Brother Oliver Wants to Lighten the Mood

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Brother Oliver has told me too… what? What Brother Oliver? Oh, right. OK. Brother Oliver has asked me to help him create a more… I forget what he… what? Oh yeah. He asked me to help him create a more whimsical post for today because he feels like our recent posts have all been very serious. Wait, what? Of course they’ve been serious Brother Oliver! The Leader’s not feeling well and kitties are out there in Limbo. That’s serious business! Oh… I see… that’s why you want to lighten things up.

Anyway, for some reason Brother Oliver felt that a picture of him holding his favorite toy would help… what would it help again, Brother Oliver? Oh, it would help to bring a more playful mood to the blog. Brother Oliver’s favorite toy is a catnip kicker with a tail that was given to us by our good friends Andrea, Leo and Star. Brother Oliver likes the toy so much that he hogs it all the time so no one else can use… what? What Brother Oliver? Just show them the picture? Alright.

Oliver with toy

Here is the picture Brother Oliver wanted me to show you. That is the toy that he always hogs.

So there you have it. Does the mood feel lighter? I just… huh? What Brother Oliver? That’s not the photo you wanted me to show? But I thought… yeah… I have that one. Oh. Gotcha. OK, so I guess that wasn’t the photo Brother Oliver wanted me to show you. He wanted me to show you one that highlights his paws because, in his words, “My paws make people smile.” Really? Your paws make people smile? You really are kind of weird Brother Oliver. Oh… yeah… I’ll show them.

Oliver with toy 2

Brother Oliver says his paws make people smile. Are you smiling?

Was that the right photo this time, Brother Oliver? Yes? Good. Are we done then? What’s that? Mission what? Oh, Mission Accomplished? Excellent. Then am I to assume that the mission was to make me think you are weird? Hmmmm… I guess he has no comment.

Thomas Out

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35 responses to “Brother Oliver Wants to Lighten the Mood

  1. The first picture looks really furrocious. The second one is cute. Yes, his paws make people smile. They are such cute paws for such a furrocious kitty.

  2. awwww – yep that is a lot of cute. we love those kickers too…..

  3. Angie

    His paws did make me smile, thank you! I needed that after hearing very sad news.

  4. 2 cats

    Yep, Olivers paws made me smile!

  5. One happy cat. (is that a bit of drool in the first one? We understand.)
    Yes, Oliver, thinking positive thoughts does help!

  6. Kitties with white paws always make me smile because they remind me of our Priestess Jen!

  7. Sorry, Brother Oliver’s paws do nothing for me — but his blissed-out catnip face makes me smile, melt, and go “awwwww”.

    • I’m not going to tell Brother Oliver what you said about his paws, Laura. I’ll just tell him that he made you smile. – Thomas

      • I was taking a nap with my cat earlier and looking at his paws, and suddenly I thought “Hey! Did I insult Brother Oliver’s paws the other day?” So I just wanted to come back here and clarify that all I meant was that I really love the expression on his face.

      • I don’t think he was insulted, Laura. He was too busy admiring his paws… 🙂 – Thomas

  8. You are an excellent messenger, Thomas! And with Brother Oliver’s help, you have lightened everyone’s mood. Mission Accomplished is right!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  9. Yes, we’re smiling! We’re so happy that Oliver likes the kicky! He looks fiercely possessive of it in that first picture! But that second one, with his adorable paws in the foreground; Love it! White toes on tabbies are always cute!
    Thomas, I haven’t heard you call the other kitties weird in a while, but that always makes me grin too! Mission accomplished indeed!

    • Well… every time I think that maybe they’re not so weird they go and do something that makes me think they might be weird again. Brother Oliver does, anyway. – Thomas

  10. Okay I admit it, I smiled. :).

  11. Brother Oliver is right, that pic of his toes did make me smile 🙂 His toes are very cute and they look like he dipped the tips of them in milk. Or maybe white paint as he would just have licked the milk off and it’s not good for kitties if it’s cow’s milk. Not that paint is good for kitties…

    OK Thomas, you don’t have to say it, I am weird too 🙂

  12. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brother Oliver’s paws!!! it looks like Brother ‘O’ dipped them in white paint or ice cream & I am 🙂 here….
    I also do love Brother ‘O’s’ toy piccie….you really are a stylin kitteh!!!
    So sayeth Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too….hehehehe….

  13. O dear hope the leader is soon better – don’t know how you two cope without him!!

  14. The first photo Oliver is saying ‘JUST TRY MY FRIEND’ second one is saying ‘I CAN DO CUTE’ lol x

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