The Hallway Seems Long Today

My Disciples,

It’s one of those days. Even when I am completely healthy, I have them sometimes, but they are even more pronounced with My health challenges of late. They are days when the distance from point A to point B seems to be quite a bit longer. Days where just walking down the hallway from My food bowl to My Outdoor Domain seems like an epic journey. Yes, today, that hallway seems very long to Me.

Otis in the hallway

The hallway seems long today.

I do it though. I set My eyes on My goal, I stand up, and I start putting one paw in front of the other. It might take Me a little bit longer on these long hallway days, but through sheer force of will I get to where I want to go. And when I get there, I look back to find that the hallway no longer seems quite so long.

Otis looking hopeful

The hallway looks long, but I don’t let that stop Me. I get up and put one paw in front of the other.

When I arrive in My Outdoor Domain and look out from behind the safety of the wire, I see Limbo kitties and Shadow kitties all around, and each of them is waiting at the end of their own long hallway. I know when you look out, you see them too. For the most fearful and desperate of these kitties, the distance between us and them seems vast. It would be easy to say that it is an impossible journey, and give up without even trying.

Don’t. Don’t give up. Not now. Not ever. Get up, put one foot in front of the other and walk toward them. Work hard to earn their trust, and when they begin walking too, you can meet them in the middle. Then scoop them up and carry them the rest of the way to the light. When you reach the end of the hallway together, you will look back and realize that it really wasn’t so long. All you needed was to have the will to walk it.

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “The Hallway Seems Long Today

  1. Dear Leader Otis,

    Thank you. For everything. You are truly an inspiration. We’re dealing with a Shadow kitty right now, and your post just reaffirmed how important it is for us to continue to try and gain our little friend’s trust. I hope you own battle lessens every day and that soon you’ll be healthy and walking again without any trouble.

    With lots of purrs and love,

    Linda, David, Lola, Griffon & Luna

  2. Dear Leader Otis, You’re right, sometimes the hallway does seem long. This is what I’ve done for today. Since You and Your Guardians and companions are doing such a brilliant job at getting out the message, I decided to use my blog to direct attention to the Cult of Otis. Admittedly in a very long-winded and roundabout way, using something called β€œirony” (maybe Brother Oliver knows about that and can explain it), but I think it will work for my followers. I’m not sure how many I have, but whoever they are, they’re going to know all about You. It’s – perhaps Your Guardians will show You. Best wishes for Your recovery. I hope that soon, all Your hallways will seem shorter.

  3. Fay de Grimston

    Dear Leader Otis,

    Your faith in the Mission, despite your health woes, is inspiring.

    Little Evie


  4. I do enjoy close up photos of Otis. That face is to die for!

  5. We know that somedays, pain can weaken the will to try. Those are the days we think some sort of extra treat is in order. Extra head rubs is a favorite here for both cat and human. ( the human does the rubs, the cat allows the rubs)
    Thanks for reminding us all to never give up.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Yow Leader Otis…you iz a pawsitive inspirashun to all of us older kittehzdealin wif health probz…fank you fer da guud werdz!! Also fer remindin da Hu’Manz to keep werkin wif da Shadow kittehz to bring dem into da light like we are!!!
    Have a bery guud weekend
    Nylablue xo

  7. It’s so brutally hot here, we worry about the outdoor kitties. There’s always a water bowl in the porch and a shady place on the bench there. Paws crossed their owners notice the kitties’ distress someday.
    Timely post, Otis.

  8. Nijinsky Cat

    I love you Otis and everything you do for the other kitties in the world!

  9. Those are wise words, Leader Otis.

  10. Poor Otis. Hope you are not getting arthritis or something. Priestess Jen has a kitty problem you might be able to help with. Recently, she has taken to washing too much and licking off patches of fur. We think it might be food allergies, so we’re switching her to a food that’s free of artificial dyes. it might also be stress grooming though. Her favorite human will be gone all day tomorrow, and she knows it.

    • I did have the “Art Thritis”, Pezcita, but My hipsterectomy surgery back in December took care of that. Now I’m dealing with weird muscle weakness though. I’ve been on meds for about a month, but I heard the Guardians discussing taking Me back to The Bad Place because I’m still having troubles.

      Sorry to hear that Priestess Jen is licking off patches of fur! If the food switch doesn’t help, she might need to go to The Bad Place for some help. 😦

  11. Dear sweet Otis what beautiful advice you have,yes sometimes we all have long hallways but positive thought and a little help from our friends is like a lift along the way.Take care sweet Otis πŸ™‚

  12. emilykarn

    Bravo Otis! You are an inspiration to cats and humans everywhere. Our Person is dealing with health problems herself and you give her the courage to keep trying. Our Purrs are for you. Bandit, Selleck, And Their Person, Emily.

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