Cookie’s Cat Fights

My Disciples,

Despite the fact that the Guardians are giving Me doses of nasty tasting medications twice a day, I felt it urgent that to talk to you today about an important topic. You see, Limbo kitty Cookie has been getting into a lot of fights recently. These fights are often short, and may seem like minor squabbles to people who are really committed to the idea of cats being outside, but even minor squabbles can have very dangerous consequences.


Cookie has been getting in a lot of altercations lately.

Some people might say, “Cats will be cats…” and not give these brief skirmishes a second thought. But a close inspection of Cookie’s body shows that she is suffering damage in these fights, and no doubt dishing out some of her own as well.

Cookie's wounds

Cookie’s body is riddled with small scratches and bite wounds from her fights.

So, what’s a few scratches and puncture wounds between cats, right? Well, a few scratches and puncture wounds between cats very well could mean transmission of horrible diseases like the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) or Feline Leukemia (FeLV). Even cats who have been vaccinated against these diseases are not 100% protected, so the only sure way to prevent your cat from being exposed is to keep your cat isolated from infected animals. Indoor/outdoor Limbo kitties like Cookie are constantly coming into contact with other kitties roaming free in the world. Any or all of these cats may become carriers of illness that is easily spread when they fight with one another.


Cookie portrait

Limbo kitties like Cookie are at great risk of contracting potentially lethal FIV and FeLV. Once infected, they can also pass disease to other kitties.

It’s true that cats will be cats, and that is why cats need responsible Guardians that will protect them and keep them out of harm’s way. If they do not, there is a good chance that cats being cats will lead to cats being infected, and that will lead to those cats prematurely ceasing to be.

So Sayeth Otis


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25 responses to “Cookie’s Cat Fights

  1. Oh poor, sweet Cookie. We will purr for all the Limbo Cats that they find safe, caring Indoor shelter and that everyone that loves cats work to be a responsible guardian.
    We offer you our warmest regards,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  2. ohh nasty 😦 big furry hugs

  3. I had a tortie, Poco, who was allowed to go into our yard with me – ONLY with me. But she got really good at sneaking away if I glanced away for a moment. And torties are thugs. She fought with EVERYONE. So, when we moved to Cheyenne she became a strictly indoor kitty. Oliver and Obi have never been outside and they are so happy for it.

  4. Poor Cookie! Preshy can leave some royally painful marks on Priestess Jen from time to time (especially when we first got her) but since Jen is an indoor cat, we can catch her right away and put antibiotic ointment on the affected areas. Also, we know she isn’t going to catch FIV or FeLV from a fellow vaccinated housecat.

  5. Yes Otis it is true..poor Cookie..our Merlin Mc Tavish was attacked in our yard by a Limbo Kitty and this was the cause of his Feline Aids..he lived a good life for quite a while after getting it but lost the fight..He was no threat to our other kitties and he was confined to indoors and the enclosure once diagnosed,we kept our foster kittens separate from him and our other cats were safe as he was no threat to them.This is another problem of homeless limbo kitties and is very sad .We thought he would be fine because he didn’t leave our yard,but the fight came to him.Continued good health Brother Otis 🙂

  6. Very wise words, Leader Otis. That’s why we are indoor kitties…and only fight with each other (but just for play…most of the time). 😉

  7. Aw, poor Cookie! What a shame she has to go through all of that just because her people think she’s happy out there. Um, people, I think the evidence says otherwise!
    My Star has scars on her back/neck like that from before we got her. It makes me sad to see them.

  8. my feet haven’t touched earth since i was a baby and went to the shelter where my mama found me. i am very glad i am in indoor catkid if that is what happens to outdoor cats.

  9. Ouch! Poor Cookie. I’ve heard outdoor cats can get some pretty nasty battle scars, especially when they wander into another cat’s territory.

    Speaking of cat injuries Otis, there is something I would like to ask you and your guardians. My family has two indoor kitties. One of them has been licking and scratching herself excessively. She has bald spots and sometimes scabs from it. We stop her when we catch her, and we eliminated artificial dyes from her food. She doesn’t have any mites or fleas either. The people at the Bad Place think she may be depressed. I’m considering that possibility because she is a little moody and sometimes just wants to sleep behind the furniture, despite the many available toys to play with and windows to look out of. Is there more we can do to help her?

    • Hmmmm… I’m not very familiar with excessive licking and scratching that isn’t caused by parasites or a skin condition. If you trust the people at your Bad Place, perhaps pursuing their recommended treatment is the way to go. If you are unsure about their diagnosis, I highly recommend seeking out a second opinion at at a different Bad Place.

  10. Poor sweet Cookie….we nose about dem fightz n dey can be vishus n scary!!! Dat iz why Mum bought me da Condo…dat way not kitteh or doggie can get at me cause da barz purrtect me from introoderz!! We wishez Cookie’z Hu’manz wuud take dat kitteh back in n keep him safe!!!
    Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

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