You Are Cordially Invited

People and fur People who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Well… actually, I guess it’s SIR Thomas now, but you can still call me Thomas. I have not let my knighthood go to my head. Ummm… but I was completely overwhelmed by the kind comments from so many of you guys yesterday! Thank you very much! I will do my best to faithfully fulfill the duties bestowed upon me as the first official knight of The Cult of Otis. Now, on to today’s business.

Tomorrow is a terribly frightening  day for animals in the United States of America… which is where I am told we live. In this country, tomorrow is called “Independence Day”, and I guess it is a day when American humans celebrate their independence from fire safety, noise ordinances, and general peace and quiet. From what I understand, the Guardians of Otis actually swept me up in The Capture on July 1st last year so I would not be outside during the crazy explode-a-thon on the 4th. I guess it is a day when more dogs and cats go missing than any other day of the year. If you have not yet fully come to the light about keeping your cats safely confined, please, at the very least, do so tomorrow if you are in the United States. Actually, please do it if you are anywhere else in the world too.


If you are in the United States of America, please keep your cats safely confined tomorrow. Actually, keep them safe every day, no matter where you are.

July 4th, or rather, The Fourth of Mewly means something different for us here at The Cult of Otis. It is an international holiday known as Dependence Day. Here is how we describe the day on The Cult of Otis website:

“Dependence Day- The Fourth of Mewly

Dependence Day is a day to recognize the relationship that has evolved between humans and domestic cats. Domestic cats depend on humans to provide them with the care, protection and affection that they require to survive. Domestic cats should never be left to fend for themselves in the world at large. They need your help, and Dependence Day is the day to renew your commitment to help any lost, abandoned or feral domestic cats that you encounter.”

So that is what Dependence Day is all about. We do not celebrate dependence day by blowing things up. We celebrate dependence day by lifting kitties up! We make them safer. We enrich their lives. We try to alleviate their suffering. I am excited to announce that Mama Cat has cordially invited all of us to celebrate Dependence Day with her! Although Mama’s guardian still makes her live in Limbo, she has found much joy in enrichment and care provided by the Guardians of Otis. She asked me to invite you all to what she calls “a big, Dependence Day flier-works show.” I don’t know what “flier-works” are, but they sound pretty exciting!

Mama Cat's invite

Mama Cat cordially invites you to attend her Dependence Day flier-works show!

So join us tomorrow for what promises to be a rousing celebration of kitty dependence. I do not know what the day holds in store, but Mama Cat has assured me that there will be absolutely nothing wiener dog related. That alone made me very excited for tomorrow!

(Sir) Thomas Out!

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18 responses to “You Are Cordially Invited

  1. the banging noises have already started here – we could do without them. we hope everyone stays safe

  2. Sir Thomas we know about your day of blowing things up …we do this on new years eve and indeed it is dangerous for all animals..the shelters get poor dogs cut by glass from jumping through windows poor cats scared and lost.We agree cats need us to be responsible..we owe it to you precious ones…we even had our sheep scared where we used to live by neighbours having a blow up night…we keep all our animals..except the three sheep! inside at night all the time…..we know they are safe they know they are safe and the wildlife is safe..when we have bad weather we move the sheep closer to our house yard so we can spy on them 😉
    I look forward to sweet Mama cats event
    Big hugs Thomas (SIR)
    Fozziemum x

  3. Looking forward to some spectacular stunts tomorrow!

  4. 2 cats

    anything involving Mama cat will be awesome

  5. I will come to anything that involves Mama Cat. I am sad she must live in Limbo…she is special. And Sit T…ummm…wellll…not sure how to ask this…But will you now be added to the header on this blog? Just askin’….paw pats, Savannah

  6. I hope Mama Cat will be okay tomorrow. I’m kinda worried about her. And about the other kittie in her household as we never hear anything about him/her anymore. I can’t even remember name and gender of the other cat. At least I thought there was another one.

  7. Joy

    Thomas… now that you’re really a part of the Cult of Otis (being a knight and all) you don’t mind telling us why you hate wiener dogs so much?

    Congratulations on becoming a knight! I’m so glad you are the part of the Cult as the first knight 🙂

    • I’ve asked Thomas this same question many times, Joy. He always seems to change the subject quickly. I’m sure there’s a story behind it all, but he doesn’t seem to want to share it with us for some reason. The reason I’m answering this for him is because he bolted away from the computer as soon as he had seen that you wrote the words “wiener dogs”! It’s crazy! – Brother Oliver

  8. emilykarn

    We will be hiding under Our Person’s bed while all the loud banging is going on. She always shuts us in the bedroom with our favorite blankie tucked under the bed so we can feel safer. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  9. Batya Harlow

    Sir Knight: Belated congratulations on your well-deserved honor! Just wanted to say that for me, every day is Kitty Dependence Day, because I depend on my cats almost more than they depend on me. Trout and Kismet make life worth living. I can’t imagine risking their lives by allowing them to wander in the world without walls. They are much too precious for that. Hoping for the safety of all kitties on the 4th, and every day. And Mama Cat rocks, as well as flies 🙂

  10. Nijinsky Cat

    RSVP: Nijinsky cat will be attending Mama Cat’s Dependence Day celebration.

  11. Even my Jen, who has been indoors since 6 weeks of age and sometimes watches fireworks from the window, got scared by early booms last night. Just when I had her accepting a good brushing and all purring and sweet. Sigh. The Guardians were wise to bring you in a few days before the 4th, Sir Thomas.

  12. This is a wonderful and timely posting. While none of the feline members of our family are particularly afraid of the booms, sometime they can come unexpectedly and so loud that even our HuMom jumps. Our double agent, the canine Lizzie, will spend her time in her safe place until the foolishness subsides. We are all excited to see what Mama Cat has in store for us. We hope she, and all those like her, finds a safe place to ride out the man made thunder.
    Happy Dependance Day!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  13. We’re all indoors and have no plans to change that. And since it is big booms night, we’re also going to find places under beds! Hope you guys find a great place to!

  14. We don’t understand why humans have to celebrate with so much noise! Crazy, if you ask us. We can’t wait to celebrate Dependence Day with Mama Cat. It sure sounds like fun.

  15. I hate all that noise too, Thomas, and I’m a human! Priestess Jen and Miss P. tend to hide when they first hear fireworks, but then they get curious and start watching from their window ledge. Wonder where an outdoor cat would hide during fireworks? In a flammable cornfield? Under a wheel well? In a garage somebody left open? Yeah, it’s a good day to be a safely confined kitty!

  16. Congratulations sir thomas on becoming a Knight! I hope you all get safely through the celebrations including mumma cat! And look forward to your less bangy display!

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