Kitty Power Pose #13: The Inspirational Leader

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Longtime Disciples will recall my Kitty Power Pose photographic series from a while back. When I got to the 12th image in the series, I thought that maybe it had run its course. Recently though, I have decided that I thought wrong, so I am resuming the series today with photo number 13. In this photo Leader Otis looks confidently into the future toward a time when every kitty is happy, healthy and safely confined. People everywhere have banded together to protect and care for kitties, and every kitty has all the love, enrichment and security he or she could ever hope for. Oh, and they also have all the treats they want. The Leader said that part is very important.

Anyway, I give you Kitty Power Pose #13: The Inspirational Leader.

The Inspirational Leader

The Inspirational Leader

There you have it! I hope you have been suitably inspired. If you missed the earlier images in the Kitty Power Pose series, click on “Kitty Power” in the “Archived Wisdom of The Leader” sidebar to the right to see them all.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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17 responses to “Kitty Power Pose #13: The Inspirational Leader

  1. The handsomest. πŸ™‚

  2. I love you Leader Otis and all the gang!

  3. Oh Brother Oliver! Once again you have used your artistic ability to inspire the many followers of Leader Otis. I’m sure the Leader continues to shower you with his thanks and appreciation. You are part of the foundation that allows him to look to that bright future. We thank you for your inspirational work that you unselfishly share to uplift us all.
    We salute you!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. The Leader definitely looks inspirational there.

  5. emilykarn

    Very inspirational! Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  6. The ever-handsome, ever-profound Otis! Looks like he is feeling better too.

  7. Handsome as ever, and very inspirational!

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  9. rhiannonpaine

    How wonderful to see a new photo of Leader Otis. Thanks for sharing it, Brother Oliver.

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