Time’s Up On The Time Out… For Thomas

My Disciples,

Yesterday, I walked into the living room to find Thomas sitting on one of the posing benches. I asked what he was doing and he said, “Brother Oliver put me in time out for hissing at him.” I said, “Wait, you mean because of what happened outside? Wasn’t your hisser stuck?”, and he replied, “Ummmm… yeah, but Brother Oliver was still upset that I hissed at him so he insisted on the time out…” I told Thomas that he was free to go, and that I would handle Brother Oliver. Thomas thanked Me and quickly headed off toward the litter box. I laid down behind the cat tree to wait for Brother Oliver.

Otis looking serious

As Thomas ran off to the litter box, I laid down by the cat tree to wait for Brother Oliver.

Eventually Brother Oliver came strolling into the living room. As he entered, I heard him say, “What the? Where did he go!? I told him he was in time out!” Brother Oliver jumped when I said, “Who did you tell he was in time out, Brother Oliver?” Brother Oliver said, “Oh! Leader Otis! I didn’t see you there. I… uhhhh.. I told Thomas he was in time out because he hissed at me. You understand right?” I replied, “Yes, Brother Oliver, I totally understand kitties having to be in time out for doing things that are wrong. So Thomas just hissed at you out of the blue and for no reason?” Brother Oliver said, “Yes! Well… no. He was worked up because of a Raccoon and I must have startled him when I sniffed him from behind. He hissed once, and then a bunch more times when his hisser got stuck. But the point is, he hissed at ME! You have to admit, this whole situation warranted a time out, right Leader Otis?” I agreed with Brother Oliver that a time out was definitely warranted, just not for Thomas.

Oliver in time out

I agreed that a time out was warranted, so I put Brother Oliver in time out.

It might seem like I was a little harsh with Brother Oliver, but I think he sometimes forgets that when both Thomas and I were first being swept up in The Capture, he used to hiss at us all the time, and it wasn’t because his hisser was stuck. I think he was genuinely afraid that new kitties coming into the house would threaten his relationship with the Guardians. Once he realized he was still loved just the same, he calmed down and accepted us. Well, he actually didn’t accept Me until the day I encountered the Sacred Rat of Fate, but that is another story.

All right, I guess I should go tell Brother Oliver that his time out is over now. It’s time for Me to take a nap, and I am in dire need of a comfortable pillow.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “Time’s Up On The Time Out… For Thomas

  1. alls fair in love and hissing 🙂

  2. It’s just hard to deflate hissing.

  3. If we got timeouts for hissing, Mistletoe would be in an eternal timeout. She had to fight to survive her first year and while she’s not mad at all boy cats anymore, she’ll still gives you a good hissing if you cross the lines she’s drawn. Not that I ever do….much. We are both glad you reminded Brother Oliver of his own hissing. Now we are sure he’ll be more understanding of the occasional hiss.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • I think he will too, M an H. Hmmmm… come to think of it, maybe I should investigate a little more and see if I an figure out what triggered Brother Oliver to hiss back in the day. There may be more of a story here than I realize…

  4. Batya Harlow

    Hooray for you, Leader Otis! Thomas needed a champion and you came through for him.

  5. Aw, I missed yesterday, but poor Thomas! It’s hard to unstick your hisser when you get startled! I’m glad you straightened things out, Otis!

  6. Heather

    I’m glad you put him in his place, leader O. That Brother Oliver has just a shade of adorable bossy pants, know it all, in him. Glad you set him straight!

  7. Thank you leader Otis. I knew there would be justice.

  8. N diz iz why you iz da Leader OTIS!!! No one can keepz control over da Brotherz like ya can!!!! Maybee Brother Oliver needed a gentle reminder dat YOU iz in charge!!! MOL…
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

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