates on her still?

    • That could happen wherever she goes, 2 cats, as long as the Guardians’ definition of a safe home includes “taking frequent photos of Mama Cat and sharing them with the Cult of Otis.” Perhaps Brother Oliver, world’s greatest kitty photographer, could visit her in her new home and do the honors.

      • I have heard the Guardians talking, 2 Cats and Rhiannon, and it sounds like there are a number of possibilities for her future living situation. All of them sounded good! – Thomas

  3. I was just going to email today to help with Mama Cats expenses. Will drop something in Paypal today. Would luv for MC to be able to stay with you Sir Thomas, but completely understand if 5 kitties is a lot and will help rehome MC if needed. Paw hugs to all and special smoochies to MC, Savannah

  4. Oh Thomas, if anyone can reassure Mama Cat, it’s you. Just one short year after you were swept up in the Rapture, you are an ambassador for kitties everywhere. I am very proud of your progress and eager to see Mama Cat’s True Spirit emerge now that she is safe and sound.

    • Thank you very much, Christine. I am trying to perform my new duties well, in spite of my remaining nervousness. I feel like I get just a tiny bit better every day though. 🙂 – Thomas

  5. Good job Sir Thomas….we are glad you could offer Mama Cat some reassurance 🙂

  6. Thomas, we are so glad to hear about Mama Cat!

  7. Sir Thomas, it was so nice of you to check on Mama Cat and reassure her that everything would be great. She does look so much happier now that she’s inside. 🙂

  8. Pup

    So.. this means Mama is staying with the gang for good?

    • I am not sure if the Guardians know that yet, Pup. I heard them talking, and it sounds like they will be deciding what is best for her as she heals and they learn more about her test results and behavior around other cats. – Thomas

  9. mistletoeandhitch

    Sir Thomas, the Leader Otis was brilliantly inspired when he decide to showcase your gallantry. You are a true gentlecat. We are very relieved that Mama Cat has been swept up in her very own capture. Our paws are crossed and we are praying that her blood test all come back negative for the many letter combinations Brother Henry told us about yesterday.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  10. There’s a hint of a smile in that last photo of Mama Cat. Purrhaps she is realizing while things are changing, change can be very good…especially with a soft blanket in front of a window.
    Paws crossed all tests come back well, so Mama may be able to converse face to face.

  11. Sir Thomas, it was so nice of you to check on Mama Cat and reassure her that everything will be great !

  12. So glad mama cat is inside. No more harsh weather conditions. Maybe when she feels better she can teach you the flying squirrel again. Sending lots of love to mama cat, welcome to your new life.

  13. Mama is one brave kitty to let those strange humans at the Bad Place handle her with no sedatives. Get well soon Mama Cat

  14. Eeoww Sir Thomas me finkz ya make a grreat Knight…checkin on M’Lady Momma…you reeasshurin her she iz safe now in purrteckshun of da Guardianz!! Diz iz pawsum!!
    Momma lookz so comfy on dat purrty blue blankie!!! We purrayz she getz well soon!!!
    Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo
    Pee Ess: Sir Thomas….yer pawz look so deelish…like vanillie ice cream…..mmmmmmmmm ❤

    • Thank you very much Nylablue and SherriEllen, I… gulp… I have delicious looking paws!? Oh my gosh… I feel a blush coming on… – Thomas

      • It is BERY true Sir Thomas dat yer pawz are deelishuss lookin!!!!! Even Mum sayz dey look like da ice cream pawz!!
        You are a handsum manly Kitteh *swoonz*
        Lub Nylablue xo

  15. As a true knight we would’ve expected nothing less of you Sir Thomas. You are a good cat and true!

  16. Aww, how sweet of you, Sir Thomas, showing why you’re the heart of the Cult of Otis by checking on sweet Momma! What an angel you are! I’d suggest that you need some snuggles and kisses, but I suspect you’re not up for that yet? Maybe someday..
    We’re so glad Momma seems to be doing so well, and did so well at the bad place! I’m betting she adjusts pretty well because she already knows you guys through the fence and knows you’ve been looking out for her for a while. We hope her eye clears up fast and her test results are all good!

    • Thank you, Andrea! I accept pets and partial snuggles as long as I am in my safey-safe up in Kitty Valhalla. One of the Guardians kissed me on top of my head once, but I came dangerously close to losing my stuff. Maybe I will enjoy that some day, but not yet. 🙂 – Thomas

  17. Such wonderful news that Mama Cat is now on the inside. Look forward to seeing her back at her best – she does look rather worn out and wan. Congratulations to the Guardians!

  18. Mamma cats eye is already starting to look so much better! Hurray for the guardians!

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