Super Fun Sunday

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. I had so much fun this morning that Leader Otis gave me permission to declare today “Super Fun Sunday” ! It all started when I heard an interesting noise in the living room. I snuck in to investigate and found one of the Guardians waving around an artificial bird!

Thomas investigates

One of the Guardians was waving an artificial bird around in the living room!

Thomas crouching while Henry watches

I quickly moved, as shadow, under the couch. I popped out on the other side with my eyes on the bird. Brother Henry was watching.

Thomas makes a grab

I made a diving grab for the bird, but I came up short. I watched as it slipped away, just outside my grasp.

Otis talking to Thomas

I heard a voice behind me say, “Nice try Thomas. You almost had it. Let Me show you a little something though.” It was Leader Otis!

Otis watching bird

Leader Otis said, “First you should just watch the bird to get a sense of how it moves. Stay focused.” Leader Otis let the bird slip away, keeping His eyes on it as it went.

Otis anticipating the next move of the bird

Leader Otis continued, “OK, now that I have a good idea of how the bird is moving, I can try to anticipate its next move.” He rose to his feet and said, “It’s moving away, but it will be coming back, and I will be ready.”

Otis grasping feather toy

Sure enough, the artificial bird started moving back toward The Leader. As it came nearer, Leader Otis said, “And now we act!” He made a perfect, two paw capture of the bird. It was an impressive feet, especially considering His mobility challenges lately. Leader Otis summed up His lesson saying, “Remember Thomas, watch, anticipate, act. That is how we do it. I learned that Myself from the greatest cathlete I know, Mama Cat.”

The Leader let the bird go and said, "OK Thomas. Now it's your turn. First though I want to see your pounce. Go ahead and pounce on the bird as it is sitting still."

The Leader let the bird go and said, “OK Thomas. Now it’s your turn. First though I want to see your pounce. Go ahead and pounce on the bird as it is sitting still.”

Thomas Pouncing

I did as asked and pounced on the bird. Leader Otis said, “Good job, Thomas! You have a very powerful pounce! Nice technique too!” I purred.

Thomas in ready stance

Next Leader Otis told me that it was time to try what I had learned on a moving target. I moved away from the couch to give myself some room, and I got in a ready stance to indicate to the bird handler that it was time to begin.

Thomas anticipating

I watched the artificial bird as it moved overhead. I anticipated it’s trajectory and then raised my paws as I prepared to act.

Thomas scores

The bird swung low and I saw my moment. I pounced and brought it crashing down beneath my mighty paws. Well, they felt mighty in the moment anyway.

Leader Otis shouted, “Yes! Yes Thomas! You’re a natural!” I was so excited to hear this that I purred loudly again. That’a when I decided that today should be Super Fun Sunday! Because it is! Now, if you will excuse me, I have a bird to catch.

Thomas Out

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24 responses to “Super Fun Sunday

  1. Yow diz iz a bunderfull post Brother Oliver n Leader Otis!!!!
    We iz so happy dat da Leader felt guud enuff to give ya sum lessonz on ‘birdin’ n you shure iz a ‘quick studee’ Brother Oliver!!!
    Have a super Fun Sunday!!!!!
    Nylablue n SherriEllen….

  2. Heather

    Oh Thomas, Mama Cat would be so proud of you! That was amazing!

  3. That does look super fun.

  4. Chris

    What a cutie you are, Thomas.

  5. I love to play with feathers. Sometimes I eats them.

  6. Wonderful Job, Thomas! Leader Otis is a very inspiring teacher, and you, an excellent student. It adds to today’s joy, watching you all enjoy this “Super Fun Sunday”. We hope you have a Marvelous Monday also.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  7. Wow what an amazingly fun sunday indeed!! birdz is good fur somethings πŸ˜‰

  8. I love these posts where we can see your True Spirit shining so brightly, Thomas. You have come such a long way since you were swept up in the Capture!!

  9. emilykarn

    So happy that Leader Otis felt well enough to participate. Thomas you were so cute and very impressive! Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  10. Kiko here. I am dictating this message to my guardian and love (Nese) as it’s difficult to type without opposable thumbs–goodness knows I’ve tried.
    Thomas: I’ve been reading with great interest all your recent achievements and observations of some of the weirdness of the 2 Brothers. Clearly, you’ve prepared well for the Leader’s nuggets of wisdom such as you describe on Super Fun Sunday. May you have many many more as I read your future posts. Kiko out.

  11. Oh Thomas, so many of us have learned from Mama Cat…watch, anticipate and Act! Pawsome moves young mancat

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