Security Outpost Sunday

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Following Brother Henry’s example of extreme vigilance at the front window yesterday, I have decided to sit my own vigil atop Security Outpost Tabby Tower today. I shall remain ever-watchful, and no suspicious activity shall elude my piercing gaze, for I dub this “Security Outpost Sunday”!

Thomas on top of security outpost

Today I shall perch atop the Tabby Tower and remain ever-watchful.

I can see everything from up here. I shall laugh mockingly at any long, short-legged dogs that attempt to reach me on my safe perch, and I shall sound the alarm so that The Brothers will have ample time to get The Leader to safety before the invasion of the mongrel horde.

Thomas looking down

I am untouchable on this high perch. I shall mock those who attempt to reach me.

Yes sir. I am a safe and sound sentinel. I… oh, hi Brother Henry. What’s that? Watch out for what? Parapoopers?

Thomas looking down at Brother Henry

What’s that, Brother Henry? Watch out for Parapoopers?

Oh my gosh! I forgot about the oft-rumored, airborne canine attack force! Ummmmm… well… perhaps I need to alter my tactics then…

Thomas in his cubby

Yes, this is much better.

What’s that? What happened to Security Outpost Sunday? Oh, well, this cubby is also a security outpost. It is… ummmm… Security Outpost Cozy Kitty Cubby. So it’s totally still Security Outpost Sunday. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some vigilance to maintain.

Thomas Out

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19 responses to “Security Outpost Sunday

  1. For those of us who have followed your progress from The Capture, Thomas, it’s great to see you up (on the Tabby Tower) and about (in the Kitty Cubby). I’m sure you can maintain vigilance from the cubby, in the same way that I can work on my novel while I’m taking a nap. We work in mysterious ways, but behold the wonders.

  2. Ooh, I so want a Security Outpost Tabby Tower!

  3. Thomas is an adorable poser! He’s like the James Bond of kitties.

  4. expectantmummy

    I soooooooooo want one of those!

  5. What an awesome sentry tower you have, Thomas! And that cubby’s not bad either!

  6. My mom just came up to ooo and ahh at these pictures of Thomas. How could such a beautiful animal go unwanted?!

  7. Good look at maintaining your vigilance!

  8. Yow yow Tabby Tower iz pawsum n me wantz one fer meself…MUM…….can me have a Tower just like Brother Thomas??????????
    Me must sayz you iz bery bery bery handsum wif da ice cream white pawz n dose lubly eyez….me iz gonna faint frum dee-light……..
    Hello Brother Thomas…Nylablue’s human here..she is recovering from a swoon…these photos really got to her & I think she has a major crush on you…I explained to her you are a busy Sentinel cat with alot of responsibility so I hoep she gets over this crush soon, lol….
    You ARE a handsome cat…Nylablue is right about that!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love from Nylablue (still a bit dazed) & Sherri-Ellen xo

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