Mama Hurt Her Eye

My Disciples,

It all started when I heard a voice coming from My Outdoor Domain saying, “Leader Otis? Are you in there? I need help!” I made my way outside where I found Mama Cat  sitting just outside the wire.

Mama Cat and Otis

Mama Cat was calling for Me. She said she needed help.

I asked Mama Cat what was wrong. As she looked up at Me, I could see it immediately. She said, “It’s my eye, Leader Otis. It hurts!”

Mama Cat eye problem

Mama cat said her eye hurt. It did look very painful.

I was alarmed by the look of Mama’s eye. I shouted out, “Brothers! Get out here! Mama Cat is in trouble!” Brothers Henry and Oliver came running, and when they saw Mama Cat, they too were instantly concerned. She was rubbing her eye with her paw because it was bothering her so much. I had to look away.

Mama Cat eye problem, Henry, Otis, Oliver

The Brothers were just as concerned as I was. I had to look away because I felt so bad for Mama.

Brother Henry asked Mama to come over onto the chair in the Mama Snuggle Shack 3000 so he could see her better. He inspected her and then said, “Guys… we need the Guardians. We can’t handle this alone.”

Henry checking Mama

Brother Henry inspected Mama and then said that we needed the Guardians.

The Brothers and I started yowling our heads off, and the Guardians came running to see what was the matter. When they saw Mama Cat they grew very concerned. They picked her up and inspected her eye closely. One of them carried her over to her guardian’s house and knocked on both the front and back doors. There was no answer. They monitored Mama closely for the next day and continued to try to contact her guardian. This morning Mama’s eye looked more swollen, so the Guardians decided enough was enough. Mama needed veterinary care. Her guardian was clearly not going to provide it, so it was up to the Guardians of Otis. They scooped Mama up in a carrier to take her to The Bad Place.

Mama Cat in carrier, eye problem

The Guardians scooped Mama up in a pet carrier to take her to The Bad Place.

We were all very excited that Mama was going to get the care she needed. Well… all of us except Brother Oliver. The Guardians put him in a carrier to go the The Bad Place as well. Apparently he has something called “ack-knee” that they are concerned about. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like something you get from acking up a hairball on your knee.

Oliver in carrier, mad

Brother Oliver had to go to The Bad Place too because he has an “ack-knee”

So both kitties are at The Bad Place right now. I know they are scared, but hopefully they are getting the help they need to feel better. Hopefully I will have some good news on them to share tomorrow.

So Sayeth Otis

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59 responses to “Mama Hurt Her Eye

  1. Joy

    I hope Mama Cat will be okay. Her eye looked really bad.

    I don’t think her guardian(s) should be allowed to “care” for her anymore.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Mama Cat! I know her guardians are going through a tough time, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take care of their cat! I hope she will be feeling better soon!

    And I hope Brother O’s acne clears up as well!


    • Thanks Charity! Yes, tough times are no excuse for neglect. The Guardians still have a lot of sympathy, but they weren’t willing to sit by and watch Mama Cat suffer like this.

  3. Well done for being a kind hearted person x Mama is so lucky to have you near by 🙂

  4. we are so glad your guardians are there for Mama Cat. But poor Brother Oliver…..

  5. The Guardians are really amazing people for taking care of Mama Cat. I hope she’s okay.

  6. Once again, the Guardians have proven themselves to be the kindest, most generous humans. Sending calming thoughts for Brother O and Mama Cat. I hope she can be swept up and placed with a new loving family soon.

  7. I concur with everyone about Mama’s (not so much) Guardians. There is no scenario where it is OK to leave your kitty outside for 24 hours with out telling someone.. especially since the Guardians of Otis have already said they would watch out for her. I hope that her eye issue is minor and quickly fixed..

    As for the ack-knee.. well 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find out it has little to do with a knee, and a lot to do with the bowls and dishes you are probably eating out of.. (at least the general reason for it anyway)

  8. JackieP

    Oh I hope Mama Cat is all right. Will tune in later to find out.

  9. Poor Mama Cat! We wish if she could become the Patron Goddess of Otis, in the Otis abode. Oliver, our Kona has ack-knee and Mommy gently scrubs her chin with a dry nail brush to loosen the blackheads. She loves it.

  10. Poor Mama! She was brave to come to the Guardians for help instead of running off and hiding, like a lot of cats would. They have really won her trust!

