The Leader Was Visited By A Wildling

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Yesterday, just as the sun was going down, I thought I would head downstairs from Kitty Valhalla and spend some time in Leader Otis’s Outdoor Domain. As I approached the OD, I heard The Leader’s voice coming from outside. He was saying, “I’m sorry My child, but wildlings cannot pass the walls of My Domain. You stay out there in the wild and do your wildling thing. Leave this domicile to the domestics like Thomas, The Brothers and Me.”

I stepped out the door and was taken aback by what I saw. A Raccoon was peeking in through the wire! I yelled out, “WHAT THE FUR!?” and started to retreat, but Leader Otis said, “Don’t worry Thomas! She can’t get in. I know this wildling. Soon she’ll lose interest and return to picking snails and slugs from the garden…”

Otis, Thomas and Raccoon

I was startled by the Raccoon, and I almost ran back inside. Leader Otis told me not to worry though.

I didn’t go back inside, but I chose not to go over next to Leader Otis either. The wildling was a little too close for my comfort. Leader Otis looked at her paw as she rested it on the edge of the enclosure. He said, “Look at those long toes! I’ve never noticed this before, but it looks like these guys have hand-paws. I wonder if she could open a can of cat food with those…” The Raccoon moved back a few steps and Leader Otis sat up to get a better look at her. He looked down, and I heard a gasp escape his lips. He was staring at her tail.

Otis and Raccoon

Leader Otis gasped when He looked at the Raccoon’s tail.

Leader Otis stared at the Raccoon’s tail for a full minute. He almost seemed hypnotized, and I think I heard him saying something like, “Soooooo… fluffy….”, under his breath. The spell was finally broken when one of the Guardians stepped out into the enclosure crinkling the bag of freeze-dried chicken treats. The Raccoon retreated, and so did I, because I’m not entirely comfortable being in the Outdoor Domain with the Guardians yet. I stopped just inside the door though and I saw that Leader Otis was enjoying a bit of that freeze-dried tastiness. It clearly made Him forget all about the fluffy tail He had just seen. To tell you the truth, I forgot all about the Raccoon as well when a delicious treat came sailing through the air and dropped right at my feet. For a moment, I even almost forgot that I am still a little afraid of the Guardians, but then the treat was gone… and so was I.

Thomas Out

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24 responses to “The Leader Was Visited By A Wildling

  1. Hey Thomas, very brave of you to use the outdoor domain…and thank Cod Leader O could not reach all that fluffiness

  2. Wow !
    A Raccoon came and visited you ?!
    I Guess your pretty glad she didnt get in , I have seen on Animal Planet What a mess they can make 🙂

  3. Fluffy tails, but wilding smells! Oh my! Your outdoor domain is so wonderful. Keeps those little masked bandits out.

  4. “What the fur?!” is officially my new child-friendly expression of surprise!

  5. talk about close encounters…!

  6. MOL, tail obsession surfacing again, Otis?
    Thomas, I do hope that one day soon you’ll realize that the guardians are fully trustworthy! And they have treats! Making them good to be around!

  7. A raccoon that’s not camera shy?

  8. Goodness Thomas.. the quote from Oliver comes to mind..’please Otis can I have some more’ 🙂 too cute…but beware the mask wearing bandit ! actually poor old Forrest looks a bit like a racoon with his white face markings 🙂

  9. We’ve never been that close to one of those raccoon things. We’re glad the Leader didn’t get too close to that tail.

  10. Oh Thomas you’re so brave.

  11. Yow Thomas…me haz dese wildlingz come here sumtimez too….at night mostly..dere iz one raccoon we call Koala (Mum iz a bit challenged fer namez) n Koala comes right up to da bedroom window n getz on da hind legz n peepz in at us. Mum told me dat raccoonz are cussinz to us!! Not shure bout dat but dey are kinda cute!!
    Mum sayz no paw to paw contact tho cause if a raccoon iz sick we can catch what dey have!! So me keepz me distance too!!!
    Leader Otis iz brave izn’t he???
    Lub Nylablue xo

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