All Kitties Accounted For

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. It was a long night for this knight, but I made it through in spite of the endless aerial barrage of booms and bangs. This morning, after the local human population had finished making a spectacle of themselves, I went on patrol to make sure that we didn’t have any kitty casualties. Well, I was still pretty worked up from last night, so I didn’t actually do a FULL patrol. What I did was climb up onto the parapet of the castle… ummm… OK… it was the couch… but anyway, I climbed up onto the parapet and shouted out for everyone to report in. I said, “HEY! YOU GUYS! IT IS I! SIR THOMAS! PLEASE SOUND OFF IF YOU HAVE SURVIVED THE EXPLODE-MA-GEDDON!”

Vigilant Sir Thomas

I climbed up on the parapet and shouted out to everyone to report in.

I heard the voice of Brother Henry coming from the closet in the office. He said, “The Leader and I are OK, Sir Thomas. I sequestered Him here in the closet when things got crazy last night. We’re both tired, but unharmed.” Then I heard Brother Oliver’s voice coming from downstairs. He said, “I’m alive, Sir Thomas. I sought the protection of the Guardians through the night. They let no harm befall me.” Finally, I heard Mama Cat’s voice coming in through the door that opens on The Leader’s Outdoor Domain. She said, “It was a rough night out here, Sir Thomas, but I’m OK. Theo is here too, and… well, do you think you could send the Guardians out with our breakfast?”

Feeling relieved that everyone was accounted for, I set off to try to complete the quest I had just been given by Mama Cat. Fortunately, I found one of the Guardians walking down the hallway toward the back door. I simply dashed out into the outdoor domain and looked back at her. When she looked out, she saw Mama Cat and immediately went to the cupboard for a can of cat food. As the Guardian delivered the food to Mama Cat, Mama said, “Thanks Sir Thomas!”, to which I replied, “At your service, m’lady!”

Thomas Out

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21 responses to “All Kitties Accounted For

  1. Glad to hear that all is well and the cult survived.

  2. Thomas looks so majestic standing on that couch!

  3. Sir Thomas is acclimating to his job perfectly! Glad to hear all the kitties are there.

  4. Sandy

    Good job, Sir Thomas!! I’d been worried about Mama Cat so it is good to know she is okay. And congratulations on your appointment – Otis was very wise in his timing and selection and I know you will live up to his expectations.

  5. Yow sir Thomas…ya really really iz a true KNIGHT…..*swoons*…
    oh sweet Knight purrleeze restore me…. πŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue xo

  6. Whew, we’re glad you all came through, especially the outdoor babies! We had an incredible amount of noise around here and I was surprised that neither Star nor Leo were upset in the least. Must be because they know they’re safe inside. If only it were so for all kitties, right?
    Sir Thomas, I’m so proud of you that you were the first one out and checking on everyone! What a wonderful knight you are!

  7. Good job, Thomas. It was pretty noisy here too last night…but we all survived.

  8. So glad you are all present and accounted for..humans really are noisy beings! they do lack the grace and calm of the feline world don’t they Sir Thomas! πŸ™‚

  9. I was a bit skeered last night. I stayed close to mama. I am glad you are all ok and that Mamacat and Theo made it ok too. Y And I must say you look very handsome in your Knighthood.

  10. So glad you are all safe and accounted for!

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