  11. cbleck59

    Let’s hope Oliver and Mama Cat get better!

  12. I hope Mama gets better! Her eye didn’t look good at all!

  13. Your guardians are such good souls to look after poor Mama Cat, her eye does look bad! How sad for her that her own guardians are not there for her 😦 Our Casper had chin acne for a while, feel free to contact me via email if you would like any info about his experience. Sending purrs to Oliver and Mama Cat

  14. Poor Mama Cat. 😦 I hope her eye is ok.

  15. karnemily

    Poor Mama Cat! She needs new Guardians. The one(s) she has now is clearly not up to the job. We are sending purrs to her and Brother Oliver. We hope they both have good results. Bless your Guardians! Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  16. Oh, I hope her little eye gets better very soon…Well wishes and big hugs!!!!

  17. At least Otis and Mama cat are together. Maybe he will help her in such a scary place.
    Thanks for taking Mama Cat to the vet. Eyes injuries may not heal themselves, are painful, and Mama needs both eyes as she lives outside. Her life is hard enough!
    Thanks guardians! Purrs and soft check pats!

  18. Oh poor Mama is so lovely that she came to you for help..those eye problems are very dangerous as any abscess on the head can be deadly..she may have a fight injury could be anything 😦 we feel for her and send you all healing wishes for her..and as for the acne..Forrest had it when he was a teenager sorted out quickly and was never seen again…perhaps Brother Oliver is going through a teen we will send him big hugs too…
    Hugs and hopes for a speedy recovery to both precious felines
    Fozziemum and gang xx

  19. Nijinsky Cat

    Oh Thank you dear Guardians for your generosity in taking sweet Mama Cat to the vet for help. We love her and all of you!!!!

  20. We’re so glad that your Guardians are taking care of Mama cat. Paws crossed that the vet can get her feeling better soon, and that Brother Oliver’s acne can be cleared up. The last time our head peep had a cat with acne problems, it turned out to be an allergy to plastic bowls.

  21. Poor Mama! I hope her eye gets better. My Jen had an eye infection from either scratching at her eye or rubbing up against something. She told me what was wrong in much the same way Mama told you. We panicked and drove her across town to the Emergency Bad Place (our normal vet’s office was closed). She was on eye drops for a long time, but it got better pretty quickly.

  22. Awww, poor Momma! And Poor Oliver! We’re purring for them and hope everything is ok when they get back!!

  23. mistletoeandhitch

    We may be completely off base here but we think that Mama Cat’s primary Guardian lost the battle with a terrible illness and she has been without a guardian ever since. Well, that’s not totally true. She has had the Guardians of Otis to make sure she is fed and has a warm, safe place to sleep. Does she spend anytime with the human her original guardian left behind? We do not want to judge the one left behind because we know how hard it is. But, even if (s)he doesn’t want the responsibility of Mama Cat (s)he needs to make other arrangements. We think Mama Cat used to have other fur-family, Cookie and a young male cat, maybe? We hope they are well and safely contained with other caring guardians, but we fear the worse. We send Mama Cat and the Cult of Otis our support and affection as you all cope with this crisis. And, we send kind thoughts to the one left behind. We hope the Guardians are able to help him see how much (s)he and Mama Cat need each other.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • I don’t think you are off base, M and H. Mama Cat’s remaining guardian seems to be struggling too much to notice/care about Mama at the moment. Cookie is still around, and she seems to be getting more attention from she and Mama’s guardian. I think Cookie was always “his cat” whereas Mama was more bonded with his deceased wife. The other cat you mention was a boy named Nacho. He disappeared many months ago, and his (former) guardian thinks he is living with a family up the street. I hope that is true, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

      The Guardians of Otis still have the utmost sympathy for someone struggling to cope with the loss of his life partner, but they could not sit idly by and watch Mama Cat become a victim of the grief.

      Thanks so much for the support, M and H! We all appreciate it!

  24. mistletoeandhitch

    P.S. we hope Brother Oliver’s ack-knee is easily treated and clears up quickly. Is cat ack-knee like that of humans, or does it carry more serious health risk? We’ve heard of this cat ack-knee but never actually seen it .

    • I think Brother O is going to be fine. I heard the Guardians saying that cat ack-knee can become a bigger problem (like infections and abscesses) if not treated, that’s why they took Brother Oliver in.

