The Recognition of Thomas

My Disciples,

I visited Thomas up in Kitty Valhalla yesterday to wish him a happy anniversary and discuss all that had happened since he was swept up in The Capture. He had a lot to say about his joys, his sorrows, the challenges he has overcome, and those he has yet to conquer. I mostly just laid there and listened.

Thomas and Otis in valhalla resting

I visited with Thomas to congratulate him, and to reflect on his journey.

After talking for quite some time, Thomas fell silent for a moment. Then he said something that made My heart sing. He said, “Leader Otis? I have really learned to enjoy the security duties Brother Henry has given me as his Junior Agent, but I think I might be able to do more around here. Can I be one of your High Priests like Brothers Henry and Oliver? I think I might be really good at helping you guys spread The Good Word. I mean, I have kind of already been doing it!”

I repositioned, so I could look at Thomas, and I said, “Thomas, you have no idea how long I have been waiting to hear you say that. I am thrilled that you want to become a full-fledged member of My inner circle. Unfortunately, I have to refuse your request to become a High Priest.”

Thomas and Otis in valhalla

Thomas asked if he could be one of My High Priests. I was excited, but I had to refuse his request.

Thomas appeared crestfallen. He looked at Me with a puzzled expression and said, “Ohhhh… I’m sorry Leader Otis. I just thought… well…” I quickly interrupted and said, “No, Thomas! You misunderstand Me. We need you as a part of our movement, but High Priest is just not the right role for you. You see, we are on a crusade to ensure that all cats are happy, healthy, and safely confined. A crusade needs warriors! Individuals of impeccable character and unflinching courage that can lead the battle against the forces of darkness! You have proven yourself such an individual. Through countless trials you have persevered. You are a shining beacon of hope for neglected and abandoned kitties everywhere. You are not High Priest Thomas, you are SIR Thomas! The first true knight in our movement! Brother Henry is our shield, but you shall be our sword!”

Thomas’s eyes opened a little bit wider, and I heard him whisper, “Wow! A knight!”

Thomas the knight

Thomas seemed to like the idea of becoming a knight.

After a moment of silence, Thomas said, “Ummm… Leader Otis… I accept. But now that I am a knight, who will I be?” I asked Thomas to clarify what he was asking and he said, “Well, Brother Henry is Your protector, and the symbolic protector of kitties everywhere. It took me awhile, but I eventually figured out that is why you call him The Muscle of The Cult of Otis.” I nodded to indicate that he was correct, and he continued, “And Brother Oliver, despite his mischievous side, is wise in the ways of the world. He often explains things that the rest of us can’t, and he comes up with ideas that none of the rest of us would. So he’s The Brains of The Cult of Otis.” Again I nodded, and Thomas finished by saying, “So we have The Muscle and The Brains, and of course we have You as The Leader. Where do I, as a full-fledged member of the Inner Circle, fit in?

I stepped forward and moved aside the corner of the blanket on which Thomas was sitting. Using My mouth, I grabbed the corner of a piece of paper that had been hidden under the blanket many weeks ago, and I pulled it out. I laid the paper in front of Thomas and said, “As I mentioned, I’ve been waiting for some time for you to fully embrace your place among us.” As Thomas took in what was on the paper, he involuntarily said, “Whoooooooooooa!”


Sir Thomas- The Heart of The Cult of Otis

As Thomas continued to stare at the illustration, I said, “Sir Thomas, you embody everything that we are working for here in The Cult of Otis. You represent the best possible outcome for a kitty in a desperate situation. You have been through the fire. You have climbed the mountain. You have made the journey that I hope every lost kitty can make. And through it all, you never lost heart. Therefore I dub you Sir Thomas, The Heart of The Cult of Otis, and I am extremely honored to have you at My side.”

An extremely proud look washed over Thomas’s face, and then he said, “Thank you Leader Otis. I won’t let you down.” As we both settled in for our afternoon nap, I felt confident that Sir Thomas was right.

So Sayeth Otis



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37 responses to “The Recognition of Thomas

  1. Congrats Sir Thomas!!! Your big heart and courage are an example to all.

  2. emilykarn

    Congratulations, Thomas! This is a honor that you deserve and have earned. We wave our tails in a salute to you. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  3. Congrats on the new title, Sir Thomas! The title and the place (heart of the cult) suit you perfectly.

  4. Happy dance for Sir Thomas, The Heart of The Cult of Otis! PAWSOME!!

  5. Sir Thomas, Heart of the Cult of Otis. How remarkably fitting given the fact the Sir Thomas, sweet Thomas, has found his way into the hearts of so many of the followers of the Cult of Otis. Thomas, we think you have filled a space that no one had even realized was empty. We salute you!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Ummmm I just had a little thought Leader O…you are so well know and you and the Guardians are so comitted to helping all of felinekind…would you purrhaps consider helping me help my foster brofur Leo find his own furrever castle? I am too afraid to have him stay here…he fought hard to live through his hepatic Lipidosis episode…which we are sure cake from a broken heart leading to depression at being abandoned at a kill shelter for being too affectionate…anywho…anything you can do would be appreciated…we would even consider driving him to your area if you know someone. Thank you, Savannah

    • Hi Savannah! The place that one of the Guardians works has a web page filled with advice and resources to help you re-home cats and dogs. The Guardians of Otis employed their assistance when re-homing many of the 23 cats in the abandoned group from which I sprang. I hope the information can help you too! The address is: Some of the websites, like Petfinder, on there are especially helpful in getting the word out!

