Sizzling Hot Sunday

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Earlier today I was napping up in Kitty Valhalla when I heard a commotion outside. It was Brother Oliver’s voice yelling, “IT’S TOO HOT!” I peeked out the window and looked down in The Leader’s Outdoor Domain to see The Brothers and Leader Otis laying in a widely spaced pattern around the enclosure. Brother Oliver yelled “HOT!” again while I watched.

Oliver, Henry, Otis hot in enclosure 3

The Brothers and The Leader were in the Outdoor Domain. Brother Oliver was yelling that it was too hot.

Getting no response to his vocal complaints, Brother Oliver quieted down. At that point, Brother Henry spoke up and said, “Leader Otis, would You mind moving over here away from that door. I feel like my reflexes are a bit slower today because of the heat. If The Mongrel Horde attacks, I want to make sure I can get in between You and them in time.”

Oliver, Henry, Otis hot in enclosure 4

Brother Henry asked The Leader to move over closer to him in case there was an attack by The Mongrel Horde.

Leader Otis started to say that He thought it would be highly unlikely that agents of the Long-feared Dog Uprising would be active in such heat, but He eventually decided that arguing would be more tiresome than simply complying with Brother Henry’s request. He trudged over and laid down between The Brothers, being careful not to come into contact with either of them as that would have caused an unwanted transfer of body heat.

After The Leader laid down, Brother Henry said, “OK, let’s see… Agent O! Do you have The Leader’s Back!?” Brother Oliver replied with a mumbled noise that sounded vaguely like, “Yes sir.” Brother Henry then looked back over his shoulder and said, “We’ve got a good three feet of space between me and the wall back there, so no terrierists should be able to nip me through the wire. I think we’re good to go. Leader Otis, you may nap at will.”

Oliver, Henry, Otis hot in enclosure 5

Leader Otis complied with Brother Henry’s request. Brother Henry was pleased.

Brother Henry then looked back over at Brother Oliver who had begun to lick his foreleg. Brother Henry said, “Agent O! What are you doing? Are you bathing while on duty!?”

Oliver hot in enclosure licking leg

Brother Henry saw Brother Oliver licking his leg and accused him of bathing while on duty.

Brother Oliver said, “No Agent H, I’m not bathing. You see, we cats have very few sweat glands, and those that we do have are only on our feet. But I have found that if I wet my fur by licking it, I will get cooler as my kitty spit evaporates. It’s like sweating, but I have to apply the sweat with my tongue. Don’t you ever cool off that way?” Brother Henry replied, “Hmmmmm… maybe I do. I think I always just did it subconsciously though. I didn’t really realize I was simulating sweating. I think I’ll try it right now!” Brother Henry then started licking his armpit.

Henry, Otis hot in enclosure

Brother Henry decided to give simulated sweating a try.

As The Brothers continued to moisten their fur, Brother Oliver said, “Don’t you need to cool off too, Leader Otis?” Leader Otis replied, “Actually, I still have very little fur on My belly, and a shaved spot on each foreleg from all My visits to The Bad Place. The heat is dissipating off My body very well right now!” Brother Oliver said, “Oh yeah. I forgot about that. I kind of wish I had a shaved belly too. If I did, I would do this.” Brother Oliver then rolled over on his back.

Oliver, Henry, Otis hot in enclosure 6

Brother Oliver showed what he would do if he had a shaved belly.

As Brother Oliver laid on his back with his legs up in the air, Leader Otis said, “Hey. Do you guys know what today is?” Both Brothers said that they didn’t, and Leader Otis said, “It’s “Sizzling Hot Sunday!” Everyone laughed, and then Brother Henry said, “Oh my gosh! That should be today’s blog post!”, to which Leader Otis replied, “Yes it should, but it’s too hot too hot to move. What do you think we should do?” No one had an answer to that. No one, that is, except for the unseen listener above them.

They still did not see him as he disappeared from the window and moved, as shadow, downstairs to the computer. When they came to check on him later, he was back in his secret lair (well… not that secret) dozing fitfully with a curious smile on his lips.

Thomas smiling in cubby

Mission Accomplished.

Thomas Out

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20 responses to “Sizzling Hot Sunday

  1. yourothermotherhere

    How cute!

  2. Thomas, you are just too cool.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. Humm, I wonder if Priestess Jen is licking to keep cool like Brother Oliver. She keeps wanting to get down into the basement too. Makes sense because she is double-coated.

    • If it is really hot there, maybe she is, Pezcita. Brother Oliver is pretty smart, so I think he was right about us licking ourselves to help cool down. Like Brother Henry, I never really thought about it until I heard Bro O say it. – Thomas

  4. I just go out on the balcony in early morning then again at night. When it is hot–like all summer here–I stay in the air conditioning.

  5. Thomas, you sneaky Pete!

  6. You all look like you’ve passed out from the heat! Stay cool!

  7. Brother Thomas I have a song for you…”Cool for catsssssssss ” 🙂

  8. Three Hot Mos – I have the same here in the UK 😉

  9. Yer such a guud Brother…Thomas!! You did a purrfect blog n da pix were grrreat!!!! Da other Brotherz n Leader Otis look bery handsum in Kitty Valhalla… asked Mum fer one of dese but we not alloud to put one up here 😦 HHRRMMPPHHH maybee time fer a bigger Condo 😉
    Hab a guud Sunny day frum Nylablue n Mum too.

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