  25. Ms. Phoebe

    Oodles of good Karma to mew Leader Otis, Brothers, and mewz guardians for helping Mama Cat when those who are supposed to care for her will not. She us so lucky to have friends like mew and knows it, I’m sure that’s why she came to mew for help.
    Does Mama Cat’s guardian even want her? Have mew guardians ever thought to ask if she could come live at mewz house which she seems to prefer anyway? Or if they cannot take her, let them find her a home that will love and protect her? I’m new to her story, so forgive me if mew have answered this before. Thank mew for helping this sweet ladycat, I was once like her years ago- thrown out to fend for myself in the country, pregnant and due to deliver at any time. I was fortunate to find an Oregon branch of guardians like the Guardians of Otis, who took me in, fed me, helped me give birth safely and then took my kits and I to the Adoption place so we could find humans to adopt. My Mom/guardian/slave and I will be forever grateful to them for saving my and my babies’ lives. Because of these guardians like mewz, we have a better life. Mama Cat deserves that so much, her guardian should be ashamed of themselves and if they are too bothered to care for her, at least let someone else give it to her.

  26. We’re purring that Mama Cat’s eye feels better soon. It was good of the Guardians to take her to the v-e-t, though that’s one place we don’t usually like much.

  27. Thanks for the good Karma, and for sharing your story Ms. Phoebe! The story of Mama’s guardians is a complicated one. A few months ago, the woman who was her primary guardian got very sick and eventually passed away from cancer. Her remaining guardian has been grieving ever since, and has become neglectful of Mama. The Guardians of Otis built Mama a shelter and have been feeding her for many weeks. They let her guardian know that they were doing this, but they were being very sensitive not to appear to be taking Mama away from him because they knew she was a connection to his wife. I think the eye injury though has motivated the Guardians of Otis to now shift fully into thinking about Mama’s future. They will not abide animal endangerment if there is anything they can do about it!

    • Ms. Phoebe

      I have sympathy he lost his wife, but that is no excuse to neglect an animal, especially an injured one. If he so dearly loved his late wife would he not want to cherish Mama Cat and look after her, in honor of his wife and her memory? Grief can be awful, I know I lost my panther sister Černy exactly one year ago today from cancer. Mom and all of us were devastated as it came on suddenly one day where she wouldn’t eat and doctors at the Bad Place found a tumor in her jaw. Biopsy showed it was squamous cell carcinoma and nothing could be done. In less than 2 months she passed away in Mom’s arms peacefully at home, with our vet there to help her on her final journey to the Bridge. Even though we miss her everyday, and Mom has had a hard year, she never let her grief get in the way of taking care of and serving us in the way we are accustomed. I never have gone without getting my medicine and care for my auto immune disorder and health issues, Mom would feel even worse if she felt any of her fur babies suffered as a result of her neglecting her cat servant duties.
      I am glad mew are also guardians who understand this and have Mama Cat’s best interest at heart. She appreciates it and loves mew for it, not to mention her state of the art Mama Snuggle Shack 3000, food, and calisthenic exercise sessions with Da Bird. 💗
      On my Mom and I really like Brother Oliver’s basket carrier, where do mew get one like that? It’s pawesome!
      P.S.- Tell Brother Oliver not to worry, acne is common in kitties. I myself have had it and the people at the Bad Place gave me some stuff to squirt in my mouth twice a day called auntie-biotics. I don’t know what it has to do with my aunt or robots but that’s what they called it. Maybe Brother Oliver can get some, just tell the people at the Bad Place mew need the auntie biotic robot stuff. Mewmew.

  28. Jilly

    Speedy recovery for Mama Cat!… she resembles my kitten in coloring 🙂

  29. Thank goodness for your guardians! Hope it is good news for both of them!

  30. It’s all been said. Sorry about their death in their human family, but no reason to practically try to kill Mama Cat! Rehome her, they will never even know she is gone, nuffing said

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  32. Yow dat eye lookz turrible!! N me just found out kittehz can get da ack-knee just like Hu’Manz!!!!
    Also we alwazy wundered who Momma beelonged too altho dose hu’Manz do not care about Momma do they?? Me nose who she beeloingz to: Da Guardianz of da Cult of Otis!!! Hurrah fer diz!!!! Well dun to yer Hu’manz…dey are da BEST!!!!
    So sayeth Nylablue MOL…

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