      • oh thank you Leader O…we do know of those and Leo is already there. Leo is actually ‘owned’ by Contra Costa Humane Society…Mom and Dad are his foster pawrents…so he is not being ‘re-homed”–but now ready for real adoption. I am too afraid of him for him to live with us; otherwise he would already be home furrever cuz Dad and Mom love him so. But I came first and I am still very timid and cautious…and well…sorry to have intruded on your time… I just thought you might wanna like mention him sometime…he does do a very well execute Katmikaze and his Flying Squirrel can often be as good as Mama Cats…he has been studying her work

      • No need to apologize, Savannah! You didn’t intrude on My time at all! Leo sounds like a wonderful kitty. Is there any possibility of creating a separate space for him in your house like the Guardians did with Thomas when he was first brought in? A few months of seeing him through a door, but being physically separated from him seemed to really help us all accept him. Three feliway plug-ins running at all times and a whole lot of positive reinforcement whenever we sniffed noses seemed to help too.

      • we really have tried but there is no way to make a separate place as you did and now I am afraid to even come to my bed with Mom at night cuz I fear I will be shut inside, trapped, so Leo can come out into the rest of the house. I don’t really have anything that can be a positive reinforcement for me cuz I don’t like nip, treats and if I am afraid, I don’t even wanna be touched softly. I am the problem, not Leo. Leo would be fine and enjoy having me to play with him….it is sad all the way around. We are getting Feliway plugs now until Leo can find his new home. Thank you taking time to respond Leader O

  7. SIR Knight! Heart of the Quest!
    May all your naps be filled with happy dreams.

  8. I love it!! Woo hoo for Sir Thomas!

  9. 2 cats

    That brought a proud tear to my eye. Though I do think the drawing of sir Thomas makes him look quite, Erm, svelte!

  10. Well deserved Sir Thomas. I bow before ye.

  11. Congratulations Sir Thomas!
    We are all so very proud of you!

  12. oh my goodness.. you are killing me here.. *MUST NOT cry at work*

    YAY for Sir Thomas of Mon Coeur

  13. Congratulations Thomas!
    Hey Leader O, are you going to add the illustration of him to the heading of your blog?

    Again, congratulations Thomas!

  14. Congrats sir Thomas. What a wonderful journey it has been for you. I do have a question for leader otis, where does mama cat fall in?

    • Mama Cat’s situation is a difficult one, peacelovenwhiskers, as is the case for all Limbo kitties. She has a person that calls her his own, but she is not given the kind of safe boundaries and fully enriched life that cats like The Brothers, Thomas and I have. The Guardians of Otis are doing all that they can to fill the void in her life, as they do every Limbo cat that enters our yard. Mama Cat is a prime example of the myth of the happy outdoor cat. She constantly seeks attention, play and love from the Guardians when her own guardian should be her primary source of these things. Mama creates a dilemma for all of us every single day, especially since her person is still recovering from the grief of losing his spouse. Perhaps, when time has passed and some healing has occurred, the Guardians may breach the subject of re-homing Mama. She definitely deserves better than she currently has.

  15. Bravo Sir Thomas, we are so happy for you!!!

  16. Congrats Sir Thomas! That’s wonderful news šŸ™‚

  17. Fran Scoville

    There is no doubting . . . Thomas! He is the heart! Sir Thomas of Mon Couer! . . .and the beat goes on!

  18. Congratulations Sir Thomas Heart! You deserve this honor! (and now I wonder how long before I can get your drawing on a t-shirt LOL)

  19. That’s amazing! Thomas really deserves it!

  20. Oh yes. That is just purr-fect! Congrats to Sir Thomas!

  21. Leader Otis, you took my breath away! What you, the Brothers and your Guardians have done to help Thomas is incredibly beautiful. You are an inspiration to us all. And sweet, little Thomas a knight! Now he can really be as Shadow…..congratulations Sir Thomas!! And I love your new image!

  22. Heather

    Otis, you put this so eloquently; I couldn’t have pictured a better idea. I guess that is why you’re the leader.

    Yeah for Sir Thomas! I bask in your amazing love and bravery! You are definitely the heart of the group!

  23. Oh,Thomas, my mama and I are so happy for you. Sir Thomas the Heart! Wonderful!

  24. Congratulations to Sir Thomas!!

  25. Oh I can’t believe I have tears in my eyes! Thomas as the Heart is too perfect. Congratulations sweet Sir Thomas! We think you’re awesome and are so so so so SO glad you were saved and revealed your true self and are now a great living example of what can happen when guardians step in when kitties are tossed aside. Hugs and nuzzles!

  26. Oh no my eyes are leaking! concatulations Sir Thomas what a purrfect honour for you….huge hugs from Fozziemum and the gang xxxxx

  27. Sir Thomas: Knight in fuzzy armor and a good and courageous kitty!

  28. APAWZ APAWZ~~ oh Sir Thomas diz iz bunderfull mewz ya have shared wif us!!! me haz neber known a Knight befur….me will *play bow* to ya šŸ˜‰
    Dere iz another eesun you iz da heat of da Cult…it iz dem dellishuss white pawz…..
    *swoonz* ….must go lie down frum da eggcitemint!!
    Lub n respect frum Nylablu eox

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