What’s Next For Mama Cat?

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. I just wanted to let you know that both Mama Cat and Brother Oliver survived their Bad Place visit yesterday. Brother Oliver’s ack-knee apparently isn’t too bad, and the good people at The Bad Place gave the Guardians some kind of wipes to use on his sores. He should be fine in no time.

Mama Cat’s eye was also not as bad as it could have been. I overheard the Guardians saying that her eyeball was not scratched or punctured, but that her “con junked iva” was infected. I have no idea what that means, but apparently treating it requires that Mama Cat has antibiotic drops put in her eye every six hours. So where’s Mama Cat now, you ask? Well, have a look.

Mama Cat inside 1

Mama Cat has entered My Indoor Domain.

The Guardians have set up the office and an adjoining bathroom to serve as the Mama Cat Convalescent Quarters. There she will stay while she undergoes her eye treatments. You can never be sure how a kitty is going to react to a sudden change of living situation, but so far Mama Cat is adjusting well. She was a little nervous about the closed doors at first, but with a lot of pets, soothing words and general reassurance from the Guardians, she settled down quickly.

Mama Cat inside 2

Mama Cat is doing well. So far, she hasn’t even come close to losing her stuff.

So what’s next for Mama Cat? From the discussion I heard the Guardians having, it’s too early to know. Apparently, they asked the good people at The Bad Place to test Mama Cat for a number of different ailments. They wanted to know how her health is overall and if she had any weird combinations of letters. The combinations they seemed particularly concerned about were F, I, and V, and F, E, L, and V. I gathered that either of those combos would be bad.

Anyway, one thing is definitely not next for Mama Cat. She is not getting dumped back outside in the world without walls, not if we here at The Cult of Otis have anything to say about it. And you know what, we do! Mama is currently relaxing on the proper side of a window for a kitty, and she is under our protection.

Mama Cat in front of window

Mama is now on the proper side of the window, and she is under our protection.

So for now Mama is safe, and you can rest assured she will remain that way. Not only is she now contained by solid walls, doors and windows, she is being defended by 17-pounds of tabby fury and 10-pounds of whiskered gallantry! That’s right, Agent H and Sir Thomas are on the job! Any who seek to harm Mama Cat will be met with the full measure of our combined might!

So Says Brother Henry

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73 responses to “What’s Next For Mama Cat?

  1. 2 cats

    Oh bless her, she looks so relaxed indoors.

    Both of my 2 cats have had their con junked iva infected at one time or another and I do not envy the guardians job of applying those drops!

  2. OMG this is fantastic news you guys are just the best. This post has really made my day as I have been following your posts especially Mama Cat and so pleased she is now very safe and very much loved xxxx three happy moggies and human in UK

  3. I echo what 2 cats said–Mama looks so happy and relaxed now that she is safe and sound inside. I hope she is healthy and can find a new home–either with the Guardians or with a family who will keep her safe and healthy. once again, the Guardians have saved the day!

  4. This is what we always hoped for for Mama Cat…not that she’d get an infected β€œcon junked iva,” but that she would have a safe place to live, We love you guys and the Guardians.

  5. So glad Mama has her champions. She looks perfect in the spot by the window.
    Purring her calm when eye drops must be given. It is annoying to have blurry vision and to be messed with. (Molly ran into a bush and had drops a couple of days)
    Happy paw waves to all!

    • Thanks Phil! I think one of the Guardians have been having a little more trouble giving the eye drops than the other. Mama lets him know when he messes up though. – Brother Henry

  6. Love love love this post! I had been hoping for the day Mama Cat was rescued. πŸ™‚

  7. Huzzah, for a relaxed looking Mama Cat and her two champions!

  8. Kim2.1

    Hurray for Mama Cat going to the Indoor Domain! Paws crossed for her tests to not have all those nasty initials!

  9. Fjola Melody

    Yay! *sniffle* So happy Mama cat has such wonderful, caring neighbours willing to take her on. ❀

  10. Leaky eyes here…you know we luvluvluv Mama Cat. She looks a lot like foster brofur Leo. If you decode to re-home her…I will help promote her if you need help. And she does look very comfy. Oh, and before me Boris had hack knee and Mom says he could only tolerate glass dishes, not even ceramic. Even stainless steel didn’t work. And no water fountains because they have plastic tubes on the pumps…once that was all removed, he almost never got it again

  11. JackieP

    I wish all out door cats had guardians like this. Yea for Mama Cat! Glad she is inside and being taken care of.

  12. karnemily

    We are so happy that Mama Cat is safe and healing! Let’s hope she can get her very own furever home with caring Guardians. Our purrs for her. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  13. So glad Mama Cat has the entire Cult of Otis and wonderful Guardians looking after her now!

  14. She looks so happy and comfy inside. And she’s gonna feel even better once her eye clears up. YAY for the Cult of Otis and the guardians.


