The Leader is Tired of The Bad Place

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. The Leader made yet another visit to The Bad Place yesterday. This time it was the special Bad Place that performed his Hipsterectomy. Apparently, the Guardians decided to have His hip checked out just to make sure that it doesn’t have anything to do with His recent walking and general shakiness problems. Leader Otis was not amused when they put Him in the portable kitty jail before the trip. He wouldn’t even look at them.

Otis sulking in carrier

Leader Otis was not happy to be making yet another visit to The Bad Place. He wouldn’t even look at the Guardians.

I decided to try to cheer The Leader up by poking Him repeatedly through the bars. After the fourth or fifth poke with my paw, I think He was starting to feel better. It was hard to tell though because He wouldn’t look at me either.

Otis sulking in carrier with Oliver poking

I used my advanced skills in cheerful poking to try to cheer up The Leader. I think it worked.

The Guardians left with The Leader and returned about two hours later. Leader Otis was exhausted and climbed up onto the couch to recover. I asked Him if He had heard any of the discussion at The Bad Place and He simply said, “Leg’s OK. No other news. Tired of The Bad Place. Going to sleep now.” He closed his eyes, but then opened one and fixed it on me. He said, “Don’t even think about poking Me again.”

Otis on couch glaring

The Leader was tired after His visit to The Bad Place. He said He was going to sleep… and told me not to poke Him.

At that point, I left Him to His nap. So, I guess it’s good news that The Leader’s surgerized leg is doing OK, but we still don’t know why he is shaky and weak. Hopefully Monday’s visit to yet another special Bad Place will help to nail down a cause. Thomas, Brother Henry and I will keep you posted.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver


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43 responses to “The Leader is Tired of The Bad Place

  1. Poor Brother Otis..i hope Brother Oliver that the bad place finds an answer,has he been checked for die-ab-eat-eze..i imagine he is most upsetting when you have a man down and can’t work it out…the poking i am sure lifted his spirits..if not his paw! Sending our best hugs and healing purrs from Australia to Brother Otis..keep up the morale boosting Brother Oliver …

  2. Leader O, you simply must discover what is causing you such challenges. The Bad Places are the only way to learn this, but I am so sorry you must go to them. I wring my paws each day hoping this day will be the day your Guardians uncover the truth and how they can help you. Paw pats, Savannah

  3. Sending so much love and strength to all of you.

  4. Brother Oliver, good friends can help in the face of uncertainty. So encouraged you are there watching over Leader Otis

  5. Nancy

    Keeping Leader Otis in our thoughts. We had a mystery illness a couple of years ago with our ‘Leader’ Bongo (he has 6 sidekicks in his pack). He had symptoms of being tired and weak, and one evening, just sat down in front of his Mom & fell over. After many tests, it was finally determined he had a parasitic infection in his blood which was hard to detect (apparently some bug/parasite bit him when he was outside), and eventually required a blood transfusion. The entire family is happy to say he is healthy and happy now, but it was a very scary time. Wishing all the Cult Brothers good health and encouragement, as well as their persons.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Nancy, and for the encouraging story. We all hope we find the answer to what is ailing Leader Otis, and most of all we hope that it can be fixed. In the meantime, the Guardians are giving Him lots of love and attention to keep his spirits up. All of the support from the Disciples of Otis has been a great comfort as well, to all of us. – Brother Oliver

  6. a case of good news bad news. We hope somethings turns up soon so the Leader starts feeling better….

  7. Heather

    Poor leader O! Well, we’ll just have to double our efforts of prayers and purrs, Hope you find a resolution soon!

  8. Joy

    Boy, The Leader looks so tired! I hope he’ll be okay.

  9. Chris

    Poor Leader Otis. We’re all still purring for him here.

  10. Big furry hugs Otis you will get over this xxxx

  11. emilykarn

    Poor Leader Otis. We are still sending you are purrs. Brother Oliver you are a good friend, trying to cheer Otis up. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  12. Aw Otis, hugs and purrs and prayers coming your way sweetheart! I know it’s not fun going to all these bad places, but with each one, they at least rule stuff out, which helps. Rest well and try not to think about the next visit until you’re actually there.

  13. Poor Otis. I don’t blame him, all those exams and tests are no fun for anyone. Hopefully, He will soon learn the cause of his troubles and not have to spend so much time at the Bad Place.

  14. We don’t blame Leader Otis for being tired of the bad place. We hate going there too. But we sure hope they can figure out what’s going on with him and make him feel better.

  15. Poor Otis. Tiresome it is.

  16. I love the idea of repeated poking to ensure someone is alright – I am so gonna start doing that!

  17. Oh, Brother O, please give the Leader a few nice head licks instead of pokes. I’m sure that will make him feel a little better.

  18. ena

    I hope there is an answer soon Otis, so that you can resume your leaderly duties.

  19. Sendin purrayerz to Brother Otis!!! Phankz fer takin such guud care of yer Leader Brother Oliver…..Nylablue xo

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