  15. Yeah….we hope her tests come back with none of those letters (though the FIV one isn’t so bad so long as she isn’t a biter). We are so very glad the Guardians decided to take her in and make her life easier from here on out. πŸ™‚

  16. Jilly

    Yay! … good work Guardians… Mama cat looks secure in her lounge πŸ˜‰ My cat, Battalion Chief, Tynk does not travel well to the vet or any other place. Mama sure looks like Tynk with lots of hair and fluffy tail. That type of coat gets hot too.

  17. Joy

    I’m sure, with the way her guardians have been treating her, they wouldn’t mind if you just took Mama in. At least for now.

    I’m so glad that Mama Cat’s eye is too bad. I’m also glad she’s now safely confined inside.

  18. Joy

    Woops, I meant isn’t too bad.

  19. Mama Cat is such a good pet, staying calm and trusting humans even during times like this. She deserves so much more from her guardians! Hopefully a lot of people in your area will read this and consider adopting her.

    • She really is a good girl, Pezcita. And you’re right, she deserves so much more than she has been getting. She has been loving all of the attention she has gotten since she was brought inside. πŸ™‚ – Brother Henry

  20. Great news for Mama Cat πŸ˜€

  21. HIgh Priestess M of the Cult of Otis?? We’re so very happy that Momma Cat does not have to go back into the dangerous outdoors again! We hope her eye gets better fast fast fast! We’re glad she isn’t losing her stuff, we bet it’s because of how great you guys have treated her while she was outside. She already trusts and loves you all!

    • Or perhaps, since there is a knight now, you might also have a Lady in Waiting, since she’s been waiting all this time to become an indoor, safe, kitty? Oh the possibilities!

      • I think maybe Mama Cat has been a Lady in Waiting most of her life. She was waiting for someone to truly see her and meet her needs not only for food and water, but also for love and safety. I get the feeling that she is a Lady in Waiting no more. πŸ™‚ – Brother Henry

  22. This is brilliant news. Brother Henry, if the Cult of Otis could use a donation to help pay for Mama Cat’s care, please let me know. I suspect that treating con junked iva and testing for all those letters is an expensive proposition.

  23. Although con junked iva isn’t the best thing, it’s much better than a punctured eye. We’re glad that the Guardians are keeping Mama safely inside, and that she’s on the correct side of the windows now.

    • Yes. The Guardians definitely seemed to think that the eye problem is not as bad as it might have been. We are all very happy that they are treating it though, and that Mama is safe. – Brother Henry

  24. Poor Mama cat..pink eyes not nice..glad that the acne is jut a simple fix,yes Mama cat is at risk of those letters because of fighting poor thing..it;s never a good place out in the big wide world for a kitty cat 😦 so happy to hear that she is inside and safe and being watched over by the A TEAM….you are all wonderful πŸ™‚ big hugs Fozziemum x

  25. Chris

    So happy your Guardians are guarding Mama Cat’s situation and caring for her. Our purrs go up for her and the situation.

  26. Glad to hear Mama’s eye problem isn’t anything worse than an infection. I hope she is able to heal quickly and find a good permanent living situation with people who will look after her.

  27. Nijinsky Cat

    Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Mama Cat! I so wish she could stay permanent swept up in The Capture!!! Oh please oh purrrrlease!!

  28. Mama and I are so happy that Mamacat is getting spoiled at your house. She looks quite fine with being indoors. I hope her people let the Guardians continue to help her and let them find people that want her companionship.
    Good to know that Bro Oliver’s skin is going to clear up. He is too handsome to have zits.

  29. I am so pleased to hear that the news is good from the bad place!

    • Thanks Basil! We were pleased to hear that her eye wasn’t too badly damaged. We’re still waiting for the news on her tests and hoping that is good as well! – Brother Henry

  30. mistletoeandhitch

    We want to add our shouts of joy and relief that Mama Cat is safe to the chorus. Bless the Cult of Otis and especially bless the Guardians. Never before has the word Guardian been so rightly used.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  31. Yow Brother Henry diz iz grrreat dat Momma Cat iz now indoorz even if it cause she has dat Con-junk-ti-vytiz in da eye!!! me hopez she has no letterz cause dat can bee bad..me haz FHV….oh dat iz Feline Herpes Virus…Me Mum told me to tell ya to add dat to da list of letterz to bee checked fer!!!
    Me can see all of ya fine whiskerred felinez deefendin Momma if needed!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  32. Thanks Nylablue! I will be sure the Guardians see this so they know about the FHV. Wow! There sure are a lot of scary letters kitties can get! – Brother Henry

    • Diz FHV iz bery sneeky!!! It iz usually transmitted frum kitteh to kitteh but me got it frum da room where da kitteh waz in WIFOUT ME TOUCHIN DA KITTEH!!! Me Aunti said she cleened da room but she did not sannytize it n me caught da Virus n me will have it da rest of me Life!!!! Me purrayz Momma iz purrfectlee healthy!! She haz had enuff bad stuff in her Life!!!
      Purrleeze give her a ‘meow’ from me n Mum!!! We iz so happy she came in!!!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

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